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Our gym cages, racks, machines and weight lifting equipment feature a modular design that allows you to easily and quickly attach and remove attachments designed for different exercises.

They also don’t take up a lot of space so you can take your full-body workouts to the next level in your own garage, studio, or any area with limited space.

Set the Benchmark for Safety & Performance

Push your limits in total safety with our IM2000 Self Spotting Machine and IM1500 Half Rack Weight Lifting System. Made from the strongest available commercial-grade materials, they're ideal for home gym or commercial use.

All our racks and machines are characterized by their superior durability, versatility and compact footprint. They offer a complete weight lifting solution for serious trainers with limited spaces in their homes.

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Quick and Easy to Install

Both our IM2000 Self Spotting Machine and IM1500 Half Rack units only require simple assembly. You can set them up yourself within a couple hours, or less than that if you have some help.

The IM2000 base model comes with the following equipment:

  • Main frame
  • Lifting bar with Olympic adapters
  • Standard plate holders
  • Lateral pull bar
  • Upper and lower cable system

The IM1500 base model system includes:

  • Main frame
  • Built-in chin up bar
  • Standard plate storage bars with Olympic adapters
  • Barbell storage
  • Double upper hooks and lower spotting arms
  • 4 adjustable band pegs

Our user guides are written in English and the assembly instructions are easy to understand. All parts are properly labeled for a smooth and easy installation.

Compact Footprint

Maximize your garage or studio with a space-saving home gym setup!

The footprint of the IM2000 is 48" wide by 48" deep and 84.5" high. The lifting bar is 73" wide and weighs 36lbs with the Olympic sleeve adapters on it. The bar is rated for 1,000lbs load capacity, and the cable system is designed to carry up to 350lbs.

The footprint of the IM1500 is 51" wide by 51" deep and 84.5″ high. It also comes with a 2.5" square tubing frame with 11 uprights and plate adapters for advanced barbell training exercises.

The floor space required for one unit is at least 35 square feet with a minimum of 87" ceiling height. You will also need extra space to get around it to put barbells or plates on the weight holder and place your Super Bench.

With that said, we recommend allotting around 40 square feet for either one of our machines comfortably. With this space, you could utilize all parts of the IM2000/IM1500, position a bench, attach an Olympic barbell if you want to do free weight exercises, and still have ample space to walk around the machine.

Smooth and Quiet Bar Action

The lifting bar sliding system of the IM2000 machine is made with a special polymer bushing for reduced drag and noise. This allows you to move the bar up and down smoothly for a faster and quieter bar action, no matter how heavy your weights are. Clean silicone lubricant is all that is needed to maintain it. The machine also has many lockout points, secondary safety stops, and durable springs to serve as an added support for the lifting bar. With these features, you will be able to work out continuously and safely on your own.

Advanced High/Low Pulley System

The IM2000 has one of the smoothest high/low pulley systems on the market today. It utilizes the cable system rated for 350lbs as the weight holder, which will accommodate your strength and muscle mass gains.

With the high/low pulley system in place, you can perform lateral pull downs, upright rows, curls, seated rows, and many more. The low pulley comes with a built-in wheel so you can move it out of the way when not needed and position it into place easily.

Functional Cage for Barbell Training

The IM1500 features adjustable power band pegs that give you advanced barbell training capabilities. It also has built-in weight storage for Olympic or standard plates so you can maximize your performance in less space. You can store two barbells in the cage to keep your home gym safe and organized.

Versatile Weight Lifting System for Various Exercises

Our cages and machines provide the complete workout experience while taking up minimal space. If you want to add more variety to your workout, simply add the Ironmaster Super Bench, or any of our heavy-duty attachments.

The IM1500 is ideal for shoulder presses, shrugs, deadlifts, squats, chin ups, and pull ups. It has a built-in chin up bar for both wide and narrow grip pull ups. You can use the chin up bar in conjunction with your suspension trainers or hanging ab straps for heavier pull ups.

For a more complete system, use the IM2000 Self Spotting machine. This machine offers an almost unlimited capability to do more in less space, all in total safety. You can also use the cable system and Super Bench for more pressing movements. Examples of exercises that you can do with this unit include:

  • Bench press
  • Cable pull over
  • Calf extensions
  • Deadlift
  • Decline press
  • Free bar bench press
  • Hip flexors
  • Shoulder press
  • Roman chair situps
  • Preacher curls
  • Low pulley rows
  • Leg press
  • Lateral pull downs
  • Incline press
  • Hyper extensions
  • Upright rows
  • Triceps press downs
  • Triceps french press
  • Standing cable curls
  • Squats
  • Shrugs

Both IM2000 and IM1500 are very flexible weight lifting systems using free weights. You can put together your ultimate weight training setup with these attachments:

  • Spotting arms (for IM2000)
  • Dip handles (IM1500/IM2000)
  • Band pegs (for IM2000)
  • Landmine attachment (IM1500/IM2000)
  • Ultimate chin up attachment (IM1500/IM2000)
  • Ultimate row handle
  • Leg press plate (for IM2000)
  • Low row foot plate (for IM2000)
  • Dockable curl support (for IM2000)


  • Olympic sleeve set
  • Organizer
  • 275lb, 320lb, 415lb, and 460lb Olympic set

Solid Construction

Developed for over 3 decades, the IM2000 Self Spotting Machine and IM1500 Half Rack Weight Lifting System represent our commitment to continuous development and improvement. They are made from strong powder-coated structural steel frame materials to provide maximum safety and stability, especially if you are working out alone at home.

Their superior design and solid construction allow all attachments, adjustable band pegs, power resistance bands, and weights to be attached securely and used safely. Both IM2000 and IM1500 are built with rubber feet and holes so it can be bolted down to the floor for added safety and stability.