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Super Bench PRO V2

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    Super Bench PRO V2


    ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 5/5 Stars. (35 Reviews)

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    Ironmaster Super Bench PRO V2 

    The newest version of our legendary Ironmaster utility bench incorporates some frequently requested features from our customers, and more. We kept everything that is great with the Super Bench and Super Bench PRO and took it to the next level! Compatible with our large range of attachments (see details below), this will be your new favorite bench. The Super Bench PRO V2 fully adjusts to suit your workout needs: Flat – Incline – Decline – Upright. Fully adjustable, our weight bench has 11 lock out angles for nearly unlimited training. Can be used in a massive variety of workouts with the addition of different Ironmaster attachments. (Be sure to choose attachments with /PRO in the name to confirm compatibility with this lower height bench.) This is not just an adjustable bench, but the base of your complete home gym.
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    Super Bench PRO V2

    The best got even better! You asked, so here it is, the improved Super Bench PRO Version 2 with customer-driven updates: Loaded with new upgrades while retaining all the great features of the Super Bench PRO and the original Super Bench. The Super Bench PRO bench has been discontinued and replaced by the V2.

    Summary of Main Improvements

    Below are the key modifications we made on the Super Bench PRO (SB PRO #1002) to transform it into Version 2:

    • Integrated bench handle makes it easier to tilt and roll.
    • Laser etched numbers on the locking ring so you will always be sure of the exact pressing angle. (Numbers on one side as shown)
    • Standard hybrid dual width bench pad. Uses our original heavy duty leather pattern upholstery and gives you two width zones.
    • Additional higher incline seat tube insertion point for better overheard pressing position. 

    Fully adjustable and functional

    Perform different kinds of exercises with the Super Bench PRO V2. Its 11 lock-out angles give you incline, decline, flat and upright positions for a wide range of movements.

    • This bench can be angled at 0, 5,10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 and 85 degrees.
    • Note: we recommend using the Crunch Situp attachment with the bench for decline angles to help hold your legs. Minimal angles are possible without the attachment.
    • The incline seat has 3 positions. The incline seat height in the 85 degree position can be set to either 12.5", 14.5" or 23.5" from the floor, while the top of main pad is 24.5" above the seat in the highest position. Top of main pad is 35.5" in the lowest incline seat position. 33.5" in the center position.
    • Stands up vertically to save space.

    Compatible with the Ironmaster Super Bench System of Attachments

    The Super Bench PRO V2 can be outfitted with most Super Bench attachments. All accessories with names that have /PRO in the are completely compatible with it. If you're unsure of the compatibility or need an adapter for some of your equipment, feel free to get in touch with us.

    • Use with Ironmaster attachments like the Crunch Sit-up, Dip Bar Handles, Chin Up Bar, and Preacher Curl.
    • The Leg Attachment PRO designed for leg extensions and leg curls is designed to fit this new bench specifically.
    • Use with the Cable Tower, Hypercore and more. Note: We have developed a new universal bench adapter, which is included in current stocks of the Cable Tower. This can be purchased separately if you have and older standard Cable Tower pieces that were only made to fit the original Super Bench.

    Comfortable workouts

    From its lower height to the solid feel of its commercial quality pad, the Super Bench PRO is designed with your comfort in mind.

    • Its high-density commercial grade pad is 44" x (10.25"/12.25") x 2.5" thick and makes use of durably stitched vinyl upholstery making it firm and comfortable.
    • The incline seat pad is tapered towards the front to give your legs more room to move and can be adjusted up or down for optimum comfort.
    • The incline seat moves with the backrest pad at any angle so they will always be perpendicular to each other, unlike other benches where the seat can have a shallow angle causing the user to slide off. This seat can be removed, leaving a large gapless pad.

    Easy to assemble

    Apart from the feet, the Super Bench PRO is pre-assembled upon shipping. It only requires simple tools to set up so you can practically start working out a few minutes after taking it out of the box!

    • Pre-assembled parts will save you time and effort in setting it up.
    • The dual-position incline seat easily plugs in from the side without any pins.
    • Its unique machine-cut ring with foot lever adjustment can be operated from both sides of the bench and clicks into place instantly for secure positioning (patented design US 6,994,661).

    Compact, lightweight and movable

    The Super Bench PRO V2 is the ultimate space saver in your gym. Compact and lightweight but still ultra strong. Wheels and a convenient handle have also been included as a standard accessory for the equipment instead of an optional add-on so you can move the bench around your gym or roll it out of the way after use with ease.

    • Everything stays intact even when you lift or move the bench. Nothing unfolds or needs to be dismantled prior to moving it around.
    • The bench alone weighs 65lbs without the incline seat and 69 with it. (Shipping weight 79lbs at 50" x 13" x 19".)
    • Its ultra-strong platform is still light enough to lift and move even without usign the wheels.
    • Complete with transport wheels on the longer foot tube. (You can install the wheels on either end of the bench as desired; plus, kits for both an additional wheel kit and bench handle are available if you want to have wheels and handles on both ends!)

    Superior construction

    Like its predecessors, the Super Bench PRO V2 is manufactured from top-rated materials for superior build quality.

    • Constructed from 11 & 12 gauge super strong steel frame, this bench has a 1000-lb weight load capacity in the flat position.
    • It has a 600-lb weight load capacity in incline and upright positions.
    • It includes a unique laser-cut ring with foot lever adjustment that can be operated from both sides of the bench (patented design US 6,994,661).
    • Its high-density and thick commercial grade pad is furnished with durable vinyl upholstery.
    • For extra protection against rust and wear and tear, the Super Bench PRO V2 is equipped with a textured, black powder-coated frame with chrome components.

    Here is what makes this model different than the original Super Bench:

    • The SB PRO V2 has a lower height of 17.2" in the flat position for increased stability and suitability for more users. This lowered height falls within the standards for competitive powerlifting.
    • Wheels are included standard on one foot and a handle on the other foot. (The feet can be assembled to put the wheels on either end of the bench.)
    • A wider base and larger foot tubes contribute to its improved stability.
    • A separate pull pin and corner tightening knob connect bench attachments faster and more securely. This improved locking system also is simply easier to use.
    • Its high-density commercial pad offers greater stability and contributes to the lower flat bench design.

    Although the Super Bench PRO Version 2 (V2) is designed for home use, many personal trainers and light commercial gym owners prefer this equipment for its versatility and functionality. Our benches are used in many gyms, schools, military bases and professional training studios. 

    Detail of the new Laser Etched Locking Ring, the new Integrated Bench Handle, and the new higher incline seat tube insertion point.


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    ★★★★★ ★★★★★
    5/5 Stars out of 35 Reviews
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    Verified Buyer
    5 Stars (although I returned it)
    Mike Lam (California) | September 15th, 2023
    This is a great lightweight bench that's easy to move and has so many great features from the adjustability of the incline/decline to the ability to add attachments to the bench. Another great feature to the bench is the ability to remove the seat so it can be a true flat bench with absolutely Zero Gap. The bench pad feels comfortable and has an option for having the bench wider or narrower (turning the bench around) when lying on it since it meets practically anybody's needs. Everything also came amazingly packaged with no noticeable dings or dents upon receiving.

    So why did I return it if all I can say are good things about it? Well, there is just one con I would give this bench which I believe if they can somehow improve on, can make this bench the go-to in all the top tier benches. It's how the seat when attached to the bench only sits at a 90 degree without the ability to adjust the angle of the seat. This might just be me but I have sensitive thighs so when I'm trying to start my incline dumbbell presses and place 60lbs dumbbells on my legs, it squishes my inner thighs into the seat. For most, this might not be a con because having a seat at 90 degrees will prevent you from sliding down when performing incline work, but for me, the pain was something I knew I would not be able to overcome. Upon returning the bench, there was no issue when speaking with customer service and they accepted the return without issue! Jacob was great in facilitating the return and sending me all the return labels for free! IM customer service is one of the best I've experienced and they replied so promptly!

    Because of the amazing service and a great quality of the bench, I felt obliged to leave this review although I unfortunately did not keep the bench.
    Verified Buyer
    Great Bench
    Michael Vargas (ATX) | September 12th, 2023
    I recently decided to upgrade my current bench and I couldn’t be happier that I did. The super bench pro v2, is stable, has plenty of attachments and is perfect for my home gym. I also purchased the preacher pad, leg curl/extension, and the leg/ab attachment; all which work well. I recommend all 4 items and the quick lock dumbbells.
    Verified Buyer
    Adjustable Bench is Awesome and a Great Value
    Paul Morenberg (Boston, MA) | September 12th, 2023
    I love the Super Bench Pro, version 2. I still can't figure out how it's so light, stable, and versatile. The materials and build quality are first-rate. It's great as both a flat bench and adjustable bench. I wasn't sure if I'd like the shape of the hybrid pad, but it's awesome. It gives you two great options for extra support of shoulders and for more stretch and extension. The dip attachment is fantastic. 'm slightly over 180 lbs, and the bench barely moves when I use the dip attachment. Thanks IronMaster!
    Verified Buyer
    Only Home Gym Bench You Will Need.
    Jay (IL) | September 9th, 2023
    I’ve been a home gym user for the past 10 years with some commercial gyms mixed in. This Bench is fantastic and is the only one needed. It’s a little lower to the ground than my old adjustable bench but it’s way more durable, better quality and easier to move and adjust. Plus it’s got way more flexibility and attachments to expand my workouts with just one piece of equipment.

    The wide portion of the bench is really nice. I wish the bench was a little longer as I’m 6 ft tall but there’s an attachment for that and it’s really only needed to support my head during military press.

    I purchased the dip, preacher curl, ab and leg attachments along with the wall mount it’s it’s great. Easy to install use and much smoother. All attachments feel like the commercial gym quality and are sturdy.

    Very happy with my purchase! High quality bench.
    Verified Buyer
    Great Buy…!!
    Tristan W. (Wilsonville, OR) | September 4th, 2023
    This bench is the perfect additional for my home gym. I’ve been looking for a long time for something that can do leg extensions and leg curls with, and this is it. In addition to the Leg Attachment PRO, I also got the Crunch Situp Attachment. This is a versatile piece of equipment with many functions and its space saving. What an ingenious design to have a bench with its own ecosystem of attachments. I am more than happy with the purchase.
    Verified Buyer
    Perfect for a home gym
    Brett (San Francisco, CA) | August 31st, 2023
    This bench is not only versatile, but also lightweight and sturdy. Adjustable benches from competitors are about twice the weight of this bench, making them extremely difficult to maneuver and entirely overbuilt for 99% of home gyms. I purchased the Ironmaster Cable Tower attachment, as well as some others, and find that the build quality is fantastic. The shipping was fast and assembly was simple. I think this is a great value and will keep an eye out for even more attachments in the future.
    Verified Buyer
    Superb Bench
    Andrew (New York) | July 17th, 2023
    When I began my lifting journey, I settled for a cheap wobbly adjustable bench. As the weights went up, the stability felt like more and more of an issue, so I turned once more to Ironmaster. I'm pleased to say this bench is extremely sturdy, to the point that I felt like my old bench was holding back my one rep maximum due to loss of force transfer from all the wobbling!

    My old bench was also lacking the ability to assist with situps/crunches, so the attachment is definitely handy. I'm almost sad that I have various other exercising implements; if I had known about this versatile bench sooner, I could have saved myself a lot headache thinking about making enough space for my home gym. That said, it's good to know that's a fallback if I ever find myself needing a smaller footprint.

    Stability, versatility, ease of assembly -- and looks completely bad-ass -- what's not to love?
    Verified Buyer
    Great All-In-One Bench
    Brad Jumper (Alabama) | June 28th, 2023
    This bench has been perfect for me. I've been using it for about 5 months now and have zero complaints. It is solid! I am 240lbs and lift a good bit and it never feels unsturdy. I have most of the attachments for it and it is commercial gym quality in my opinion. The height is great for various bench press exercises (flat, incline, and decline) I love the new seat height for seated shoulder work. The numbers make it easy for quick angle adjustments. Overall, just a great versatile bench for any gym!
    Verified Buyer
    MARCUS | June 14th, 2023
    Verified Buyer
    Very happy with purchase
    Tim Rhoads (North Carolina) | May 25th, 2023
    I really like this bench. Some reviews online hinted that the build quality was average at best. But I think its as heavy duty as a bench you'd find at a gym. It's solid, stable, versatile and has a great tilt mechanism. 5 stars.
    Note From Store Owner: Thanks for the review, Time! We agree -- light, compact, and as solid as a bigger commercial bench.
    Verified Buyer
    Compact Beast!
    Paul Meneshian (youtube) | May 15th, 2023
    This is the bench I've been searching for. The bench size is compact which makes it perfect for the limited space i have. Its easy to stow away. Also love how versatile this bench is with all the attachments. I definitely want to get the pull up bar attachment next for this. You can get away with a lot with just a pair of adjustable dumbbells and a couple of attachments with this bench!
    Verified Buyer
    Travis (NY) | May 11th, 2023
    Thoroughly pleased with my purchase. Very versatile bench even without any add-ons. Stable!
    Verified Buyer
    So Happy!
    Suzanne (Michigan) | April 29th, 2023
    I had been doing a great deal of research when I decided to build a little home gym. I just happened to stumble on Ironmaster and I'm SO glad that I did. I purchased the Super Bench ProV2, and the Olympic Plate set, both were such smart purchases. The bench is everything that I wanted, well made, super sturdy, each to move around, and I'm able to store it standing up. I also love that it is a flat bench with the removable seat. The handles on the weights are nice too.
    I also appreciated the customer service, the man I spoke with was very helpful. He even walked me through what to do to get my husband's military discount. Great company!!
    Verified Buyer
    SBP V2
    Nick M. (OK) | April 27th, 2023
    Designed efficiently for a small home gym. This has been my go to for a majority of my workouts and it's easy to maneuver around the garage. It's sturdy and stays in place for many of my lever arm exercises. The only thing I want to see incorporated is another square 1.5" x 1.5" welded closer to the end, where the attachments can sit. It would be great for using the seat in conjunction with the leg extension attachment. Overall, it's a solid pick IM has built a great ecosystem of attachments to circle this bench.
    Verified Buyer
    Best Decision
    Robert (Maryland) | April 18th, 2023
    I had 2 older way less capable benches before this one. I saw the Super Bench PRO on a YouTube video first. I saw that they made changes to improve the bench. I was sold. I ordered it not long after that and have been happy ever since. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. 💪🏾
    Verified Buyer
    Great Equipment!!
    Randy (CA) | April 5th, 2023
    I had a Rep AB-4100 bench along with about 10K of other stuff in my apartment living room, including a full-size Rogue rack! I'm heading for a graduate program that will require me to move to several different locations over 3 years, and I need to downsize and be able to move all of my gear by myself. So I sold a ton of stuff and went with an Ironmaster SuperBench Pro V2 + accessories. Coop at Garage Gym Reviews did a review of the older bench and mentioned some improvements he'd like to see. Well Ironmaster listened and integrated it all into V2! I also got the dip bar, crunch/decline, hypercore, leg extension, and pull up attachments. The Ironmaster stuff is awesome!! Solid gear that will outlast me. It actually feels liberating to have freed up space, be able to move all of myself solo, and still have the ability to get the same effective workouts as when I had my larger, more expensive setup. The Ironmaster setup is PERFECT for my situation, and I'm so thankful that I found out about the company. Everything has been very easy to assemble. There was a rubber stopper on the leg extension attachment that had a crack in it when it arrived, and the very next day after emailing them a pic, I received a message from them telling me a replacement was on the way...and the UPS shipping notice came a couple hours after that! How's that for kick#ass customer service?! After previous frustrating battles with Titan Fitness's lack of customer service, such a speedy resolution from Ironmaster felt amazing! The company has made me a real fan!!! :)
    Verified Buyer
    So worth it!
    Roger (AZ) | March 17th, 2023
    I have been using a cheap rickety bench from the local sporting goods discount store. It has been starting to bend as I have gone up in the weights I use, and it is painful for my back. Getting the Super Bench PRO V2 was like trading in an old beat-up 4-cylinder car for a Ferrari! I'd heard great things about this Ironmaster bench, and they all proved to be true! This bench is much more versatile and comfortable than my old cheapo. I fooled myself into thinking I was smart to get by with less expensive equipment. Now, I know it is better to save up for quality. My workouts are better, and this heavy-duty bench will still be going strong long after I am gone. I researched lots of benches, and I am extremely pleased I chose the Super Bench PRO V2. It is so worth it! I already have the dip bar attachment and plan on gradually adding other attachments to take advantage of what Ironmaster offers. Who needs a commercial gym when you can have quality equipment like this ready to go in your own home whenever you want to work out?
    Note From Store Owner: Thank you, Roger!
    Verified Buyer
    Great Bench!
    Jeff (NJ) | March 15th, 2023
    I was considering this bench along with another top brand. After going back and forth and much consideration, I decided on this bench. To be able to have this much versatility out of a solid one piece bench, meaning no gap between sections, is awesome. The attachments make it even better. There is nothing this bench can't do and do well. Very well built and sturdy. The only negative thing I can say, and it really isn't a big deal, but me with my ocd, it bugs me; what's supposed to be a stop to prevent inserting the seat too far into the bench, is actually just a bolt stuck in a hole and hit with a spot weld. Why build a bench this solid and cheap out on something so stupid. Use a metal dowl and weld it correctly. Then it would be up to par with the quality of the rest of the bench. Buy this bench, you won't be sorry!
    Verified Buyer
    Awesome bench
    Joseph (Seattle) | March 11th, 2023
    I wanted an FID bench because of the versatility it gives my home gym. And it was between this bench and the AB-5000. I picked this bench because it is significantly lighter than the AB-5000, but offers similar stats, which allows the members of my family to not struggle moving a heavy bench around.
    Overall this bench is solid. And the military discount is nice if you fall into that category.
    Verified Buyer
    Super Bench V2 - solid and versatile
    Mike S (Peoria, Illinois) | February 22nd, 2023
    I researched adjustable benches extensively before going with Super Bench V2, and I'm glad I did. I use this bench as a flat bench, incline bench, with the AB attachment and with the leg work attachment. I don't think any other bench is this versatile for the price and quality. I also really like the 17 Inch height, the tapered pad, and the ease of operation. My only complaint is the back pad is a little on the firm side and the bench is a few inches shorter than most other benches (there is an attachment to gain length, but I have found this unnecessary).
    Verified Buyer
    super bench V2
    Gary (Indio, CA) | February 10th, 2023
    dont do what I did, ordered a cheapo on Walmart.com, then saw the V2 at a friends place, immediately ordered one & gave away the Walmart bench , no regrets, quality, flexibility & comfort far exceed anything I've seen, thanx
    Verified Buyer
    Super Bench V2 is Amazing!
    Jeff (Ypsilanti, Mi) | February 5th, 2023
    I did a lot of research before deciding on this bench the upgrades for V2 made an already spectacular bench even better. When I received the bench, my expectations were surpassed!

    This bench is very sturdy, very well-designed, and manufactured to the highest standard. I'm looking forward to purchasing the leg attachment very soon!
    Heavy Duty!
    Nate (San Antonio, TX) | January 18th, 2023
    I'm 260lbs and needed a bench that would support my weight and the weight I was lifting, but without breaking the bank. I have the V1, but got the upgraded pad for a regulation width bench pad, which is essentially what the V2 is. This is hands down the best bench you can get for home gym use, I've put up 355lbs on flat bench on it and it doesn't budge. The back pad is amazing, very grippy and stiff like a high end powerlifting bench. I also have the dip bar attachment, which is very sturdy for a super heavyweight, you can also use it as a handle for leg tucks/ab work. I've recommended this bench to everyone I know.
    Verified Buyer
    SUPER Bench. SUPER Product!
    Stone (Jersey City) | January 6th, 2023
    Very well thought out piece of equipment. Whoever designed this must be a gym rat. It is commercial gym quality made for home use. It is versatile, compact, and yet good enough for a 6' 1" 260 pounder. Also, THANK YOU for building your products "gorilla-proof"!
    Note From Store Owner: Thank you, Stone, enjoy!
    Verified Buyer
    SBProV2 & Leg Attachment
    Greg H (CA) | December 27th, 2022
    Ex 13-year fitness industry pro. 29-years working out in home garage gym with Tuff Stuff, Body Smith, etc... Time to upgrade the Bench and Leg Attachment. Researched two years. Finally pulled trigger - right timing as I got the Version 2 with improvements. Everything said about these benches is true re ease of use, quality in shipping, packaging, finishing, stability - everything. Do your research and believe it. Points not mentioned in other reviews I read or watched on YouTube, but worth mentioning:
    Pad is firm, extra firm to the point of hardness. That is good, but if used to a softer pad, it will take some adjustment to get used to this one. Presumably it will break in over time. No question it will hold up. After just a couple weeks, I'm comfortable with it.
    Leg Curl - as with all gravity plate loaded leg attachments, the leg curl loses resistance at max contraction due to losing the pull of gravity. Fix I found is use elastic band around dumbbell on ground to maintain resistance throughout range of motion.
    The incline angle on leg ext leg curl cannot be adjusted due to design. It works well and was a must to have due to space limitation, but that was a surprise because on my prior bench I elevated the end of the bench on two by fours to increase the angle for better resistance on leg curl throughout - that cannot be done here. The elastic band trick above is the fix. Again, not a problem with this bench - an issue with ALL gravity-based plate loaded lying leg curls.
    No regrets. Great bench, especially for wife for ease of use. Rock solid heavy duty for me as well. You won't regret purchasing it. Note: I also purchased the preacher and dip attachments. Both great.
    Verified Buyer
    it just works!
    JP (Ottawa Ontario Canada) | December 26th, 2022
    good quality, fantastic design and it just works.
    a great investment to any home gym.
    Verified Buyer
    Love it
    Brian (IL) | December 23rd, 2022
    The upgrades to this Version2, make this the best most versatile bench I have ever used.
    Verified Buyer
    Stoked on this bench and company
    Lanny (California) | December 23rd, 2022
    As I am sure many others before me have done, I watched tons of review videos trying to figure out which multifunction bench to complete my home gym set-up. I am new to the home gym/garage gym world and had not heard of IronMaster before. I learned of them from a great review video of the original Super Bench by Coop at Garage Gym Reviews. He really liked the original bench, but had several key critiques, things that would make it perfect. By the time I watched this video and discovered the IronMaster website, they had just come out with V2, and it looked like they had upgraded the bench to basically include all the things Coop's review indicated would make this the perfect home gym bench. I don't know that that one video was the reason they made the changes -- I'm sure many others asked for the same things -- but what a great sign, a company taking an already really great product and perfecting it based on their customers' feedback. At that point, I didn't hesitate to pull the trigger on the V2 purchase, and am I so stoked on it. I got the abs/decline, leg curl, preacher and seated press pad attachments. This thing is awesome. It's so rock solid sturdy, with an elite gym feel, yet it's light and maneuverable enough to make it super easy to move around a small home gym space (even for the wife). The attachments are very easy to use and make this bench endlessly useful This is literally the perfect bench. I could not recommend it any more highly. To all who are on a quest to find your dream home gym bench that has all the attachments you could hope for to fully kit out your set-up, with ultra high quality materials and workmanship, and is also easy to use and maneuver: this is your dream bench!
    Verified Buyer
    Absolutely happy going with this bench!
    Jordan (Utah) | November 14th, 2022
    I watched tons of reviews for different adjustable benches, and ended up going with the Super Bench PRO v2. I got the Ab and Leg curl attachments as well. I am really really happy with this bench. I love how easy it is to adjust and move around. The attachments make this bench have way more useful than any other bench in this category. The build quality and pad quality are fantastic.
    Note From Store Owner: Thanks for the feedback, Jordan!
    Verified Buyer
    Sturdy AND easy to move
    Sarah | October 24th, 2022
    I'm not sure how IM does it, but this bench is both much more solid-feeling and so much lighter and easier to position than any other bench I've used. It's exactly what I hoped it'd be.
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