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Quick-Lock Adjustable Kettlebell Handle

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    Quick-Lock Adjustable Kettlebell Handle


    ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 5/5 Stars. (38 Reviews)
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    Ironmaster Quick-Lock Adjustable Kettlebell

    Improve your strength, flexibility, and endurance with our Quick-Lock Adjustable Kettlebell Handle. Just like with our adjustable dumbbells, this adjustable kettlebell saves you lots of space and money to have only one KB rather than a bunch of different sizes. Fully compatible with the Quick-Lock Dumbbell weight plates and locking screws. Perfect to add to your adjustable dumbbell set, or can be used with KB weight kits that are sold separately.


    Ironmaster Adjustable Kettlebell Handle Features:

    • Uses the same weight plates and locking screws as the Ironmaster Quick-Lock Dumbbells.
    • QLKB empty handle weight: 22.5 lbs
    • Weight range using the QLDB standard locking screws: 22.5-57.5lbs.
    • Weight range using the QLDB Add on Kit locking screws: 57.5-80 lbs.
    • Adjustable in 2.5 lb increments.
    • Grip diameter: 1.375"
    • Dimensions: 8.75" wide x 7.75" tall for the empty handle. 11.5" tall at 57.5 lbs, 13.75" tall at 80 lbs.
    • Super durability with a limited lifetime warranty.
    • Weight is marked in both LBS and KGS. KB Handle weighs approx 10.2 KG.

    The QLKB handle weighs 22.5 lbs empty and will accept the Quick-Lock Dumbbell weight plates and uses the same locking screws. This makes it a great accessory to expand the capabilities of our adjustable dumbbells and save you money. The standard locking screws will allow building up to 57.5 lb KB weight and with the Add on Kit locking screws you can go up to 80 lbs KB weight. As you can see this is a serious training tool at these kinds of weight capacities. It locks up absolutely tight and is safe to swing around aggressively.

    The handle is big enough for two-handed use but shaped well for a single hand. The handle is extra strong and provides just the perfect amount of grip. The shape and ergonomics designed into this KB are the results of extensive R&D. The locking screw will not interfere with your grip with the extra room in the handle area. The QLKB is sold as a single handle but if you like an extra challenge, you can get two!

    Note: This item includes only the kettlebell handle. Weight, locking screws and dumbbell sold separately.





    ★★★★★ ★★★★★
    5/5 Stars out of 38 Reviews
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    Verified Buyer
    Fantastic quality
    Tom (Maine) | September 11th, 2023
    Another high quality product from Ironmaster. Very solid, thick handles, with just enough knurling to make them grippy but not too much. Being able to utilize the same weights used for my dumbbell set saves a lot of space in my home gym setup. Definitely going to be looking at picking up a second one in the near future.
    Verified Buyer
    Adjustable Kettlebell
    Joel (Canada) | June 20th, 2023
    Bought the adjustable kettlebell to add to my adjustable dumbbell set. As with everything ironmaster there are cheaper options from other brands, but if you want quality and durability you can't beat ironmaster.
    Verified Buyer
    Nice kettlebell handle
    Robert Fomenko (RV Land) | June 10th, 2023
    I should have read that description better I didn't realize that it didn't come with a quick lock, so I'll have to add that at some point. Using it with 20 lb of plates gives me a 44 lb kettlebell which is just what I need right now. I'm new to kettlebell exercises so I'm just figuring that out.
    Verified Buyer
    Best KB System
    David (WA) | March 21st, 2023
    If you've got the QLDBs, this KB handle is a no-brainer. Even if you don't, I'd suggest you pick it up. It's rock solid, versatile, durable, and has a lifetime warranty. It's comfortable to use and perfectly designed. Thanks, IM! I'll be back for more!
    Verified Buyer
    QL Adjustable KB Handle
    Nathan Perry (WA) | March 1st, 2023
    I don't have much experience with KBs but I purchased the handle and both expansions that allow me to have a 80 pound KB at the heaviest, and I absolutely love this peice of equipment. The weights and handle are very durable, the locking system is complete genius, and the grip feels really good. I will recommend that of you sweat alot like me while exercising then putting some grip tape on the handle will be beneficial for not having the KB slip out of your hands. But overall great gear and I am happy with the purchase.
    Verified Buyer
    QLKB - Early thoughts
    Nathan (Maryland) | February 21st, 2023
    I purchased the QLKB to add to my at-home gym setup. My setup is in the garage, and of the rough and tumble sort...no environmental conditioning, things are likely to get dropped a bit, and I was prioritizing having something that is robust and saves on space. This setup scratches both of those itches. I've been happy thus far (been using it for a few weeks) - the screws function well, and it certainly seems robust (which is what I expected, having been using the adjustable dumbbell set for some time now).
    I'd recommend this product for someone looking for a robust adjustable kettlebell in their home setup.
    Note From Store Owner: Thank you, Nathan. It's built for the rough and tumble garage, enjoy!
    Verified Buyer
    Marc (Quebec Canada) | February 11th, 2023
    I did my homework before buying adjustable kettelbells and I decided to go with IRONMASTER. One of the reason was the weights that you can buy which brings it to 57.5 lbs. I also bought the expansion kit to bring them to 80lbs! ( Yes I bought 2! ). Most of the competition have weights that go up to 40 lbs when it comes to adjustable Kettlebells.... Very sturdy and durable product! I strongly recommend.
    Verified Buyer
    Great value accessory
    Ryan (Hercules, CA) | January 16th, 2023
    The KB feels solid after adding weight just like the DBs and it's great that you can use the same weights as the DBs. The handle and feel is just like a fixed weight KB.

    I currently don't do any KB exercises in my workout, but it's worth it to me to have this in my home office so I can do KB swings throughout the day and not having to commit to a single weight is a huge benefit.
    Verified Buyer
    Exceptional Utility
    Michael D Sayers (Ironmaster.com) | December 23rd, 2022
    Offers exceptional utility and complements gains achieved w/ the ironmaster dumbbells. Outstanding quality and practical solution for those within a confined space. Would encourage the additional purchase of the quick-locking screw for exclusive kettlebell use.
    Verified Buyer
    Very good, maybe better for men?
    Sarah Tomko (Ohio) | October 19th, 2022
    I've done a lot of kettlebell work. I think this design is good, and its a very high quality product.

    As a woman, (I'm 5'8, 160lbs) I find the handle a little large, and the base weight just a hair too heavy. The handle is just a bit bigger than other brands I've used, and the sharp corners of the bottom when unloaded bruised my arms when holding in a front rack.

    I think the lower end for me on KB weights is 8KG. Not that I can't work up to the 10 KG weight, but its just a little heavy for the lowest weight. Meaning I'll probably grab a 6 & 8KG Kettlebell too. It's still cheaper to do that plus this set than buy a full range of kettlebells. But it's a little disheartening that they don't have a lighter starting option.

    Overall still very happy with this product, its a great addition and one of the few loadable KBs on the market so can't complain too much.
    Verified Buyer
    Brandon (Virginia) | October 7th, 2022
    I own the IM2000, the Super Bench, and the dumbell set. I decided to purchase a few add-ons for the Bench, and decided to get the Kettlebell as well.

    It's a great product, like everything from Iron Master is. The locking pin having a flat head comes in handy once again here, as it becomes the base of the kettlebell. Speaking of the pin, it clearly states this product does not come with one. I plan to purchase a pin solely for the kettlebell so I don't have to mess with my dumbbells in order to use this, and ill almost certainly go for the longer pin so I can eventually load it heavier. Even having to share a pin with the dumbbells isn't too bad, as it only takes a few seconds to remove from the dumbbells and add to the kettlebell.

    I didn't own any kettlebells previously. I've thoroughly enjoyed adding kettlebell swings as a finisher to almost every workout I perform. You can load this up heavy enough for beginners like me no problem if you already own the dumbbells/plates like I did.
    Verified Buyer
    Solid Choice
    Larry (Raleigh NC) | September 23rd, 2022
    I don't use kettlebells nearly as much as dumbbells, but I wanted a loadable kettlebell for my home gym "just in case". Since I already own the Ironmaster dumbbells, getting the kettlebell handle and long screw was a no-brainer. And everything fits on the stand that came with the DBs. The size is right and the grip feels good in the hands.
    Verified Buyer
    Great first kettlebell
    Tim (Chicago, IL) | August 31st, 2022
    I've never used or owned a kettlebell before, but I'm super happy with the quick-lock kettlebell. I bought the quick-lock dumbbells a while back and loved them, so I got the kettlebell too. The lock is nice and snug and none of the weights jingle. I'm not worried about the weights flying off at all. I wish it came with its own screw lock though. Besides that, I'm super happy with the product.
    Verified Buyer
    Solid-est Adjustable Kettlebell
    JJ (Kekaha) | July 21st, 2022
    Another Solid piece of equipment from Iron Master. Adjustable weight with no "jingle" is what makes Iron master the best, IMO. The square base takes up a little more real estate than a regular round-ish bell, but the fact that you can adjust the weight more than makes up for it.
    Verified Buyer
    Thanks Waiting List!
    Stephen (Indiana) | July 2nd, 2022
    Great design. Really have liked my Ironmaster kettlebell these last few years, but its been so lonely. Finally was able to get a buddy for my elder kettlebell when I got the wait list email.

    Thanks Waiting List!
    Great workout
    Romeo (Las Vegas, NV) | June 29th, 2022
    Never used a regular kettlebell so I don't have anything to compare it to but these feel great. Not worried about the plates flying off when they are locked in. I bought 2 and can easily do double swings.
    Verified Buyer
    Great Kettlebell!
    Craig (CT) | June 24th, 2022
    I'm very happy with my purchase of the Ironmaster kettlebell. It's a 5 star in my opinion. The review from Cameron dated 6/17/22 summarizes my impressions very well. To expand on what was already said about the bombproof handle, I'll note that it is very comfortably sized. I wear an XL in men's gloves and have plenty of space for exercises requiring a two hand grip.
    Also worth noting is Ironmaster support is awesome. I had an issue with another product and it was handled promptly and professionally. I felt like I was dealing with a company that values its customers.
    Verified Buyer
    Good purchase for home gym
    Cameron (Delaware) | June 17th, 2022
    It feels pretty similar to a one-piece kettlebell until you get to 60-70+ pounds, at which the increasing length of the adjustable bell makes movements like cleans and snatches a little bit odd. Still feels fine for presses and swings at the higher weights. The handle itself feels bomb-proof. The screw mechanism stays put.

    Great idea for home gym to save space on multiple sets of bells. Overall cost probably less than if you were going to get more than 2-3 fixed-weight kettlebells. If you already have the dumbbells from ironmaster, this would add a ton of exercise options to your routine with minimal additional space concerns and at a pretty solid price. Even alone it's a pretty good value.
    Verified Buyer
    Great product
    Jeffrey (Minnesota) | June 14th, 2022
    This kettle bell handle is great and works perfectly with my existing plates.
    Verified Buyer
    Great addition
    Jake (ILLINOIS) | March 26th, 2022
    Feels good and easily adjustable. Very happy.
    Verified Buyer
    Great addition to home gym
    Michael Cannon (UTAH) | March 9th, 2022
    I am 68 so I don't use the amount of weight that most people here do. I use this Kettlebell in HIIT workouts and it does the job, pushing me to a higher heart rate and effort while not overloading my heart the way heavy weights can.

    Weight is easy to swap out in between sets and exercises and I am exceptionally happy with my purchase. I have used it with and without gloves and still kept a good grip (and I sweat, I never learned how to perspire....)
    Verified Buyer
    Awesome Kettlebell
    Jim Brownjng (Delaware, OH) | March 8th, 2022
    Efficient and smart design. Solid quality, well built and feels strong. It is comfortable to hold, has good balance and feel. The KB (and DB’s) are great for my entire family! From teenagers who are lifting and growing by the week to my wife and myself who are in our 50’s and working on maintaining what we have. I bought one KB handle and will purchase a second at some point. Thank you Ironmaster for creating an elegant and practical solution for the home gym.
    Verified Buyer
    Just what I needed t increase weight with kettlebells
    Michele H Goldschmidt (Aurora CO) | March 6th, 2022
    I have small hands and am a lightweight, but these adjustable kettlebell handles work really well for heavier moves like the deadlift, squat and farmer's carry.
    Verified Buyer
    Great Adjustable Kettlebell!
    Matt (Stamford, CT) | October 29th, 2021
    Similar to the Ironmaster dumbbells in terms of giving you the best of both worlds. It's versatile (22.5-80lb), space-saving, and still has the feel of a regular, fixed weight KB. This is a must for the home gym. Another great product from Ironmaster - thank you!
    Verified Buyer
    Fantastic Kettlebell
    Rob (Redding, CA) | October 27th, 2021
    I'll be upfront about it -- I'm biased. I have a bunch of Ironmaster products and the QL Dumbells are my pride and joy (took me nearly a year of lottery entries to get them!). I also have a full range of standard kettlebells all the way up to "doubtle 88s". I decided to get these kettlebell handles to compact my gym a little bit as we'll be moving soon, thinking I would get rid of my "old style" kettle bells -- and -- I will.

    As usual, these Ironmaster handles are great. Beautiful fit and finish. The work well and swing nicely. The handles are finished better than my other kettlebells I have. I will be getting rid of my others.

    Wish I could buy more screws and dumbbell handles... hopefully one of these days as the pandemic wanes and the supply chain loosens up a bit.

    Kudos to Ironmaster on yet another great product. Love them. Thank you!
    Verified Buyer
    Adjustable Kettlebell Review
    Paul Guglielmino (Massachusetts) | October 22nd, 2021
    I purchased two. So far so good. The handle is a good size and easy to grip. I like that the kettlebell / dumbbells / barbells all use the same plates and screws for easy mixing and matching.
    Verified Buyer
    Donald (Phoenix AZ) | October 22nd, 2021
    Awesome quality, exceeded my expectations
    Quick-Lock Adjustable Kettlebell Handle Review
    Melvin | May 12th, 2021
    I own two of these. Their made with fine construction. Have a very nice starting weight and handle. I love the fit and finish. They also stack perfectly on the dumbbell stand when it's full of weights also. There's enough room for 2. One of each shelve. Even loaded with some plates. They feel great in your hands. The handle is awesome. You wont be disappointed
    Quick-Lock Adjustable Kettlebell HandleReview
    Reviewer | October 6th, 2020
    Awesome option to pair with the adjustable dumbbells. Kettlebell feels great in your hand and weight is very secure.

    My only quibble would be that I didn't realize the kettlebell didn't come with an extra screw. I recommend buying a screw so you can do super-sets with the adjustable dumbbells (provided you own those as well).

    Well made product!
    Verified Buyer
    Quick-Lock Adjustable Kettlebell HandleReview
    Mike (London, ON) | July 22nd, 2020
    Did a workout with them right out of the box and broke up a huge sweat. I'm new to kettlebells so just one of the 22.5 kettlebells was more than enough for a good workout. I got two, looking forward to building up to double kettlebell workouts with 80 pounds. For the amount of space it saves and how much money it would be to purchase 22.5-80 lbs in kettlebells as well as the quaility and look and finally feel - these just made sense to purchase. I got a deal on two 10 pound and 15pound kettlebells just so I could build up and maybe have something to warm up with. I'm Canadian so it was really awesome to get these during the pandemic. I recommend more than 5 stars for them. I also can't wait to try out the Heavy handle kit on the adjustable dumb bells when they come back in stock. Thanks Ironmaster.
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    Quick-Lock Adjustable Kettlebell Handle
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