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How to stay motivated when you don't have a training partner

Working out is fun with a partner. You have someone to compete against and someone to hold you accountable. Unfortunately, there comes a time you find yourself lacking a partner but still want to stay in shape. When you find yourself in this situation, the key is self-motivation. Motivating yourself can be difficult, but the results are worth the challenge. One key to self-motivation is knowing, partner or no partner, you want to stay healthy. Though sometimes, that isn’t enough. There are times you need that extra kick to stay focused on your goal. Here are a few strategies that you can implement to help you stay motivated when you don’t have an adequate training partner

Create a Schedule

When training alone, there isn’t anyone to call you and remind you of the gym session. Create a schedule for days and times you want to work out. Commit to your schedule. The schedule will not be tentative, it’s absolute. Treat it like your job. You get a schedule and show up. The same should apply to your workout routine. Along with sticking to your schedule, keeping a log of your workouts helps as well. A written record of body measurements and body fat percentage can help you stay motivated. You will see results on paper even if you don’t see them in the mirror.

Don't Make Your Workout About Looks

Working out has a positive effect on your appearance. People will begin to notice the difference. Clothes will fit better. There will come a time where you hit a plateau with looks, and something else needs to keep you going. Focus on creating a stronger body. Focus on pushing your body to be in the best shape possible. Do workouts you’ve never been able to do. If you’ve only been able to run one mile, then push yourself to run two. Have you always dreamed of attaining a certain body percentage? Work to meet that goal. Once you begin accomplishing new feats, you will want to continue seeing yourself improve.

Bet on Yourself

Another way to make your workouts more interesting is to put money on it. Write a check for an amount that will make you cringe, then give it to someone you know and trust. You could also write out the check to a charity or organization you despise. They key is to be accountable for completing the goal you choose to work towards. When you complete the goal, you get your check back. If you don’t, your friend gets to keep it, or it goes to the organization you dislike. This strategy can also be used for competing in an event. The idea of losing money should be enough to spur you on. If you need extra motivation, choose an event that holds your interest. Have you always wanted to play basketball? Train to get in shape so you can play in a pickup game. Set a target date. Inform the individual you gave the check to and then get to work.

Online Fitness Community

The internet allows you to find like-minded individuals all across the globe. You may not have a training partner, but you can still have others with you on your journey. There are blogs, websites, forums, and social media pages for any interest. Biking, running, boxing, weightlifting, or CrossFit, you can find people to connect and share your stories with online.

Lack of a training partner should never be an excuse for abandoning your workouts. With proper planning and inner guidance, you can reach your goals alone.

Joe Humphries is a contributing writer and media specialist for Orangetheory Fitness. He regularly writes for health and fitness blogs.


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