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Save huge with custom package discounts and build your ultimate home gym.

Knowing exactly where to start when it comes to building the best home gym for you can be overwhelming.

Build the Ultimate Home Gym With Ironmaster Custom Packages

Are you interested in building a home gym but don’t know where to start? Ironmaster Custom Packages are designed to help you create the ultimate home gym tailored to your unique fitness needs, goals, and aspirations. Read on to learn more!

Ironmaster Custom Packages for Home Gyms

Why Build a Home Gym With Ironmaster?

Eliminate commercial gym fees and hidden charges

If you (and your wallet) are fed up with monthly gym membership payments, sign-up fees, and yearly maintenance costs, building a home gym helps you avoid that headache and put all your energy into what’s really important—your workouts. 

Did you know the average gym membership costs between $45 and $70 a month? Over the course of just one year, that’s $500+. And that doesn’t even include sign-up fees or annual maintenance charges, which can end up costing a pretty penny on top of what you’d already pay for the year!

Instead, imagine taking that roughly $500 and investing it in a home gym that provides you with a lifelong membership, one where you can get fit without ever even having to leave the house. With Ironmaster, building a home gym ends up paying for itself! Now, how does that sound for an investment? 

Our flagship adjustable dumbbells, weight benches, and a whole lot more are designed to fit together and provide you with a plethora of options for customizing your perfect home gym. Our patented, one-of-a-kind quick-lock system—designed to add efficiency to your strength training workouts and help you take things to a whole new level—enables you to quickly change the weight plates on whatever piece of equipment you’re using.

Whether you go with dumbbells, kettlebells, a straight bar, or try something new like mace training, your weight plates are transferable between each product, adding a new versatility to your workouts that commercial gyms simply just can’t provide. 

Workout with the equipment you want WHEN you want to

Working out in a commercial gym quickly lets you in on all the annoying limitations when it comes to reaching your fitness goals. Your gym may not have a piece of workout equipment you like, or maybe someone’s hogging that one piece of equipment you need to finish your workout. 

We’ve all experienced the following scenario: There’s a piece of workout equipment or a machine you’ve had your eye on since stepping foot into the gym for your workout. The only problem is that someone’s been monopolizing it the entire time. 

Instead of crossing your fingers and hoping that a commercial gym will have everything you need when you need it, you can set up your home gym with training equipment so that when you’re ready to workout, you don’t have to wait around.

Save space, time, and more

  • You save a ton of space: Ironmaster gym equipment and accessories fit perfectly in any sized space (i.e. home office, garage, spare room)
  • You save time: No more long, unnecessary commutes to and from the gym, giving you time back to focus on other important tasks
  • Our wide range of fitness equipment suits a variety of different training styles, from bodyweight training to bodybuilding and powerlifting
  • Maybe most important of all are the cost savings: Ironmaster equipment works nicely with varying budgets. And with our Custom Packages, that means even more discounts! 
Ironmaster, home gym equipment for any size space: Small Home Office, Spare Room, Garage and Large Areas

Choosing the Best Home Gym Set Up for You Using Ironmaster Custom Packages

Knowing exactly where to start when it comes to building the best home gym for you can be overwhelming. To help you out, here are some suggestions based on the different custom packages we offer here at Ironmaster:

Save space and maximize muscle-building with the Ironmaster Bench and Dumbbell Package

The Bench and Dumbbell Package includes Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbells, the Ironmaster Super Bench or Super Bench PRO V2 (what better way to start off your home gym than with a foundational piece of equipment like a versatile bench), and a variety of customizable attachments to choose from. These attachments include our Leg Attachment and Preacher Curl Pad, so you can get a variety of workouts in without taking up much space at all. The Bench and Dumbbell Package also includes our Dumbbell Stand, which is great for storing the pair of 75 lb adjustable dumbbells. 

Build a great home gym foundation with the Super Bench and Attachments Package

The Super Bench and Attachments Package allows you to choose from the foundational Super Bench or Super Bench PRO, plus you get two or more attachments, such as our Crunch Situp Attachment for sculpting 6-pack abdominals, the chin-up bar to help you work your lats and achieve a wide back, or the dip handle for building a chiseled chest and triceps.

Quick-Lock Package for ultimate workout flexibility 

Want to take full advantage of our patented Quick-Lock plate system, which allows you to use the same weight plates across multiple pieces of Ironmaster fitness equipment? Our Quick-Lock Package includes a pair of Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbells and features other products that use the very same weight plates, such as the Adjustable Kettlebell Handle, Quick-Lock Straight Bar, EZ Curl Bar, and multiple weight add-on kits – so you keep saving space and maximizing gains.

Supreme home gym set up for Olympic free weights, barbell, cable system, and smith machine training

While all of our equipment is designed to be versatile in helping you achieve your fitness goals, our suggestion for combining the best of what Ironmaster has to offer while maximizing space comes via our IM2000 Package, aka the Ultimate Weight Lifting Package

This custom package includes the IM2000 Self-Spotting Weightlifting system, a Super Bench, 75lb Adjustable Dumbbell Set, plus the entire array of Super Bench and Cage attachments. To really take things up a notch and supercharge your workouts, you might want to consider adding a 275 lb rubber-coated Olympic weight set

This package allows you to get your barbell work in (think bench press, overhead shoulder press, squats), exercises with cables like pulldowns and rows, crunches, chin ups, dips—you name it. It’s the whole 9 yards in terms of the ultimate home gym set up! Without ever having to leave your house, this comprehensive home gym set up provides you with the fitness equipment to hit a variety of different workouts and stay 100% dialed in with your training.  

Use Ironmaster Custom Packages to Build Your Dream Home Gym Today!

Eliminate your monthly gym membership payment and all the hidden fees by building the ultimate home gym with Ironmaster fitness equipment. You’re gaining a lifetime membership where you can get fit without ever even having to leave the house.

Our custom training packages make creating the ultimate home gym tailored to your individual fitness needs, budget, and space simple and easy. Not to mention it’s a great way to cut your commute to the gym down to ZERO minutes!

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