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Ironmaster gym buffs take fitness very seriously and work out with every fiber of their being… and clothing! With the Ironmaster apparel, you can pump iron in comfort and style. We have a whole line of T-shirts, sweatshirts, sleeveless tops, hats and more to compliment your active lifestyle.

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Using only top quality materials, cotton or performance fabrics, our Ironmaster T-shirts guarantee superior breathability and comfort as you perform your workout or go about your daily activities. These shirts have stylish designs to help you express your trainer identity. Whether it’s the bold Ironmaster brand plastered across your chest, the classic Ironmaster gym logo on your back or the trademark dumbbell icon with the word “LIFT,” you’re sure to make a statement with these shirts.

  • T-shirt, Ironmaster
  • T-shirt, Ironmaster Gym
  • T-shirt, I Lift

Polo - Logo

For out-of-gym business casual events and social gatherings or classy personal training, the black Ironmaster polo with high-quality logo embroidery adopts a more sophisticated look while still giving off a strong athletic vibe. Its cotton-poly blend material is fade-resistant and is not prone to shrinkage.


The Ironmaster hooded sweatshirts are made from durable, thick cotton blend material and come in two colors: black with the classic Ironmaster gym logo on the back and dark heather gray with the Ironmaster logo in front. Warming up while wearing these hoodies will make you break a sweat faster while containing body heat for better blood circulation and improved movement. These sweatshirts also help you maintain your A-game by keeping you warm and comfortable while you’re working out in cold weather - and look great doing it!

  • Ironmaster Logo Hooded Sweatshirt
  • Ironmaster Gym Hooded Sweatshirt

Sleeveless Tops

Nothing says “I LIFT” louder than your exposed muscular arms. Make sure you flaunt your guns and your gains with our Ironmaster Tank Tops and Sleeveless Muscle T-shirt. The tank tops are made from special X-Temp fabric that is airy, lightweight but heavy-duty and quick drying. We offer these black tank tops for men and women because we believe physical shapes and sizes may vary but comfort and durability are for everyone.

100% polyester is a breathable performance fabric that makes our gray Sleeveless Muscle T-shirt an ideal workout garment. This is a limited edition Ironmaster apparel so get yours while supplies last.

  • Tank Top I Lift
  • Tank Top I Lift Ladies
  • Sleeveless Muscle T-shirt


Show the world you’ve got a good head on your broad shoulders. Wearing these Ironmaster hats will help you express your philosophy that a sound mind is essential to a sound body. The Ironmaster hats come in two designs: the Dumbbell Icon is a grey cap with the Ironmaster dumbbell emblem and the Ironmaster Logo Hat is a black cap with the embroidered Ironmaster logo in front. Both are constructed with only the best quality materials and embroidered stitching throughout.

  • Hat - DB Icon
  • Hat - Logo

Branding and Miscellaneous Accessories

Keep your passion for fitness alive with our miscellaneous Ironmaster merchandise. Stick the Ironmaster Logo Emblem anywhere as an expression of your commitment to staying fit and strong. Attach your keys to the Ironmaster Logo Keychain to remind yourself that the key to having the body you desire rests in your hands. Hang the Ironmaster Brand Banner in your home gym to keep you motivated while working out. These functional accessories do not only compliment your lifestyle but also serve as a source of inspiration for yourself and others.

  • Ironmaster Logo Emblem
  • Ironmaster Logo Keychain
  • Banner