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Take your bench workouts to a whole new level with our world-renowned Super Bench and its successor, the Super Bench PRO V2. These adjustable weight benches epitomize what a weight training bench should be: versatile, safe and durable. They're also incredibly flexible, with numerous attachments that will transform your home into a powerful, space-saving single station gym!

The best quality exercise benches

Engineered to the highest quality and safety standards, they're designed to keep you comfortable and safe throughout many years of heavy weight lifting. Their modular design and 11 different positions allow you to set your own preferences when it comes to your bench workouts.

While our benches are popular for home gym owners, they are also a great option for personal trainers who are planning to start their own small studio with a high-quality and multi-functional weight bench system.

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Superior Versatility

Our exercise benches accommodate the following attachments to assist you with your different weight training exercises:

  • Crunch Situp
  • Bar Dip Handle
  • Chin Up Bar
  • Leg Attachment
  • Preacher Curl Pad
  • Hyper Core
  • Dumbbell/Barbell Spotting Stand
  • Spotting Stand Base
  • Cable Tower Seat
  • Cable Tower V2
  • Wheel Kit

Each of our attachments will help you achieve the ultimate weight training experience at the comfort of your own home. Simply install and secure your desired attachments in place to transform your bench into a more powerful piece of gym equipment!

Multiple Incline Seat Positions, 11 Bench Angles

Our original Super Bench and Super Bench PRO come with a patented design that gives a new meaning to the word “adjustable". Both are equipped with an advanced seat system that enables you to adjust it to three different positions - flat, incline, and upright. You can even choose from a total of 11 lockout angles depending on your exercise and preferred level of difficulty, from 0, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 and 85 degrees.

The best part? You can adjust them to your desired position without using any pins! Just use the simple foot-operated lever so you can bench in comfort. 

Space-Saving Workout Benches

Super Bench and Super Bench PRO are compact yet still full size and are designed to fit limited spaces no matter how many of our attachments you use.

Our Super Bench PRO has a wider base and larger frame footprint at 20.75" x 47" than our original variant that has an 18.75" x 41" footprint. Both benches offer superior flexibility with our add-on attachments without taking up a lot of space. Even when you attach a 19″ wide x 22″ long x 86″ high cable tower to our bench, the overall length only reaches up to 62". Alternatively, you can save even more space by attaching our cable tower seat to the cable tower.

Ergonomic Design For Users of All Sizes

Our ergonomically designed benches accommodate trainers of all heights and sizes. Even if your height is 6'0", there is still enough space to put your feet up on the 44" long pad while doing bench presses. Users with a shorter height may prefer the lower flat bench height of the PRO model, but either bench will work for anyone and be the best you can imagine. The incline seat follows the angle of the bench and is also tapered to minimize friction at the inner part of your legs.

Super Bench also features three different seat height options, so you can adjust ideally and bench press in comfort. Meanwhile, our low profile Super Bench PRO stands at just 17.2" tall in the flat position, so you can bench press at the perfect height! Both benches also feature a patented adjustment ring that can be operated from both sides with a simple foot lever.

Durable and Safe

Made with a heavy-duty welded frame, our original Super Bench and Super Bench PRO are rated for 1,000lbs and built to last a lifetime. Their wide base and large foot tubes ensure maximum stability regardless of the angle you choose so you can work out safely.

When you adjust the bench to an incline or upright angle, the seat remains very close to the backrest pad, leaving little or no gaps between the two. This means that you won't lose your balance or slide off the bench while you are doing your bench press workout.

If you're transferring the bench from one area of your gym to another, rest assured that all parts will remain intact. There are no parts that will unfold when you lift or move it around.

And just like our benches, all of our attachments are made with heavy-duty materials so you can work out without having to worry about your safety.

Lightweight, Easy to Install and Portable

Designed for easy installation, they only require a simple quick assembly with a few bolts and nuts that need to be placed at the base of the unit.

Our original Super Bench and Super Bench PRO weigh 60lbs and 64lbs without the incline seat, and 65lbs and 68lbs with the incline seat, respectively. This makes them easier for you to lift, move and position anywhere in your gym, but are still very solid.

Our Super Bench PRO also includes a standard wheelset so you can move it around your gym with minimal effort. Our original variant does not come with a wheel kit, but we do sell one separately.

Thick and Firm Padding for Maximum Comfort

Our commercial-grade bench pad is 44" x 10" x 3" thick (2.5" thick higher density on the PRO model) and comes with a durable stitched vinyl upholstery. Our thicker pad has a higher grade than the pads of many of our competitors' benches and will not flatten over time.

Quick-to-Install Attachments

Our optional attachments offer quick installation with their simple pull pin mechanism. You can conveniently remove them whenever you need to replace them with a different attachment or put them away for storage.