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Super Bench Adjustable Utility Bench

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    Super Bench Adjustable Utility Bench


    ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 4.75/5 Stars. (159 Reviews)

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    Ironmaster Super Bench
    Our adjustable weight bench is one of the most popular weight training benches available. The Ironmaster Super Bench is super strong and super versatile – making it a key component of any home gym. The Super Bench fully adjusts to suit your workout needs: Flat – Incline – Decline – Upright. Fully adjustable, our weight bench has 11 lock out angles and can be used in a variety of workouts with the addition of different Ironmaster attachments. Add Ironmaster dumbbells or Olympic Bars for bench presses or entire strength training cages for the ultimate experience in home weight training. This is not just a dumbbell bench, but the base of your complete home gym.
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    The perfect bench for home gyms

    Our Super Bench is more than just a dumbbell bench. We designed it to be the base of complete and high-performing home gyms. Muscle and Fitness Magazine and Men's Fitness, as well as countless websites, have featured our bench and all the powerful qualities it has that make it the perfect bench for home gym owners.

    Super strong

    Our adjustable bench is capable of supporting extremely heavy loads so you can press to your limits and maximise your strength gains.

    1. Generous load capacity. This bench is rated for 1000 lbs if set in the flat position. It can support up to 600 lbs if the incline seat is used or when tilted.
    2. Exceptionally strong steel. We use a combination of 11 and 12 gauge steel frames in constructing our Super Bench for guaranteed durability and strength.
    3. Anti-rust protection. It features powder-coated frames with chrome parts to handle your gym pounding.
    4. Long-lasting padding. We use a thick commercial grade pad with durable vinyl upholstery and stitching to give you many years of bench pressing.
    5. Warranty included. Each Super Bench comes with a 10-year warranty for the frame and structural components and a one-year warranty for the normal wear parts such as rubber, surface finishes and upholstered items. The warranty is for the original purchaser and for personal home use only.

    Super versatile

    The Super Bench is the epitome of what an adjustable weight training bench is and should be. From its multi-functional design that allows it to work with a growing number of Ironmaster attachments to its several lockout angles, this bench is packed with many features for a powerful total body workout.

    1. Multiple positions. This adjustable utility bench can be set in four positions - Flat, Incline, Decline, Upright - for effective and varied bench pressing and dumbbell pressing routines. Note: we recommend using the Crunch Situp attachment with the bench for decline angles to help hold your legs. Minimal angles are possible without the attachment.
    2. The incline seat in the upright position can have a 12", 14" or 16" height from the floor. (Distance from seat to top of main bench pad is 36", 34 or 32" in the highest seat position)
    3. Eleven lock-out angles. With a total of eleven angles - 0, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 and 85 degrees - for you to choose from, your bench pressing workouts are sure to be challenging, exciting and never boring.
    4. Accepts a growing list of attachments. We designed our Super Bench to be a real workhorse in any gym. More attachments are still being developed for the future, but in the meantime, our bench can be used together with the following accessories:
    5. A solid foundation for home gym training. Use this bench with your other Ironmaster equipment such as Quick-Lock adjustable dumbbells, Olympic bars or IM1500/IM2000 machine for the ultimate home gym training experience.
    6. Suited for home and light commercial use. The Super Bench was originally designed for personal home use, but owing to its excellent construction and superior functionality, many personal trainers and owners of fitness studios have included it in their gyms for the use of their clients as well.

    Super comfortable

    We use only premium quality materials in every Super Bench we make to help you stay focused during your intense bench and dumbbell pressing workouts.

      1. Commercial quality pad. Our Super Bench features a 44" x 10" x 3" thick commercial grade pad. The included incline seat is made of the same high-quality material. The backrest pad is 31" above the seat in the highest position.
      2. Firm support. Our thick bench pad will not give you that uncomfortable sinking feeling while you're lifting a heavy Olympic bar or pair of dumbbells.
      3. Vinyl upholstery. Our pad comes wrapped in vinyl material for your enhanced comfort.
        Tapered seat. The included incline seat has a tapered edge so it will not cut into the inside of your legs. It can also be adjusted up or down for your optimal comfort.

    Super safe

    Every inch of our Super Bench has been carefully and expertly designed to ensure your safety for the entire duration of your workout.

    1. Superb locking power. Once you have adjusted the bench into your desired lockout angle and secured it in place with our patented angle adjustment ring with foot lever, you can rest assured it will stay that way until you finish your workout.
    2. Ultra stable. Regardless of whether you choose the Flat, Incline, Decline, or Upright position, our Super Bench will not produce any shaking or trembling movement.
    3. No slips and slides. Unlike the benches from our competitors, the Super Bench is designed to stay locked at all times and at any angle. Our incline seat follows the backrest pad without any breaks or shallow angles that can result in the user to accidentally slide off.

    Super easy to set-up and use

    Even the most beginner of trainers will find our Super Bench very easy to assemble and use.

    1. Pre-assembled parts. This bench will arrive at your doorstep with pre-assembled components (with the exception of the feet) so you can start lifting and blasting your arms after only a few minutes!
    2. Simple tools only. Setting up our Super Bench requires the use of very simple tools to make the assembly process easier for you.
    3. Dual-sided operation. Whether you are left-handed or right-handed, you will find our adjustable bench a breeze to use because our unique bench angle adjustment ring with foot lever can be operated from both sides of the bench. This innovative gear has a patented design US 6,994,661.
    4. Quick Change. Change positions in just seconds. No need to bend over looking for a pull pin, just operate the foot lever and rotate.
    5. Pin-less seat. The included incline seat attaches easily from the side of the bench without any need for pins.
    6. Effortless transfers. Our Super Bench can be easily transferred and moved to another part of your gym. Nothing needs to be adjusted prior to transport and nothing unfolds during the actual transit. The bench weighs 60 lbs on its own, and 65 lbs if the incline seat is included. The bench measures 44" long x 18.75" wide x 20" high in the flat position. The frame has an 18.75" x 41" footprint.

    Crunch Situp Att for Super Bench/PRO

    Crunch Situp Attachment shown for abdominal training and recommended for decline use.

    Custom Home Gym Package Deal: Super Bench with two or more attachments 
    Check out all the various attachments to make your bench even more versatile.


    ★★★★★ ★★★★★
    4.75/5 Stars out of 159 Reviews
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    Super Bench Adjustable Utility BenchReview
    Reviewer | January 24th, 2014
    Responses to Objections The second most helpful reviewer (Patrick Goonan, 2007) gave it 3 stars (3.5) with a few objections. I'm not here to start some internet pissing contest but instead want to address those objections. For reference, I'm 5'6, 145-150ish lbs. I have a gym membership (that I use mostly for the pool and sauna) but thought it would be nice if I could just work out at home when I'm too lazy to go. I did about 2 and a half months of research before trying the IronMaster Super Bench. I went to local sport stores (and the gym) to check out their equipment. Universal, Marcy, Adidas, BowFlex, etc. The problem with adjustable incline/decline benches are that they're usually 2 pieces (seat portion and back portion) not a one piece (not referring to attachments) like the super bench so when you're using it as a flat bench, you've got that separation and it just doesn't feel right. 1) Legs are two short, not wide enough to provide stability. I disagree. I do flat/incline leg lifts/knee ups on this thing and haven't had any issues. If engineering is designing things for efficiency (for an intended use), then this bench was engineered, not just thrown together. 2) Attachments - the bolt and pin assembly is plastic. They could have made a knurled aluminum knob and that would have been nice so yes, this is a (semi-)valid objection, over time, it is conceivable that the plastic knob could/would break. I personally don't think so, and unless you're bashing your knob with a hammer (no innuendo implied there) it should last quite a while. 3) Using the bench in a confined space. Again I disagree, unless you're using this thing in a coat closet, you shouldn't have any issues. My bench is in my bedroom (the bachelor life) and I use it in a space no bigger than 4x7. I use flat, decline, and incline (with seat and crunch attachments). I will qualify my previous statement with the fact that all of my exercises are with dumbbells. I do not have/use the chin up or preacher attachments. In conclusion, this is a very well designed bench. Is it a bit pricey? That's debatable. I got a bench with two attachments (comes with the seat, plus I ordered the crunch attachment) for under $400. It is nice that you can get other attachments (namely chin up, dip, and hyper core, plus others), so yeah, you are "buying" into the(ir) system, but you buy into "other" systems too and those other systems aren't as well designed as IronMaster. I equate the IronMaster to the Audi/Benz of benches. You decide. Posted on Amazon.com
    Super Bench Adjustable Utility BenchReview
    Reviewer | January 19th, 2014
    Simple elegance Bought this along with the Ironmaster dumbbell set. Same as for dumbbells- elegant design, top quality materials, first class construction. It just works, and I love using it. Posted on Amazon.com
    Super Bench Adjustable Utility BenchReview
    Reviewer | January 14th, 2014
    I've wasted so much money I'm embarrassed by the number of weight benches I've purchased over the years. Flat benches, incline benches and folding benches. Most of them were fairly cheap (under $100), but a couple were in the $200+ range. If I would have only bit the bullet back then and bought the Ironmaster, I would have saved myself a lot of time and money. Like everyone else here has said, this is the best bench I've ever owned, bar-none. It's sturdy, can be adjusted any way I want and more quickly than any other bench I've owned plus I can get attachments to make it a true home gym. I'm loving this bench so much that I'm actually spending more time working out. I'd recommend this bench to anyone. It is easily one of the best purchases I've ever made. Posted on Amazon.com
    Super Bench Adjustable Utility BenchReview
    Reviewer | January 13th, 2014
    King of the home benches.Versatile, heavy duty, best designed, awesome quality, game changer and stable. I actually found a great deal on cl for this bench (sorry amazon). I came from a bowflex 3.1 bench which is excellent in its own right but Let me tell you this is the best bench I've ever owned and I am proud of my investment. The quality rivals the ones at the gym. You can tell a lot of time and thought was put into the design and is a true game changer in home benches. It is a bit higher (20 inches high) than other traditional benches which might be an issue for shorter people because of leg straddle. I do not find this an issue (Keep in mind that I'm 5'10 and 155 lbs.) Bench: This bench is soo versatile and can be set to many angles. It is the best (in my opinion)designed,stable, Heavy duty but light, compact, and good looking bench.The build quality is truly awesome. The foam is very comfortable yet firm. I benched 225(my max at home) and I must say it being more narrow than other home benches really helps getting a full range of motion. It is effortless to change the angles of the bench and is the easier than traditional FID benches. Attachments: I was skeptical about the attachments which came with the ab, dip, pull up and leg developer attachments Most attachments that come with benches are medaicore at best. But damn I was impressed with the stability, quality ease of use, and functionnality. The ab attachment is so damn awesome and works well with the different angles of the bench. The dip bar is very stable with excellent adjustable height. And OMG the pull up bar. I already have a powertower to do dips and pullups which works great but I was soo impressed with the stability and how heavy duty of the pull up bar (might be shakey for heavier people). It actually has a higher height setting than my powertower. I must say it puts my powertower to shame in stability and quality. I still cant believe how well the pull up bar works with the bench. I have both the powerblock and Ironmaster dumbbells. With this bench added I have an awesome home gym and this bench is my favorite piece. Ironmaster makes awesome products and I advise if your looking for a bench to fit all your home gym needs look no further.This bench will do it all with the best execution of any bench or one station home gym. I absolutley love this bench and I am proud of my investment. Update 2/3/2014 Changed from 5 to 4 stars. Reason why is because the bench is not firm. It's soft as a pillow and I can already see it flattening out leaving the vinyl cover baggy and wrinkled (keep in mind I'm 5'10,155 lbs so not heavy set at all). Its the same issue with the preacher curl attachment (See review on Amazon). Its fine if your weight is distributed throughout the bench but say if your using the preacher curl attachment and you have to sit at one part of the bench where your weight is concentrated. I've done a lot of research on benches, owned a couple and went to sporting good stores to test out benches before buying the ironmaster one. Can't believe I missed this but all other benches (Marcy, powerblock, xmark, body solid, fitness gear from Dicks sporting goods) I used or tested have superior firmness over the ironmasters one that will last years. I feel like ironmaster took a shortcut to save money on the foam and used cheap stuff. The actual removable seat is very firm like it should be and will definitely last through time. I don't understand why ironmaster could not of done it with the their bench and preacher curl attachment. With that said the super bench is still my favorite to use with probably the best ecosystem for attachments. Update - it's been about a year since I've first got this bench which I now have 2. Still going good as new even both I have are used. A few things I learned is that the bench will be high for people under 5'9 even with my height of 5'10 I still feel it's a little high which is absolutely not a deal breaker . To combat that I actually incline a little and that fixes the issue. Because there is so many height settings you are able to sacrifice a bit of an incline. I also use a curl bar to rest my feet on to combat the height. You can also use the leg curl attachment as a decline /ab attachment. I use a lashing strap so it doesn't separate like your doing a leg curl. I have already have the decline attachment but wish they base the design of the decline attachment to the leg attachment. Which in a decline position is way more comfortable and eliminates declining at such a steep angle like you have to do with the actual decline /ab attachment. It's still awesome an bench and has no rival. Posted on Amazon.com
    Super Bench Adjustable Utility BenchReview
    Reviewer | January 3rd, 2014
    Best Bench I've ever owned And I've owned many. The design, construction and attention to detail are outstanding. I've owned other benches by famous makers that were certainly adequate but this one is head and shoulders above the rest. Posted on Amazon.com
    Super Bench Adjustable Utility BenchReview
    Reviewer | December 19th, 2013
    Great Don't F around with the X-Mark or Cap benches. They are crap. This strong bench is worth every penny and has great add-ons. Posted on Amazon.com
    Super Bench Adjustable Utility BenchReview
    Reviewer | December 5th, 2013
    Great quality Great quality construction, still looks like new (and yes I use it all the time). Would recommend highly, it's expensive but worth every penny . Posted on Amazon.com
    Super Bench Adjustable Utility BenchReview
    Reviewer | November 6th, 2013
    Excellent bench. Looks better in person than the photos, which is a pleasant surprise. Sturdier than I imagined as well. Mechanism for adjusting the angle of the bench is well made as well. Excellent bench and I would highly recommend it. Also the vinyl seems very durable. Posted on Amazon.com
    Super Bench Adjustable Utility BenchReview
    Reviewer | October 28th, 2013
    Awesome I love this bench. It is good quality, made of sturdy material, and the angle can be adjusted for varying exercises. Posted on Amazon.com
    Super Bench Adjustable Utility BenchReview
    Reviewer | September 15th, 2013
    Hi Quality This bench is a great product and i have already recomended it to my son. The worksmanship is very good and it is very heavy duty. you won't be disapointed. Posted on Amazon.com
    Super Bench Adjustable Utility BenchReview
    Reviewer | September 12th, 2013
    A perfect bench! I purchased several items from Ironmaster eariler this year and have been purposely dragging my feet on writing a review until now. I wanted to see if my opinion would change over time along with how the bench would wear. I am happy to report the bench still continues to wow me. The bench is rock solid with any of the attachments at any angle, even when using heavier dumbbells (90lb+). The 11 angle settings is fantastic, especially the first adjustment which is around 5 degrees, which is helpful when doing exercises on the end of the end of the bench so you sit a little lower for stability. The best feature is the ability to remove the seat. This design is solid and the 3 seat height setting is all you need. You can go from an incline position with the seat installed to a flat bench without the seat in literally 2 seconds! Awesome. The fit and finish has remained perfect. The paint and gelcoat are impressively strong and durable. The bench is still as tight as the day I bought it. The vinyl cover, padding and stitching still looks and feels like new after 9 months of use (4 days a week). The padding is still firm and hasn't shown any signs of breaking down or getting soft in any areas. I use this bench solo and I also in combination with the ironmaster cable tower attachment (also highly recommended). I did spend a few extra dollars for the wheel kit add on for one side of the bench to make it super easy to roll around, I think its a must and totally worth it. In the past I wasted alot of time and money with a similar bowflex product but after buying the Ironmaster Super bench I haven't looked back. Its an amazing product, well designed, well build and the customer service at Ironmaster is top notch. Posted on Amazon.com
    Super Bench Adjustable Utility BenchReview
    Reviewer | August 18th, 2013
    Good bench Pros. Great build quality, I see this bench lasting a very long time and I dont anticipate any problems with the material or structure. Great looking attachments Cons. The bench is too high. I am 5, 11' and Im on my tippy toes during the flat bench. This makes proper form during the Flat bench very difficult to obtain. ( Ive realized that this height is probably intentional so that they could design the leg curl attachment) The seat attachment is very uncomfortable and the highest setting is still too low. changed from 4 to 2 stars because the height ended up being such a large problem that I had to replace this bench. Posted on Amazon.com
    Super Bench Adjustable Utility BenchReview
    Reviewer | July 17th, 2013
    Perfect!!! This is a great bench for not only my teenager, my husband but myself. Sizes ranging from 6'3 to 5'3 the bench works great for all of us. Ready to go out of the box in a matter of seconds. Love the different positions and it is sturdy! We also purchased the dip and crunch bar which is fantastic. Transitioning the positions of the bench and the accessories is so easy. Expensive but definitely worth the money. Posted on Amazon.com
    Super Bench Adjustable Utility BenchReview
    Reviewer | June 13th, 2013
    Great bench I am very impressed with the ironmaster super bench. Its very sturdy and feels well built. The padding is very high quality and seems like it will last a very long time. Its very easy and quick to adjust the angle of the bench. My only complaints are that the seat is small and the bench is narrow. Posted on Amazon.com
    Super Bench Adjustable Utility BenchReview
    Reviewer | June 12th, 2013
    Solid bench but one huge drawback Excellent for doing sit-up (if you have the attachment), incline presses, shoulder presses, and seated dumbell curls. Heed my word when I tell you that it is nearly impossible to bench flat. I'm 5'11. Unless you have very long legs you are not reaching the floor with your feet without straining your back. When I want to bench flat, I have to raise the platform for my feet. Poor design in this regard. Posted on Amazon.com
    Super Bench Adjustable Utility BenchReview
    Reviewer | May 5th, 2013
    Genius. Simply a design genius. The folks who designed this thing are brilliant. It is an AMAZING piece of equipment. I own the super bench and every single attachment they make, practically. If you call them up you can talk to the owner and find that he is very interested in ways to improve their products and they are, in fact, changing them for the better all the time based on consumer input. One example is the lat pull down attachment. I had observed that the leg pads for the lat pull down were on the vertical bar, which was too far in for me. I wanted to have an adjustable leg pad that was not actually on the vertical bar itself, so they made me one (!!!!) Welded it to spec. It is PERFECT! It is adjustable up and down the vertical bar plus adjustable horizontally for the leg pad itself. The bench fits into a very small room. The organizer they sell that holds the attachments was a big help in keeping things accessible and neat. Yes, it does take a minute to switch out attachments, but it is a small price to pay for having the flexibility to do so many things with this one bench. Yes, to do decline work you need the attachment for that -- some people think this is misleading, but the Ironmaster web site makes it clear that it is needed for this type of exercise. Most attachments like the decline slip on and off really fast. The lat pull down attachment is bigger and takes a little bit longer. The quality of the build is excellent. Strong welds, pretty heavy duty. That being said, if you are a really big person you might not fit on certain attachments -- not sure how large a person would fit. For instance, on the hyper-extension, it has a large range of adjustments that probably fit a large range of sizes. I am 5'8" and it would work for people much shorter or taller than me, for sure. If you are quite heavy you might hesitate to use the chinup bar. It has a load rating of 300 lbs, but really, if you weigh anywhere near that you might be a bit hesitant to use it. It holds me perfectly well -- no tipping, no swaying, no flexing -- and I can swing myself around on it even. Very, very sturdy for me, but then I only weigh 120 lbs. It fits into a small room because you can choose from a variety of height settings. Some people worry about the dip bar due to the circular piece on the stand, but you can set the height of the bar up, and I have not come anywhere near the circular bar doing dips. I noticed some people are also concerned about the price of all the attachments adding up, but if you were to purchase individual gym pieces for each of these things it would cost a fortune compared to this. I'm guessing here, but my guess is that if you are anywhere from 4'5" to 6'0" you probably will fit just fine on this bench and attachments. Maybe even taller. If you are doing really heavy weights (for example, the lat pull down attachment is rated for 250lbs max) you probably want to look elsewhere for those types of machines. The bench itself can handle a lot of weight, however: 1000 lb rated, 11 & 12 gauge super strong steel frame. (600 lb rated for incline/upright positions), it is just a limitation on some of the attachments. Since I am actively using all these attachments, if you have questions about them contact me here: gaiusgracchus33 at yahoo.com I was quite happy to discover this American company, with an American-made product, and friendly, helpful staff and customer-oriented ownership. Highly recommended. Posted on Amazon.com
    Super Bench Adjustable Utility BenchReview
    Reviewer | April 27th, 2013
    Awesome Bench This bench is amazing. If you want a bench that inclines and declines look no further. Most of the ones that do both are not well designed. BUT this one does it very well. It's solid. It's well built. It will incline or decline to 90 degrees. Get the leg attachment for the situps. I'm 5'10" and weigh 185. I bench 300 and this bench takes that no problem. I love doing situps on it too. There's a dip attachment available but I don't have it. I can't speak on that part. Posted on Amazon.com
    Super Bench Adjustable Utility BenchReview
    Reviewer | April 27th, 2013
    I highly recommend this product This is one heck of a bench and well worth the money. I wish I had stumbled across it years ago. Very comfortable and sturdy. YOu will not be disappointed in the quality and comfort. I recently bought the dumb bell supports for it and what a difference that makes. Don't buy another product just this one. Posted on Amazon.com
    Super Bench Adjustable Utility BenchReview
    Reviewer | April 22nd, 2013
    great design this is a very great design and the attachment that you can purchase separately will basically will save you on mucho dinero because there is no need for a gym membership. the construction is sturdy but the bases seem to off. i had to put this on a rubber mat to minimize the wobbliness from the attachments that i put on when doing dips or pullups. other than that it's a great product. Posted on Amazon.com
    Super Bench Adjustable Utility BenchReview
    Reviewer | April 17th, 2013
    Boy, it's high off the ground The bench is solid and sturdy. I love everything about it except when it's in flat bench position it sits so high I can't plant my feet firmly on the floor. I am 6' 3" and when I lay on the bench I can't get my feet flat on the floor for a stable base to lift heavy. I can't believe that no one has mentioned this before. One good thing about this is, you can't cheat when benching., Posted on Amazon.com
    Super Bench Adjustable Utility BenchReview
    Reviewer | March 22nd, 2013
    Good solid versatile bench This bench is heavy duty and adjustable to 11 different angles and is very easy to assemble. Other benches usually have less angles to choose from. There are several optional attachments like the Crunch Sit-up, Dip Bar Handles and Chin Up Bar that you can also purchase for this bench that makes it even more flexible. The bench has a heavy-duty pads made of stitched vinyl upholstery which is very comfortable and has a 1000 lb rated strong steel frame. (600 lb rated for incline/upright positions. This bench is commercial quality and built to last and has a ten-year warranty. Posted on Amazon.com
    Super Bench Adjustable Utility BenchReview
    Reviewer | January 18th, 2013
    Just get it. It's versatile, simple, rock-solid and American-made. It's got 1000 lb capacity and every angle adjustment you need. If you skimp on everything else and go for the garbage in the sporting goods stores, at least get this as your bench. TMI warning: my girlfriend and I have found enough 'supplementary' uses for the bench to make it worth that alone. Posted on Amazon.com
    Super Bench Adjustable Utility BenchReview
    Reviewer | December 24th, 2012
    The work out bench It was a gift for my husband. He loves it! I have purchased some of the attachments for it and it is very easy to use. I'm not one for working out but I have found myself using his bench for my own purposes. We have the sit up crunch piece and it attaches so easily that even if he was using the chin up bar and leaves it that way, the chin up detaches and the bench turns flat and the sit up bar slides right in. It is very much worth the money. Not something you are just gonna go out and buy at your local shop. For your home gym. This is the bench for you. The extra attachments booklet will sell itself. Posted on Amazon.com
    Super Bench Adjustable Utility BenchReview
    Reviewer | December 19th, 2012
    Wonderful fully adjustable bench It's worth every cent. Buy the decline attachment and you have all of your bases covered. The seat is adjustable to three heights, which is useful for things like BB Military press (high setting) vs. BB incline press (low setting). Good range of motion available. The bench is nice and solid (read, heavy) so you may want to consider the wheels if you aren't comfortable moving around a (I'm guessing) 45-50 lb bench. I'm a pretty strong guy and I'm still considering buying the wheels just for the ease of sliding the thing in and out of my power rack for different exercises. I did a TON of research, and while this is NOT the best commercial bench you can buy, it IS what I consider to be the best for at home purposes. If you don't want to drop a grand on a bench, and want tons of utility, go for it. Posted on Amazon.com
    Super Bench Adjustable Utility BenchReview
    Reviewer | December 9th, 2012
    Superior Product I couldn't be happier with my Ironmaster bench. It performs flawlessly and looks great too. Plenty of attachments to supplement your work out. I just wished I has time to use it more! Posted on Amazon.com
    Super Bench Adjustable Utility BenchReview
    Reviewer | November 27th, 2012
    Awesome!! I love this bench, great quality!! Well worth the money, perfect height (I'm 5'11")! Easy to assemble only four bolts! Posted on Amazon.com
    Super Bench Adjustable Utility BenchReview
    Reviewer | November 22nd, 2012
    Great Bench! I was concerned about some of the negative comments from previous reviews, so I want to the Ironmaster showroom to see for myself before buying. Re: The Seat (When Upright) Is Too Close To The Floor This only seems to be an issue when using the bench in the fully upright position, and (again) is only really an issue for the really tall folks out there. The thing is, for seated (non incline) exercises you can optionally just use the bench as the seat. This gives you more than ample seat height if you're tall, and at the various incline positions this doesn't seem to be a problem. Re: It's Too Tall I'm 5'9 with a 28" inseam. I was really worried about this one, but when I tested the bench it wasn't a problem. If you're very much shorter than I then you might consider using a block of wood for firm footing but for average legs the height of this bench seems quite fine. Re: The Bench Doesn't Decline Yep, this bench only rotates in one direction and if you want to use it as a decline bench then you need to turn it around (if you're using a rack). From what I can see, the reason is that when the bench is flat it is actually supported by metal rails and not just the hinge. To both incline & decline all of the weight would have to be borne by the hinge - making it a potentially weaker bench (and likely not rated at 1000 lbs, even when flat). Re: You Should Be Able to Insert Accessories on Both Ends I tend to agree with this one. If the seat mount was redesigned a bit so that the seat-mounts were moved up about 6" (on the other side of the pivot) then this would seem to be possible and an improvement too - but the lack of this feature is definitely not a show stopper for me. Re: It's Unstable / Not Wide Enough This one *would* have been a show stopper for me, but I tested the bench with various accessories and it really wasn't an issue. Bar Dips & Pull Ups were no problem. The only remote instability I saw was using the Cable Tower with one hand, without being seated on the bench and deliberately pulling diagonally / away from the bench instead of along its length. I don't think you would ever use it this way. In fact, I was sufficiently impressed that I plan to buy the Cable Tower instead of a lat attachment for my power cage. Is it perfect? No. But after careful consideration I think it is much better than other, more expensive benches. Posted on Amazon.com
    Super Bench Adjustable Utility BenchReview
    Reviewer | August 7th, 2012
    Solid solid as a rock - VERY EASY to assemble (only put the two leg supports on), comfortable in upright position, flat, everywhere in between. very sturdy no movement whatsoever in any position. the lever mechanism and arched support with the slots is an ingenious design. very quick and easy to switch between exercises. works great for my wife also. Posted on Amazon.com
    Super Bench Adjustable Utility BenchReview
    Reviewer | July 30th, 2012
    Great construction, strong and sturdy Definitely a great buy. Sure it might be on the more expensive end, but it is a very strong and sturdy. Everything you'd need in a bench. One thing that prevents me from giving the 5 is that the base could be a bit wider, just to give more stability especially if you're leaning on it with heavy weight. Imagine if you had to pick up some REAL heavy weight, I feel it might be possible to tip to the side if you became off balanced a bit. I use it for my home gym with dumbbells. I may invest in the chin up bar if I think it'll really support my weight without tipping. In any case, definitely a good bench. Posted on Amazon.com
    Super Bench Adjustable Utility BenchReview
    Reviewer | July 19th, 2012
    Perfect Bench This bench has made my workouts much easier. Adjusting the angle is so fast there's nothing I've used that even compares. The crunch attachment makes decline presses as comfortable as using professional gym equipment, and of course is great for ab work. I just got the leg attachment today, and the quality of that is really top notch. Very smooth operation, and solid build just like the bench. The dip attachment is very high quality as well. With this bench and some attachments and dumbells (I use PowerBlock) PowerBlock Personal Trainer Adjustable 2.5 to 50-Pounds per Dumbbell Set , you have a really nice home gym. Worth every penny. Awesome quality. Posted on Amazon.com
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    Super Bench Adjustable Utility Bench
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