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World-class equipment for your own home gym
World-class equipment for your own home gym
World-class equipment for your own home gym
World-class strength training equipment for your own home gym


The average gym membership costs $45 a month. That’s over $500 a year that you could invest in your own home gym!

Our equipment fits both your budget and space. Click to learn more.

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weigh in, since 1979


Ironmaster Cable Tower = Commercial Gym

It wasn’t until I got the cable tower that I really felt like I had a commercial gym as my home gym.


Extremely happy with my purchase

Thank you Ironmaster for delivering great quality and durable products. I just received my order of 75lbs quick lock dumbbells and I couldn’t be happier. These adjustable dumbbells are excellent for my everyday workout sessions and exceed my expectations. Product was double packaged and arrived in great shape. I am extremely happy with my purchase. Thanks and keep up the great work and customer service.



I am so glad to have found out about Ironmaster. I have the IM2000, SB pro, and just recently received the QLDB 75lb set. The quality and craftsmanship is hands down the best gym equipment anyone can own. A BIG thank you to the whole Ironmaster team for making my dreams possible during these troubling times. You guys ROCK.


Great Bench!

After doing a lot of research, I landed on the Ironmaster Super Bench and I am very happy I did. The bench is solidly built, functions flawlessly, and looks great. Delivery was fast and the packaging was excellent. Iron Master has won me over and I will be building my home gym with their quality products from this point forward. Thanks, Ironmaster!


Love the quality and great service

I have slowly added the plethora of accessories, and absolutely love my home gym! Just waiting for the next production of IM2000 spotting arms for my new squat bar which is coming soon.


The best Workout equipment

I’d like to start and say this is by far the best workout equipment that I’ve ever owned. It’s compact I own the lat tower, bench, 75 pound adjustable dumbbells with stand, leg extension, dip bar, among some other products. I love the workout equipment it works out great and targets all the muscle group areas perfectly it’s engineered to the tea for optimal workouts. I have been entering for the 120 pound extension dumbbell kit on the Dumbbells for the last four lotteries etc. and are not able to order them that’s my only bummer about being able to order the product. I understand there is a shortage but out of 4+ lotteries I wish I could have been able to buy the 120 pound extension kit. But overall you cannot complain about the quality and engineering of this product it is top notch and I absolutely love it. The only thing that would be pretty awesome is if they engineered it to where you can actually put the dumbbells to slide on the leg developer like what they did with their lat tower that would be pretty cool and you would be able to be able to leg extend and curl more weight. Thanks for making a great product.

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