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IM2000 Two Day Split Workout

The IM2000 is an extremely powerful and versatile piece of workout equipment. Here is an alternating workout regimen that really takes advantage of the capabilities of this machine and works every part of your body. Nearly all the exercises can be performed on the IM2000 Self Spotting Home Gym, but having some dumbbells will help. If you follow this routine, you can do it 3 or 4 days a week, alternating workouts of course. Be sure to give yourself at least 3 days of rest before performing the same exercises again if you train with good intensity. Use your best judgment to select the appropriate weights and challenge yourself a bit more as you get stronger. This is an intermediate-level workout plan and only a suggested routine as there are almost unlimited options with the Ironmaster gym equipment. Stay tuned for more sample workout routines.

To watch a video demonstration for an exercise, click the images for the exercise below or click the exercise name for step-by-step details.

Turkish Get Up 3 Sets of 5 Reps
Recommended Equipment: Kettlebell

Front SquatIM2000

Leg PressIM2000

Calf RaisesIM2000

Drag CurlIM2000

Standing Cable CurlIM2000

Tricep PushdownIM2000

Cable Ab CrunchIM2000


Bench PressIM2000

Seated Cable RowIM2000

Incline Bench PressIM2000

Lat PulldownIM2000


Lateral RaiseDumbbell


Turkish Get Up Technique:

  1. Begin on your side holding the kettlebell or dumbbell close to your chest
  2. Roll onto your back and rest the kettlebell or dumbbell on your stomach and place one of your feet flat on the floor
  3. Press the kettlebell or dumbbell with one arm until your arm is fully extended and perpendicular to the floor and place the other hand on the floor next to you
  4. Move to your elbow on the hand not holding the weight, then shift up to your hand
  5. Lift your hips and make sure to keep your arm extended fully
  6. Move the leg that was not up so that you're on your knee and keep looking straight up at the weight
  7. Remove your second hand from the ground so that you are in a kneeling position
  8. Stand fully up

Front Squat


  1. Set the bar of the IM2000 just above your shoulders
  2. Bring your arms under the bar and cross them at the wrist, then grasp the bar just by your collar bone. The bar should be resting on your clavicle
  3. Place your legs at shoulder with and keep your head up
  4. Bend your legs like you're sitting in a chair until your legs are at just under 90 degrees
  5. Extend your legs and return to the starting position

Leg Press


  1. Lay on your back and align your hips under the bar of the smith machine
  2. Place your feet on the bar about shoulder-width apart with the bar on the arch of your feet
  3. Lift the bar until your legs are fully extended
  4. Lower the bar slowly until your knees are near to your chest. Make sure that your knees don't go too wide, keep them over your toes

Calf Raises


  1. Place the bar of the smith machine across your shoulders behind your head
  2. Raise yourself onto the balls of your feet, lifting your heels off of the ground
  3. Slowly lower your heels back to the ground

Drag Curl


  1. Hold the bar on the smith machine with your palms up and your elbows by your side at your hip
  2. Raise the bar to just below your pectorals
  3. Slowly lower the bar until your arms are fully extended

Standing Cable Curl


  1. Set up a cable system with a bar from the bottom of your machine
  2. Grab the handle with both hands and with palms facing toward you and your arms extended down
  3. Lift the bar up to the top of your chest using only your elbow. Isolating your biceps is the key to doing this exercise well
  4. Slowly extend your arms back down

Tricep Pushdown


  1. Attatch a V-bar to the machine with the cable extending from the top of the machine
  2. Grab onto the bar with both hands and your palms facing toward each other and your elbows bent at about a 90-degree angle
  3. Push your arms down until they are fully extended
  4. Slowly raise your arms back to the starting position

Cable Ab Crunch


  1. Attach a rope to the cable system with a pulley at the highest point
  2. Kneel with the rope just above your head
  3. Reach up and grab the rope with both hands and use your core to lower your elbows to your knees
  4. Slowly raise back up until you are in the starting position

Push Up


  1. Make your body flat by holding yourself up by your hands and feet. Feet almost together and your hands about shoulder-width.
  2. Lower yourself until your chest touches the ground.
  3. Raise yourself until your arms are extended.

Bench Press


  1. Lie flat on a bench with the barbell above your chest.
  2. Grab the bar just wider than shoulder-width with your palms facing toward your feet.
  3. Raise your arms straight up until they are extended but not locked.
  4. Slowly lower the bar back to its starting position

Seated Cable Row


  1. Attach a V-bar to the lowest point on the machine
  2. Place your feet on the cross bar with your legs fully extended
  3. Grab the V-bar and pull back until your back is straight, keeping your arms extended
  4. Using only your arms, draw the V-bar toward yourself until it touches your abs
  5. Slowly extend your arms until they are back in the starting position, keeping your back straight]

Incline Bench Press


  1. Set your bench under your smith machine with a positive incline with the bar just over your chest
  2. Grab the bar with your hands a bit more than shoulder width and your palms facing your feet
  3. Fully extend your arms so that the bar is above your chest
  4. Breathe in as you slowly lower the bar to just above your chest
  5. Exhale as you lift the bar until your arms are extended fully

Lat Pulldown


  1. Attach a bar to the top pulley of the machine
  2. Sit with your feet in front of you and fully extend your arms up and grab the bar
  3. Bring down the bar to your chest, squeezing your shoulder blades together and keeping your hands aligned with your shoulders
  4. Slowly raise the bar until your arms are fully extended



  1. Face the bar of the smith machine and grab it with both hands in a wide grip, with your palms facing toward you
  2. Lift your shoulders and squeeze your shoulder blades to lift the bar
  3. Lower your shoulders back down to the starting position

Lateral Raise


  1. Hold two dumbbells at your sides with your shoulder blades pinched together
  2. Exhale and lift the dumbbells straight out and up from your sides without bending your arms. Make sure to keep your shoulder blades pinched
  3. Slowly lower the dumbbells back to your sides



  1. Lay on the floor with your back and feet on the floor and your knees bent
  2. Place your two hands behind your head
  3. Use your abs to lift your head and upper back off of the floor
  4. Slowly lower your head down

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