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What is HIIT and Why Should I Do It?

High-intensity interval training is an extremely effective workout strategy that can really push a trainer to a new level. Here is a quick overview of what HIIT is and some recommended workouts that stretch the limits of what you can do.


High-intensity interval training is the process of breaking your workout into alternating high-intensity and low-intensity segments. HIIT mainly focuses on cardio and on boosting the anaerobic ability of the trainer, but some workouts incorporate muscle-building as well. HIIT is effective at burning off fat and requires fewer days per week to be effective, making it perfect for trainers looking to cut after bulking up for a while. High-intensity interval training is just that, high-intensity, and each workout will push you all the way, and in order to make the workouts effective, you have to give 100 percent the entire time.


Here are some good HIIT workouts that you can try. They are each suited for a different goal, so choose one to try and reach the goals you have for yourself.

Dumbbell Workout

The HIIT workout is by Mensheath.com, and it pushes your upper and lower body to its limits through a variety of dumbbell exercises. Only dumbbells are required and it is fantastic for stimulating hypertrophy and building muscle. Each set is given as a time rather than a number of reps. You should be giving your all and trying to use correct form during these high-intensity periods. For each exercise, complete 8 sets, with each set including 20 seconds of high-intensity reps and 10 seconds of reps. Between each exercise, take a 2-minute break.

  • Dumbbell Goblet Squat
  • Single Arm Dumbbell Row
  • One Arm Dumbbell Swing
  • Dumbbell Lunge
  • Incline Dumbbell Press
  • Renegade Row

Jump Rope Finisher

This is a workout by MensFitness.com, and it really embodies what HIIT is all about. It pushes your entire body over short intervals, once again requires essentially no equipment other than a jump rope. You complete the circuit 4 times, with a minute in between each interval.

  • 45 Mountain Climbers
  • 25 Pushups
  • 60 Seconds of Front Plank
  • 60 Seconds of Jump Rope

Sprint Interval Training

The beauty of HIIT is often in its simplicity. This sprinting HIIT workout involves no equipment, just determination. For this HIIT workout, you sprint 75 yards, followed by a minute of rest. Repeat this 15 times and you have an effective fitness-improving circuit.

If you haven't tried HIIT before, they could prove a valuable tool in you workout arsenal. They have shown to give fantastic results for less time for both newer and more veteran trainers.


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