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Super Bench Adjustable Utility Bench

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    Super Bench Adjustable Utility Bench


    ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 4.75/5 Stars. (159 Reviews)

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    Ironmaster Super Bench
    Our adjustable weight bench is one of the most popular weight training benches available. The Ironmaster Super Bench is super strong and super versatile – making it a key component of any home gym. The Super Bench fully adjusts to suit your workout needs: Flat – Incline – Decline – Upright. Fully adjustable, our weight bench has 11 lock out angles and can be used in a variety of workouts with the addition of different Ironmaster attachments. Add Ironmaster dumbbells or Olympic Bars for bench presses or entire strength training cages for the ultimate experience in home weight training. This is not just a dumbbell bench, but the base of your complete home gym.
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    The perfect bench for home gyms

    Our Super Bench is more than just a dumbbell bench. We designed it to be the base of complete and high-performing home gyms. Muscle and Fitness Magazine and Men's Fitness, as well as countless websites, have featured our bench and all the powerful qualities it has that make it the perfect bench for home gym owners.

    Super strong

    Our adjustable bench is capable of supporting extremely heavy loads so you can press to your limits and maximise your strength gains.

    1. Generous load capacity. This bench is rated for 1000 lbs if set in the flat position. It can support up to 600 lbs if the incline seat is used or when tilted.
    2. Exceptionally strong steel. We use a combination of 11 and 12 gauge steel frames in constructing our Super Bench for guaranteed durability and strength.
    3. Anti-rust protection. It features powder-coated frames with chrome parts to handle your gym pounding.
    4. Long-lasting padding. We use a thick commercial grade pad with durable vinyl upholstery and stitching to give you many years of bench pressing.
    5. Warranty included. Each Super Bench comes with a 10-year warranty for the frame and structural components and a one-year warranty for the normal wear parts such as rubber, surface finishes and upholstered items. The warranty is for the original purchaser and for personal home use only.

    Super versatile

    The Super Bench is the epitome of what an adjustable weight training bench is and should be. From its multi-functional design that allows it to work with a growing number of Ironmaster attachments to its several lockout angles, this bench is packed with many features for a powerful total body workout.

    1. Multiple positions. This adjustable utility bench can be set in four positions - Flat, Incline, Decline, Upright - for effective and varied bench pressing and dumbbell pressing routines. Note: we recommend using the Crunch Situp attachment with the bench for decline angles to help hold your legs. Minimal angles are possible without the attachment.
    2. The incline seat in the upright position can have a 12", 14" or 16" height from the floor. (Distance from seat to top of main bench pad is 36", 34 or 32" in the highest seat position)
    3. Eleven lock-out angles. With a total of eleven angles - 0, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 and 85 degrees - for you to choose from, your bench pressing workouts are sure to be challenging, exciting and never boring.
    4. Accepts a growing list of attachments. We designed our Super Bench to be a real workhorse in any gym. More attachments are still being developed for the future, but in the meantime, our bench can be used together with the following accessories:
    5. A solid foundation for home gym training. Use this bench with your other Ironmaster equipment such as Quick-Lock adjustable dumbbells, Olympic bars or IM1500/IM2000 machine for the ultimate home gym training experience.
    6. Suited for home and light commercial use. The Super Bench was originally designed for personal home use, but owing to its excellent construction and superior functionality, many personal trainers and owners of fitness studios have included it in their gyms for the use of their clients as well.

    Super comfortable

    We use only premium quality materials in every Super Bench we make to help you stay focused during your intense bench and dumbbell pressing workouts.

      1. Commercial quality pad. Our Super Bench features a 44" x 10" x 3" thick commercial grade pad. The included incline seat is made of the same high-quality material. The backrest pad is 31" above the seat in the highest position.
      2. Firm support. Our thick bench pad will not give you that uncomfortable sinking feeling while you're lifting a heavy Olympic bar or pair of dumbbells.
      3. Vinyl upholstery. Our pad comes wrapped in vinyl material for your enhanced comfort.
        Tapered seat. The included incline seat has a tapered edge so it will not cut into the inside of your legs. It can also be adjusted up or down for your optimal comfort.

    Super safe

    Every inch of our Super Bench has been carefully and expertly designed to ensure your safety for the entire duration of your workout.

    1. Superb locking power. Once you have adjusted the bench into your desired lockout angle and secured it in place with our patented angle adjustment ring with foot lever, you can rest assured it will stay that way until you finish your workout.
    2. Ultra stable. Regardless of whether you choose the Flat, Incline, Decline, or Upright position, our Super Bench will not produce any shaking or trembling movement.
    3. No slips and slides. Unlike the benches from our competitors, the Super Bench is designed to stay locked at all times and at any angle. Our incline seat follows the backrest pad without any breaks or shallow angles that can result in the user to accidentally slide off.

    Super easy to set-up and use

    Even the most beginner of trainers will find our Super Bench very easy to assemble and use.

    1. Pre-assembled parts. This bench will arrive at your doorstep with pre-assembled components (with the exception of the feet) so you can start lifting and blasting your arms after only a few minutes!
    2. Simple tools only. Setting up our Super Bench requires the use of very simple tools to make the assembly process easier for you.
    3. Dual-sided operation. Whether you are left-handed or right-handed, you will find our adjustable bench a breeze to use because our unique bench angle adjustment ring with foot lever can be operated from both sides of the bench. This innovative gear has a patented design US 6,994,661.
    4. Quick Change. Change positions in just seconds. No need to bend over looking for a pull pin, just operate the foot lever and rotate.
    5. Pin-less seat. The included incline seat attaches easily from the side of the bench without any need for pins.
    6. Effortless transfers. Our Super Bench can be easily transferred and moved to another part of your gym. Nothing needs to be adjusted prior to transport and nothing unfolds during the actual transit. The bench weighs 60 lbs on its own, and 65 lbs if the incline seat is included. The bench measures 44" long x 18.75" wide x 20" high in the flat position. The frame has an 18.75" x 41" footprint.

    Crunch Situp Att for Super Bench/PRO

    Crunch Situp Attachment shown for abdominal training and recommended for decline use.

    Custom Home Gym Package Deal: Super Bench with two or more attachments 
    Check out all the various attachments to make your bench even more versatile.


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    ★★★★★ ★★★★★
    4.75/5 Stars out of 159 Reviews
    Super Bench Adjustable Utility BenchReview
    Reviewer | August 1st, 2016
    It's about 3 inches higher off the ground than what i like. The removable seat is a great idea and ... This bench is a tank. It's about 3 inches higher off the ground than what i like. The removable seat is a great idea and it's solid when you use it- doesn't move at all. This bench is freakin' heavy. It would've been better if it had wheels. Posted on Amazon.com
    Super Bench Adjustable Utility BenchReview
    Reviewer | July 20th, 2016
    Four Stars Everything is great, but the bench is very tall...very, very tall...too tall. Posted on Amazon.com
    Super Bench Adjustable Utility BenchReview
    Reviewer | June 15th, 2016
    Build like a tank Very tall as described which is what I wanted. Build like a tank. Very well packaged. The only reason I took off a star is that the accessory screw really should be a spring loaded captured pin instead of just a bolt. Changing accessory positions is not hard but could be so much easier. Posted on Amazon.com
    Super Bench Adjustable Utility BenchReview
    Reviewer | March 2nd, 2016
    Great versatile bench I'd love to give this bench 5 starts b/c it really is a sturdy bench. Its easy to tell its well made and has some heft to it. The only reason I can't give it 5 stars is b/c its too high for me and I'm 6'2". Probably doesn't help I have lower back issues, but I cannot lay flat on this bench with it being level. I have to incline it. The detachable seat is pretty sturdy and comfortable. Posted on Amazon.com
    Super Bench Adjustable Utility BenchReview
    Reviewer | August 28th, 2015
    a great multipurpose bench this was the first utility bench I actually purchased I must say I was definitely impressed with the quality even though it is easy to adjust when it is locked in the bench feels very stable, so far I have really enjoyed the quick release attachment system they have developed for equipment you can buy to accompany the bench I have had no problems with it, This bench has a good amount of padding however it's not too soft or two cushy to where you start worrying about getting out of proper form, it was very easy to assemble pretty much bolt the feet on and you're ready to go, I like the list of attachments they have available for this bench definitely interested see if they come up with anymore, Posted on Amazon.com
    Super Bench Adjustable Utility BenchReview
    Reviewer | April 4th, 2015
    Not the best flat bench but versatility blows away the cons!! Verry Nice ALL purpose bench! Well built. Great if you need Jack of all trades bench. You do sacrifice a liitle to get such a multi purpose bench. (why the 4 stars) I have also found that because this bench is designed for soo many atatchments. it does sit a little high. I am 6 foot but have short legs. my inseem is 30 inches. if I put my feet flat on the floor my lower back over extends slightly. Fortunantly for me I do not bench with my feet on the floor. I keep my legs raised so this is not a problem for me, but might be for others. Also another review mentiond the bench wobbles slightly due to one of the cross bars on the bottom not being flat. mine does also. I thought it might be a problem, but I havent noticed it at all when I am lifting in any position. As far as the pros outwieghing the cons, this bench is awsome at versitlity. It swivels effortlessly at plenty of angles and locks in solidly. I also orders the cable tower attatchment. Thats where this bench truely shines!!! The tower as an ultra small footprint and is quite sturdy and smoother than the cable machines at my local gym. once detatched it easily rolls away to creat more space. I was going to but the Rouge fitness ab 2 adjustable bench for $1000. Instead I got the Iron master super bench, the cable tower attatchment and a set of iron master dumbell for the same price. I am soo glad i did! Posted on Amazon.com
    Super Bench Adjustable Utility BenchReview
    Reviewer | March 22nd, 2015
    Good multi-purpose bench Good multi-purpose bench. I think its jack-of-all-trades versatility is its best feature. When it comes to using the bench flat, it can be quite high and your feet might not have a firm hold on the ground. If this is important to you, I would get a proper flat bench. But if you do not have a lot of space and need just one bench to do it all (and if your legs are long enough for the flat position to be suitable enough), then this bench is the best option available. Posted on Amazon.com
    Super Bench Adjustable Utility BenchReview
    Reviewer | April 30th, 2014
    good bench its a good bench I love the adjustments. But I think that they should have thrown in the decline set or the roller attachment but other then that, it is well worth the money. Posted on Amazon.com
    Super Bench Adjustable Utility BenchReview
    Reviewer | April 14th, 2014
    Ironmaster is the best bench around I purchased the ironmaster Super Bench along with the dip and pull up attachments around nine months ago. It has been used at least twice a week since then, usually more. In that time it has demonstrated no significant wear or any wear related issues. It is sturdy enough for pull ups and I'm a big guy (around 235 lbs) so I was careful when I first got the system. I'm giving it a four out of five only because the seat is too low for me (I'm only 6'1") and can be uncomfortable. In other reviews I've seen people talk about balance problems but I haven't found that to be an issue. I would recommend this it to friends without reservation. Great piece of equipment and does a lot of the things you need in a home gym. Posted on Amazon.com
    Super Bench Adjustable Utility BenchReview
    Reviewer | March 22nd, 2013
    Good solid versatile bench This bench is heavy duty and adjustable to 11 different angles and is very easy to assemble. Other benches usually have less angles to choose from. There are several optional attachments like the Crunch Sit-up, Dip Bar Handles and Chin Up Bar that you can also purchase for this bench that makes it even more flexible. The bench has a heavy-duty pads made of stitched vinyl upholstery which is very comfortable and has a 1000 lb rated strong steel frame. (600 lb rated for incline/upright positions. This bench is commercial quality and built to last and has a ten-year warranty. Posted on Amazon.com
    Super Bench Adjustable Utility BenchReview
    Reviewer | July 30th, 2012
    Great construction, strong and sturdy Definitely a great buy. Sure it might be on the more expensive end, but it is a very strong and sturdy. Everything you'd need in a bench. One thing that prevents me from giving the 5 is that the base could be a bit wider, just to give more stability especially if you're leaning on it with heavy weight. Imagine if you had to pick up some REAL heavy weight, I feel it might be possible to tip to the side if you became off balanced a bit. I use it for my home gym with dumbbells. I may invest in the chin up bar if I think it'll really support my weight without tipping. In any case, definitely a good bench. Posted on Amazon.com
    Super Bench Adjustable Utility BenchReview
    Reviewer | November 17th, 2011
    REAL ASSESMENT ok ill start here, im 5'6 so it is hard for me to find a good bench. but my toes can still touch the ground while benching. why didnt i notice this earlier but in order to do a decline you have to turn your body or the bench around it DOESNT ROTATE BOTH WAYS. not a big deal but for a 300$ BENCH I THOUGH IT WOULD ROTATE BOTH WAYS!! great packaging, great marketing, great quality bench Posted on Amazon.com
    Super Bench Adjustable Utility BenchReview
    Reviewer | October 26th, 2011
    Very good utility bench This a review of ONLY the bench; not the multiple attachments that can be purchased. See my profile for reviews of many of these items . Overall, this is a good bench, not a 5 star bench. I am curious to hear from taller people regarding the practicality of it in the upright position. It's heavy, but sturdy. It won't tip, the seat won't come out, and it's comfortable. Posted on Amazon.com
    Super Bench Adjustable Utility BenchReview
    Reviewer | March 15th, 2011
    Solid as a rock I recently sold my Bowflex 5.1 bench. The seat was starting to wobble badly. OVerall I was appauled by the quality and was very relieved someone wanted it on Craig's List. I've been reading up quite a bit around benches and my criteria were pretty straight-forward: Something that could EASY manage with my body weight (200lb), be comfortable for my height (6'1") and also handle the kinds of weights I use (my Powerblocks go up to 50lb each). I wanted a bench that could decline as well as incline, and go FLAT (unlike the Bowflex). Living in Vancouver, you don't get to see Ironmaster products in the stores, so I had to rely on web reviews. I picked it up in Seattle today - wow. I'm impressed. This bench is rock solid. It's actually not that big, it's just the right size. When I lie on it and position myself my head and hips are supported comfortably. Moving up or down just a bit causes my hips or head to go off the edge. It's narrow enough to allow for comfortable flys etc. The seat is not fastened to the bench. It sits securely due to your weight. It's simple and works well. The seat has a steal base, but the bench foam itself doesn't. It's supported by something firm, probably heavy duty cardboard or something. It feels study enough to handle heavy weight on its edges. The semi-circular locking mechanism is uber-cool. You can control it by bending and lifting the latch, or pushing it down with your foot on the opposite side of the bench. Turning the bench 90 degrees and standing next to it, I can imagine that the chin-up attachment could be quite useful, even for someone of my height. That was a suprise. On the other hand, the supports that keep the bench stable side to side seem rather narrow for that kind of activity. And no, the semi-circular mechanism doesn't look like it'll really get in the way. Why the four stars? I know it's good value as it is, but there would be two things I's wish for: A steal base supporting the bench foam surface, and wider supports. One issue that isn't really a 'con' as such, is the embroidery. I image white embroidery will stain with all the sweat I'll (hopefully) by pushing out using this awesome bit of kit. I love it, and am starting to think of what attachments to get... Posted on Amazon.com
    Super Bench Adjustable Utility BenchReview
    Reviewer | May 20th, 2008
    Father of 2 Works Out at Home This review is for ppl like me who have no choice but to work out at home because A)You're home watching the kids so it's better than just sitting on your ... B)You either don't want to pay for a gym or don't even want to COMMUTE to a gym given the time committment and lately gas prices. C) You need to get in shape because your kids demand that you carry them on your shoulders etc. I have one who's 50lbs and the other about 25lbs - and they're only getting heavier. I enjoy the father and son bond from carrying my son on my shoulders but when the second gets jealous it becomes difficult to carry 75lbs for more than 1 city block without resting, switching arms etc. The Bench is very heavy duty compared to my previous bench. Twice the padding at least so it's comfortable. Easy to assemble without instructions. Even though I was skeptical and lowered my expectations I was surprised at how stable the pull up bar attachment was. Of course it is for pull ups but great for stretching. I found it more stable then doing say the situp at a vertical angle. In fact I had trouble getting myself "up there" to get into position for the crunches and I am 6ft. I was more afraid of this tipping over during the mount because of the uneven weight distribution. Once you're on it with both legs secure then there is no stability issue. Also once you're done doing your crunches but before dismounting you will get an inversion table effect in the rest position. The removable seat should lock into place if you ask me but the likelyhood of you moving your entire body horizontally to slip the seat out by accident is slim and no one would do that on purpose. I think the reasoning was being able to switch the bench positions/angles for other exerices and not make it too time consuming. Now the cons: the seat is rather high of the floor. If you have young kids like me you need to think about safety - basically I had to move this bench to an area where they have no access as my 2 yr old already tried to go through the half circle. I wish the cross bars on the base were wider so I can be more confident with the crunches and pull ups. Overall you will be happy with this bench and attachments. Posted on Amazon.com
    Super Bench Adjustable Utility BenchReview
    Reviewer | July 30th, 2007
    It does NOT decline! This bench is very solidly assembled and should last me for years. An incredible bargain. It comes fully assembled except for the feet. I received the item within 24 hours of placing my order. However, the bench does not decline despite what the add says. You have to purchase the crunch attachment so that you can use the bench as a slant board. This is very irritating as the decline was one of the motivating factors for my deciding to purchase this particular bench. I was going to buy the attachment anyway, but now I have no choice. Posted on Amazon.com
    Super Bench Adjustable Utility BenchReview
    Reviewer | May 5th, 2007
    2 month use review The Ironmaster Super Bench is terrific for the price. I would buy it again. Easy to assemble and easy to use. Durable and comfortable. The only opportunity for improvement with this bench would be if it had wheels to make moving it around my carpet easier. Posted on Amazon.com
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    Super Bench Adjustable Utility Bench
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