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Bar Dip Handle for Super Bench/PRO

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    Bar Dip Handle for Super Bench/PRO


    ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 4.84/5 Stars. (32 Reviews)
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    Ironmaster Bar Dip Handles for the Super Bench are a fan favorite for a reason. Whether you’re about to purchase a Super Bench adjustable weight bench or you’re looking to take your existing Super Bench to the next level, the Ironmaster Bar Dip Handles are a must have for expanding your exercise capability within your home gym.
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    Bar Dip Handle for Super Bench/PRO/PROV2

    If you're thinking of ways to augment your Super Bench or Super Bench PRO V2, one of the add-ons you should definitely consider is the Ironmaster Bar Dip Handle. This easy-to-install attachment allows you to perform various exercises safely and comfortably for a more effective home workout.


    • Get your arms pumping with powerful bar dips or put your core to the test with knee and leg raises. By simply changing the orientation of the Bar Dip Handle, you can switch up your exercises and target a different muscle group altogether.
    • Develop your chest, shoulders and triceps by doing dips with the Bar Dip Handle.
    • Conversely, get your abdominal and leg muscles working with knee and leg raises while the Bar Dip Handle is facing towards the bench pad.
    • This handle can be installed in three height positions 50" to 52.5" from the floor to accommodate users of varying heights.

    Workout safely and comfortably

    • Execute your workouts without any worries with our sturdy Bar Dip Handle that's rated for 350lbs. The handles have an ideal width apart and are covered with dense rubber for a comfortable stance and grip.
    • The Bar Dip Handle is a sturdy and solid piece of equipment with a weight load capacity of 350 lbs.
    • Easy-to-grip handles have a 1.5" diameter and measure 23" wide.
    • Both handles are covered with ergonomic thick rubber for a comfortable secure grip.

    Assemble easily and securely

    • Everything you need to set-up this fan favorite Ironmaster product is included in your purchase. Once it's assembled, simply plug the Bar Dip Handle into your Super Bench or Super Bench PRO according to your desired position, securely lock it in place using the pull pin and get ready to fire up your muscles.
    • Assembly of the Bar Dip Handle is simple with the four M10 screws and Allen wrench that come with the attachment.
    • Easily attach the assembled Bar Dip Handle to your Super Bench or Super Bench PRO by plugging it into the spine of the bench and locking it with the pull pin.


    ★★★★★ ★★★★★
    4.84/5 Stars out of 32 Reviews
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    Verified Buyer
    Excellent but could improve
    Jason (Tucson, AZ) | December 25th, 2023
    I've been using the bar dip handle for the past year and I don't really question the quality of the attachment. The rubber grips have held up nicely and there's only maybe slightly wobble from the metal attachment point that is easily remedied with using the included screws. My only gripe is that I wish it was designed as a V-bar dip since I have broad shoulders and I think it'd be more comfortable to have a wider grip and also would be nice to have for slight variation for dip exercises.
    Verified Buyer
    Dip handle
    Chuck | November 27th, 2023
    Perfect!!! It's very sturdy and just does the job well!
    Verified Buyer
    Well made and perfect for my set up
    Jason Fischer (Brentwood, CA) | September 18th, 2023
    I’ve had the super bench for several years and absolutely love it. Been solid and more than functional for my home gym. I have eyed the dip bar addition for a long time and finally pulled the trigger on it. Definitely impressed it is well made, I have no fear of being 240 lbs and performing a dip on it. It’s solid. I do recommend making sure the bench bolts at the hinge are tightened snug but not tight to let the bench still tilt as intended, this helped make it more sturdy in my case. The adjustment nut too is important to lock in as well.
    Verified Buyer
    Dip Bar for Superbench Pro
    Dwight | May 22nd, 2023
    Solid build quality, however should have a V-Shape for wider framed bodies as not to put stress on the shoulders.
    Verified Buyer
    Bar Dip Handle for Super Bench/PRO
    Dan Calabrese | December 29th, 2022
    Great attachment to have along with the pull up bar. The bars are spaced correctly so that there is no shoulder pain like I had on the last bench I owned that had a dipping station. I especially like how you can turn it around and use it on the bench for ab work. This is a must have attachment and for the quality of construction the price is a bargain.
    Verified Buyer
    David (Salt Lake City) | December 28th, 2022
    Loved the bench before I got this dip bar, now I love it even more. Iron master truly rules the world of versatile workout benches. Works great, is sturdy, and I’ve been doing dips like crazy now. Thanks!
    Verified Buyer
    Perfect for dips
    Levi (Massachusetts) | September 29th, 2022
    I weigh 205 and am 6’3”. It is perfect. Extremely stable, compact, incredibly quick to setup between sets. Would not change a thing. A must-have pairing with the Super Bench Pro v2.
    Verified Buyer
    Great attachment
    Aleksandar | August 22nd, 2022
    I have mostly used this for ab work since I have dip handles on a power cage. Like every other attachment for this bench, this is very sturdy and has great build quality.
    Verified Buyer
    Hershel (Phoenix, Arizona) | April 4th, 2022
    Nice accessory. I use it to do shrugs downs for the lower traps to counter act the upper traps that get worked a lot in other exercises. Super value.
    Verified Buyer
    Spaced perfectly
    William (Ca) | July 8th, 2021
    I really like these bar dip attachments I connected to my super bench and they’re not spread apart too far for dips or to close it’s just right for me. Very high-quality and sturdy. I love all the Ironmaster equipment and only have a few pieces left to buy to have it all. If I was to go work or sell a product for a company this would definitely be my first choice. Nothing but high-quality and super reliable equipment.
    Bar Dip Handle for Super Bench/PRO Review
    Mark | June 23rd, 2021
    My 1st add-on for the Super Bench Pro. Simple and quick attachment with the perfect width. I owned a dip stand years ago but the handles were too wide and it hurt my shoulders but this add-on doesn't. Dips are a pleasure to do again. Excellent value.
    Bar Dip Handle for Super Bench/PRO Review
    Melvin | May 12th, 2021
    Excellent in construction. Works quite well on the Super bench AND Pro bench. I use it on both I have. The benches are very stable amazingly. It works well on the arm lengths and width for me. I really like it. I've had it for some years
    Bar Dip Handle for Super Bench/PROReview
    Matt (Monroe, WA) | October 1st, 2020
    I'm very impressed with the quality, durability and stabilization with the Super Bench Pro.
    Verified Buyer
    Bar Dip Handle for Super Bench/PROReview
    Mike (London, ON) | July 30th, 2020
    Yes, I like it.
    Verified Buyer
    Bar Dip Handle for Super Bench/PROReview
    Ryan (Wilsonville, OR) | July 28th, 2020
    Great attachment. Very stable with the superbench pro.
    Bar Dip Handle for Super Bench/PROReview
    reynaldo (whittier, CA) | July 26th, 2020
    I love this dip attachment. I don't hang weight between my legs but I have seen some people do it with the dip attachment. I love how sturdy it is and that it can be turned around so that you can do abs. I do hope in the future to get an extra set of handles on a newer versions to have another grip to do dips on. Even 2 inches wider would be nice for us tall guys. Its also one of the easiest attachments to store when not in use.
    Verified Buyer
    Bar Dip Handle for Super Bench/PROReview
    James (Burbank, CA) | July 10th, 2020
    First impression is that it's solid. Might seem a little high being attached to the end of the bench but I guess you need room to dip anyway. I hope the foam pads will last. In other news, my triceps are weak so this should help with that!
    Verified Buyer
    Bar Dip Handle for Super Bench/PROReview
    Michael (Spring, TX) | April 21st, 2020
    Works great. Extremely easy to install on the Super Bench Pro. Takes no effort to put on and off during workouts. I am 200 lbs...and feels very stable during dips. Another great attachment.
    Bar Dip Handle for Super Bench/PROReview
    David | July 15th, 2016
    Great accessory, flawless performance I've owned and used this for several years, but it looks brand new. One thing I really like about using it is that you can use the bench to support your weight a little by putting your foot on the frame when doing dips. I do this when getting into position, giving myself a small break mid-set, or to pump out a few more reps with less bodyweight. Fantastic accessory, highly recommended!
    Bar Dip Handle for Super Bench/PROReview
    Reviewer | February 22nd, 2016
    Heavier guys beware I just got into weight training after a 3 or 4 year break and 40 pounds heavier and let me tell you it's really difficult to do, I remember dips being easy for me after building strength back in the beginning of my training but after gaining so much weight it's really hard but I won't let that stop me from trying, I suggest getting this attachment once you build your strength up its much harder for heavier guys to complete a simple dip, I have no regrets buying this attachment I just wish I would have waited a few months once I drop weight and build strength but it's great for anyone else, bottom line I love it I just won't be using it anytime soon. Posted on Amazon.com
    Verified Buyer
    Bar Dip Handle for Super Bench/PROReview
    Wasim | December 2nd, 2015
    Good accessory, well made. Part of the first super bench package I purchased. I recommend that deal if you're just starting with your first super bench. Useful tools to go with that great product, and you can build out from there. I like to use this with leg (especially inclined) leg raises. Great to hang onto with stretching calves and upper body.
    Bar Dip Handle for Super Bench/PROReview
    Reviewer | May 27th, 2015
    Much better than I thought it'd be I got this as part of a package deal via Ironmaster. Originally, I didn't plan on using it as I questioned the stability. That said, when I rotated dips back into my routine - I tried it out and was surprised at how well it works. First: nothing will be as stable as a gym dip bar/machine. However, this is pretty good. I'm 5'8" and 180#, and this is pretty stable doing bodyweight dips. It moves fractionally, but never enough to make me doubt it. Second: weighted dips work and are also stable. I use a backpack so that my posture remains cleanly vertical to focus on the triceps, and don't get any additional instability. I wish there was a quick release locking mechanism, but that's a criticism of the superbench. Overall, I'm surprised that this works as well as it does. Posted on Amazon.com
    Bar Dip Handle for Super Bench/PROReview
    Reviewer | May 3rd, 2015
    I love it. If you have the Iron Master Super ... I love it. If you have the Iron Master Super Bench, this is a must. I was concerned that it would be too narrow or too wide. I purchased it for my son and he loved it. I used his and determined instantly that I needed one for my Super Bench. The thing is sturdy. Posted on Amazon.com
    Bar Dip Handle for Super Bench/PROReview
    Reviewer | January 23rd, 2015
    Tip on use. LIke all things IronMaster, this will last you a lifetime. It is available, as are all IM products, on their web site, and price comparison with Amazon is recommended. Secure and strong, I weight 175# and there is little movement. If there is a negative, it is as shown by the man in Amazon's video review: the semi-circular positioning arc might hit legs when using this. How to solve? Tip the bench to a slight slant (it has 11 positions). Even in flat, the unsupported end of the bench is rated for #600 (the overall bench is rated for #1000), so having it tipped slightly when doing dips will place the user away from the steel arc comfortably. The degree of tilt on the dip bars does not bother me (your mileage may vary). The Superbench by IM can be laid flat with this bar in place. What is most impressive is that the dip bar can be turned forward, so the handles are toward the cushion side of the bench, ideal for abdominal work, leg raises (for hip flexors), etc. I can even do dumbbell hamstring curls by using a 45 -degree bench, being on my stomach (prone), keeping myself in place with the handles facing upward-forward, and gripping a standing floor dumbbell with my feet for the curls. Your imagination is the only limit. Recommended. Posted on Amazon.com
    Bar Dip Handle for Super Bench/PROReview
    Reviewer | October 10th, 2014
    crunch sit-up and ironmaster super bench together cost much less I was charge over $60 more.On website ironmaster .com dip handle,crunch sit-up and ironmaster super bench together cost much less.It will be really nice if I get refund .With all respect Vladimir . Posted on Amazon.com
    Bar Dip Handle for Super Bench/PROReview
    Reviewer | October 8th, 2014
    Another Excellent Attachment From Ironmaster I can finally do my dips at home. There are 3 levels for adjusting the height but they are spaced together. However for my frame (5'8") it suits me just fine. Posted on Amazon.com
    Bar Dip Handle for Super Bench/PROReview
    Reviewer | August 6th, 2014
    Five Stars I know have a solid dip station which is exactly what I wanted. Posted on Amazon.com
    Bar Dip Handle for Super Bench/PROReview
    Reviewer | June 10th, 2014
    It works great for the most part The attachment itself is a great addition to the Iron master attachment series. The item it's quite sturdy and it doesn't wobble as much I thought it would. The padding on the handles could have been a little bit more reinforced, but it's not much of a big deal. Overall, it's a great workout product to start building your upper body. Posted on Amazon.com
    Bar Dip Handle for Super Bench/PROReview
    Reviewer | March 12th, 2014
    Fully functional There are a few things that would make this attachment better. The first thing is if the handles were just a little longer. The second thing would be the ability to change the width of the handles. But they aren't a big enough gripe to give it 4 stars - they're just ways to improve this attachment. But overall it functions for my purposes and I use it at least once week. Other reviewers complaint that they can't use a weight belt with this attachment, but I use a weight belt and a short chain to hold 25 lb plates without hitting the curved bar of the super bench and without injuring myself.. in any "other" area. There are 3 height adjustments that are basically worthless since they're only about an inch or 2 apart. But I'd recommend this to anyone who's looking for a simple, effective dip bar. Posted on Amazon.com
    Bar Dip Handle for Super Bench/PROReview
    Reviewer | March 22nd, 2013
    Solid well built attachment I bought this attachment for my superbench and love it. This attachment easily attaches to your Ironmaster Super Bench and is very adjustable to fit your body size. This attachment like all Iron master products is solid, well built and will last forever. Posted on Amazon.com
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    Bar Dip Handle for Super Bench/PRO
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