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Tired of costly monthly membership charges and signup fees that get in the way between you and your workouts? With a home gym built to last, you can eliminate the hassle that comes with commercial gyms and focus on what really matters – your strength training.

With Ironmaster, your results aren’t dependent on commercial gyms or what workout equipment is available when you need it. With a home gym setup, your weight training equipment is ready when you are. There are no continuing fees or hidden costs, meaning your investment essentially pays for itself and lasts a lifetime thanks to Ironmaster’s durable design.

Create the perfect home gym for your workouts

With Ironmaster, we designed adjustable dumbbells, weight benches and cages meant to fit together to give you endless options when selecting your home gym setup. With our patented quick-lock system, changing weights on our equipment is fast, simple, and safe. Having adjustable equipment and optional attachments also allows for some of your weights to serve multiple uses in your routine for more workout options and techniques.

Picking the best home gym equipment for you

Since our beginning in the 1970’s, Ironmaster has offering quality weight training equipment that has stood the test of time. Selecting the Ironmaster equipment that is best for you only depends on your goals and your space. Ironmaster also offers many discounted packages to get you started. But if you are looking for suggestions on how to start saving money on membership fees and building a home gym to fir your needs, consider the following:

For a simple space saving muscle building gym

Ironmaster Bench and Dumbbell Package: Quick-Lock Dumbbells, Super Bench and Attachments

To maximize muscle building without maxing out on space, we have put together a muscle building package deal of our best adjustable dumbbell set with our highly rated weight bench, the Super Bench. This package also includes crunch, sit up, chin up and dip handle attachments to give you variety without taking up much space. Also included is the dumbbell stand to hold the 75lb dumbbell set. Typically less than 2 years of gym membership fees!

The Ironmaster ultimate home gym setup

IM2000 Package

Looking for the ultimate setup for full-body results? While all of our equipment will help you meet your workout goals and adjust to fit your routine needs, our suggestion for putting together the best home gym without taking up your entire space has everything you want in a strong, durable and adjustable setup. Our Ultimate Weight Lifting Package, which includes the IM2000 Self-Spotting Weightlifting system, Super Bench, 75lb Adjustable Dumbbell Set, and all of the Super Bench and Cage attachments. To finish this package off, we suggest a set of the 275 lb rubber-coated Olympic weight set to load up your IM2000 machine. Work all the traditional barbell exercises, cable exercises, leg extensions, squats, dead lifts, curls, crunches, chin ups and so much more right at home. Never go to a commercial gym again and know that your home gym will be ready for any workout when you are and last a lifetime with its legendary, durable construction.

Build your own custom gym and choose your own equipment and accessories

We have recently added the ability to build your own custom package and purchase at increasing discounted price levels. This feature allows you to customize to exactly what you need and provide you with great savings.

Get started on your Custom Home Gym Membership with one of these baseline configurable packages: