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Super Bench PRO

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    Super Bench PRO


    ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 4.84/5 Stars. (32 Reviews)
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    Ironmaster Super Bench PRO  

    This all new Ironmaster utility bench was developed to add features our customers have asked for over the years after extensive development. This low profile bench is finally the perfect height  (just 17.2″ tall in flat position) with our revised locking ring shape and geometry. We kept everything that is great with the original Super Bench and took it to the next level! Still compatible with most of our popular bench attachments (see details below), this will be your new favorite bench. The Super Bench PRO fully adjusts to suit your workout needs: Flat – Incline – Decline – Upright. Fully adjustable, our weight bench has 11 lock out angles and can be used in a variety of workouts with the addition of different Ironmaster attachments. (Be sure to choose attachments with /PRO in the name to confirm compatibility with this new lower height bench.) This is not just a dumbbell bench, but the base of your complete home gym.
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    Super Bench PRO

    Can the best get even better? Step aside, Super Bench, the new and improved Super Bench PRO is here!

    We listened to our customers and went back to the drawing board to design a piece of equipment that will cater to their demands, specifically, a lower bench height. Our Super Bench PRO has been packed with awesome new upgrades while retaining all the great features of its predecessor.

    For starters, it's still compatible with most Ironmaster attachments. Any supplementary Ironmaster equipment with PRO after its name can be used with the Super Bench PRO. It is also fully adjustable with 11 lock-out angles to facilitate a variety of workouts using different Ironmaster attachments.

    Although the Super Bench PRO is designed for home use, many personal trainers and light commercial gym owners prefer this equipment for its versatility and functionality. This compact and lightweight bench now comes with a set of wheels for hassle-free mobility.

    Compatible with Ironmaster bench attachments

    The Super Bench PRO can be fitted with most Super Bench attachments. All accessories with names that are followed by PRO are completely compatible with it. If you're unsure of the compatibility or need an adapter for some of your equipment, feel free to get in touch with us.

    • This lowered version of the Super Bench is compatible with Ironmaster attachments like the Crunch Sit-up, Dip Bar Handles, Chin Up Bar, and Preacher Curl.
    • We have developed a new universal bench adapter, which is included in current stocks of the Cable Tower for connecting to the Super Bench PRO. This can be purchased separately if you have existing standard Cable Tower pieces that were only made to fit the original Super Bench.
    • Our new Leg Attachment PRO designed for leg extensions and leg curls is designed to fit this new bench specifically.

    Fully adjustable and functional

    Perform different kinds of exercises with the Super Bench PRO. Its 11 lock-out angles give you incline, decline, flat and upright positions for a wide range of movements.

    • This bench can be angled at 0, 5,10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 and 85 degrees.
    • Note: we recommend using the Crunch Situp attachment with the bench for decline angles to help hold your legs. Minimal angles are possible without the attachment.
    • The Super Bench PRO is intended for use in a home gym set-up but it can be a valuable addition to small commercial gyms as well. This equipment is a favorite of personal trainers for its high-level functionality.
    • The incline seat height in the maximum upright position can be set to either 14.5" or 12.5" from the floor, while the backrest pad is 33.25" above the seat in the highest position.

    Comfortable workouts

    From its lower height to the solid feel of its commercial quality pad, the Super Bench PRO is designed with your comfort in mind.

    • Its high-density commercial grade pad is 44" x 10.5" x 2.5" thick and makes use of durably stitched vinyl upholstery making it firm and comfortable.
    • The incline seat pad is tapered towards the front to give your legs more room to move and can be adjusted up or down for optimum comfort.
    • The incline seat moves with the backrest pad at any angle so they will always be perpendicular to each other, unlike other benches where the seat can have a shallow angle causing the user to slide off. This seat can be removed, leaving a large gapless pad.

    Easy to assemble

    Apart from the feet, the Super Bench PRO is pre-assembled upon shipping. It only requires simple tools to set up so you can practically start working out a few minutes after taking it out of the box!

    • Pre-assembled parts will save you time and effort in setting it up.
    • The dual-position incline seat easily plugs in from the side without any pins.
    • Its unique machine-cut ring with foot lever adjustment can be operated from both sides of the bench and clicks into place instantly for secure positioning (patented design US 6,994,661).

    Compact, lightweight and movable

    The Super Bench PRO is still a space saver in your gym. Compact and lightweight but still ultra strong. Wheels have also been included as a standard accessory for the equipment instead of an optional add-on so you can move the bench around your gym or roll it out of the way after use with ease.

    • The overall dimensions of the bench in flat position is 47" long x 20.75" wide x 17.2" high, with a 20.75" x 47" frame floorspace.
    • Everything stays intact even when you lift or move the bench. Nothing unfolds or needs to be dismantled prior to moving it around.
    • The bench alone weighs 64lbs; with the incline seat, it comes up to 68lbs. (10lbs of packing materials make the shipping weight 78lbs.)
    • Its ultra-strong platform is light enough to lift and move.
    • Complete with transport wheels on the longer foot tube. (You can install the wheels on either end of the bench as desired and an additional wheel kit option is available if you want to have wheels on both ends!)

    Superior construction

    Like its predecessor, the Super Bench PRO is manufactured from top-rated materials for superior build quality.

    • Constructed from 11 & 12 gauge super strong steel frame, this bench has a 1000-lb weight load capacity in the flat position.
    • It has a 600-lb weight load capacity in incline and upright positions.
    • It includes a unique laser-cut ring with foot lever adjustment that can be operated from both sides of the bench (patented design US 6,994,661).
    • Its high-density and thick commercial grade pad is furnished with durable vinyl upholstery.
    • For extra protection against rust and wear and tear, the Super Bench PRO is equipped with a textured, black powder-coated frame with chrome components.

    Summary of Main Improvements

    Below are the key modifications we made on the Super Bench to transform it into the PRO version:

    • The Super Bench PRO has a reduced height of 17.2" in the flat position for increased stability and suitability for more users. This lowered height falls within the standards for competitive powerlifting.
    • Wheels are a standard inclusion. (The feet can be assembled to put the wheels on either end of the bench.)
    • A wider base and larger foot tubes contribute to its improved stability.
    • A separate pull pin and corner tightening knob connect bench attachments faster and more securely. This improved locking system also is simply easier to use.
    • Its high-density commercial pad offers greater stability and contributes to the lower flat bench design.


    Super Bench PRO stand 2

    super bench dumbbell rowsuper bench dumbbell press

    super bench pro liftsuper bench pro rolling

    super bench pro incline plugsuper bench pro pull pin


    ★★★★★ ★★★★★
    4.84/5 Stars out of 32 Reviews
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    Verified Buyer
    Outstanding Bench
    David (Mexico City, Mexico) | October 28th, 2021
    This is an extremely solid, well thought out, and well constructed bench!! I use this for bench (flat and inclined, bar and dumbbell), rows, seated calf raises, leg curls, leg extensions, lat pulldowns, and leg presses (barbell hangs on two straps). Throughout it all, the bench does not shift or wiggle. I love the pad's firmness and went ahead and bought the leg attachment. It's money well spent and I am already eyeing more attachments for the future.
    Verified Buyer
    Great Bench, just want a handle
    Ben (Salt Lake City) | October 28th, 2021
    I love the bench. It is solid, easily adjustable, no-gap, and can store vertically. I just want a handle or something else attached to the bottom of the seat to make rolling it into position easier… then it would be about perfect.
    Verified Buyer
    great bench
    Chris Merrill (Los Angeles, CA) | October 4th, 2021
    very solid construction & good quality. i bought the decline press attachment also & have been using it daily / love it.
    Verified Buyer
    Solid Bench
    Kent (MO) | October 3rd, 2021
    I am impressed with the quality of the bench. It is sturdy and unique in the way it can adjust and fit all the different accessories. A bit heavy to move but with the wheels not much of a hassle. Pairs well with the half rack!
    Note From Store Owner: Thanks for the review Kent! The included wheels definitely makes moving the Super Bench PRO in and out of a rack easier. Plus, at 64 lbs (w/o incline seat), it is one of the lightest 1000 lb rated adjustable weight benches available, with competitors weighing-in at 125 lbs!
    Verified Buyer
    Must-Buy Bench for Home Gym Owners
    J.O (B.C Canada) | August 19th, 2021
    Super sturdy bench that'll last YEARS. I made the mistake of buying a 200 dollar bench (Averaged 4.5 stars and 12,000+ reviews) on Amazon which started to break apart after 1 year. So I recently bought Ironmaster bench and FELL IN LOVE. VERY high quality and the attachments are a game changer. I bought the cable tower and leg attachments and they're worth every penny. However, it's important to note that the seat will stay at a 90% angle NO MATTER WHAT. So if you're doing incline exercises the seat will be slanted so you stay flat on the bench instead of parallel to the ground. Some people prefer it, some people don't, personally I don't mind it. Solid 5/5 and would recommend to anyone looking for a home gym bench.
    Verified Buyer
    Impressive & loving it
    SRIRAM (Canada) | August 12th, 2021
    Bought Pro version of this bench along with attachments - Leg Support, Leg curl extension & Dip bar attachment. Just setup & did some quick workouts and here is my honest review.
    Shipment/Delivery/Package: Don't know what to say. Received exactly in 3 working days from US to Canada & have never seen such fast shipments. Very well packaged & all in expected condition with a very minimal assembly.
    Overall experience: Innovation to its best especially in attaching the seat. Tried basic Dumbbell press in Flat, straight & Inclined position. Blown away with bench height & stability. Very easy to adjust the positions with your foot which is a big plus.
    Tried Leg curl extension without any weights & all good/stable. Like the Foam padding support especially.
    Dip attachment is so easy. Tried few Dips & found really comfortable & sturdy.
    And so the Leg support extension. Tried full decline with a few Ab crunches. Super comfortable & no complaints.
    Initially thought little bit expensive but I consider this as an investment. You pay for quality & overall versatile with all adjustments. Thanks to customer service team for answering my queries over phone with patience & detail. I really regret we don't have Ironmaster in Canada otherwise would have saved huge shipping costs.
    Verified Buyer
    Best equipment
    William (Ca) | July 9th, 2021
    I really like the super bench it’s very heavy duty. The adjustment function is great, by just pushing your foot on the lever and putting it to the position you want is great when wanting to make quick Adjustments between sets. Very high-quality thick metal and materials. I also like the padding which is thick and very dense grade foam for benchpressing heavy weights its awesome because you just do not sink into the pad. Love all the products and own most of them.
    Super Bench PRO Review
    Mark | June 23rd, 2021
    I've been liftng weights since the mid 1980's in High School and have owned many benches over the decades but this is the best one. Assembly is simple and quick, quality is upper-tier, and the padding is top notch with a perfect 17" flat bench height (i'm 6' tall). The bench offers every adjustment angle anyone will ever need from decline to many incline angles and then military press, and plenty of space-saving (and money saving) add-on's to enhance workouts without having to buy independent pieces of equipment. Soon after purchase I bought the dip attachment then leg extension/curl attachment and both function perfectly, are a pleasure to use, and allow for more diverse workouts. GREAT investment overall.
    Super Bench PRO Review
    Timothy | June 1st, 2021
    I love this bench! This thing is super comfortable to lift on and having an all in one FID bench is awesome for space saving. When I plant on this thing for, say, chest press I know I'm solid and am not going anywhere. I also love the fact that this thing is flat backed with no gap (hey, that rhymed). I hate having benches that have huge gaps at the lumbar. The seated position feels great too. Just as solid and I'm confident in my seated presses just as much as in the flat position. This thing also has angles for days so you can really hit the desired muscle at every angle. This bench is also pretty light so picking up and moving around is just as easy as rolling it around on the wheels. I love this bench and glad I went with Ironmaster. Get it! You won't be disappointed.
    Super Bench PRO Review
    Melvin | May 12th, 2021
    I own the Super Bench and now bought the Pro model. I use them both but am very pleased with the Pro. I'm impressed with the lower height for a variety of reasons. I replaced the pad with the wider pad accessory and it feels perfect. I use it alone as well from the IM 2000. Its awesome. Very stable and works great. Impressive construction. Moves easily with the wheels. I think the angled height with the seat is great. I'm 5'11. Ironmaster equipment is very good for a home gym. I'm impressed!
    Super Bench PRO Review
    Daniel | April 23rd, 2021
    After months of searching for the perfect bench. I finally came across the Super Bench Pro. I have been purchasing fitness equipment for 25+ years and wish I found Ironmaster sooner. This bench is not only super functional but also a piece of artwork! I chose the Pro version for the lowered height as my wife also uses it. I love the way it adjusts, not having to reach under the bench is a plus as its a tight squeeze inside of my rack. Assembly took about 15 minutes all you have to do is put the legs on, the longest part was unwrapping it. Now just waiting patiently for the leg attachment to be in stock. The wheels are a nice touch, but they don't roll very well over the mats we have but not a big deal. Overall, if you are looking for a high quality super versatile bench look no further. Ironmaster will certainly be my gym equipment choice for all of my future needs.
    Verified Buyer
    Super Bench PROReview
    Jon (Matthews, NC) | April 14th, 2021
    Recently "upgraded form the original to the Pro. Couldn't be happier. The lower height makes a huge difference as does the pad firmness.
    Verified Buyer
    Super Bench PROReview
    Andrew (Upper Marlboro, MD) | March 6th, 2021
    Does the job. Easy to assemble and move around and it's sturdy. Wish it was a bit wider though.
    Verified Buyer
    Super Bench PROReview
    Nicholas (Hollidaysburg, PA) | March 3rd, 2021
    I love this thing - it's perfect. Just starting my home gym setup and I always loathed when I had to use a split bench in it's flat position when I was going to the gym. This solves the issue beautifully. High quality material on the pad as well. Can't wait to build add some accessories over time.
    Super Bench PROReview
    Reviewer | February 19th, 2021
    Just got the Super Pro Bench, and I gotta say, I love it.
    Easy to assemble with a solid, stable feel, but not too heavy to move around my small, garage gym. Super easy to adjust incline, perfect height, and comfortable. Looks good, too.
    And, when I had a question for customer service, (he) was quick to help me out.
    Great bench, great service. Thanks, Ironmaster!
    Verified Buyer
    Super Bench PROReview
    Jon (Chicago, IL) | December 16th, 2020
    I purchased this bench together with the crunch/sit-up and bar dip handle attachments and additional hybrid bench pad two months ago, and added the leg developer one month later. Assembly in all instances was a breezeno parts missing, all components perfectly intact, and everything aligned perfectly. The bench sits very securely on a low-pile carpet, with ample weight and good weight distribution. Its low height is great for bench presses. Adjustment for incline/decline is well designed, with quite good choice of angles, although indication of actual angle degrees would be a welcome improvement. The hybrid pad is a clever design, providing generous support on the wider part, while also affording easy straddling of the narrower part of the bench. Each of the attachments works well, with good adjustability and ease of switching among attachments. Once in place, the slide-in seat doesnt budge. The two available seat height positions are comfortable for me. The bench is easy to move around even on a carpeted surface, and it stores very stably in a vertical position, taking up quite little floor space. The quality of this bench, particularly if one uses it together with Ironmasters well-designed system of attachments, provides quite good value for the price. Highly recommended.
    Verified Buyer
    Super Bench PROReview
    David (Las Vegas, NV) | November 16th, 2020
    This is a solid bench. I use it for all sorts of presses, preacher curls, leg curls, leg extensions, back raises, chest supported rows, and a few more I can't think off the top of my head. I love the versatility of the machine, as it is a breeze to change the incline or add attachments to. Solid enough not to worry about it breaking down, but still easy to pick up and move around when you need to.
    Super Bench PROReview
    Reviewer | October 8th, 2020
    Tip-top quality construction and tremendously versatile. I was lucky enough to snag one from the showroom and the awesome crew there. In terms of versatility, the bench changes angles in a cinch. Be sure to get the leg attachment, which doubles as both a leg extension and curl (and whatever else you can come up with).
    Quality wise, I love that the Ironmaster lettering is stitched into the bench pad - just an extra level of appreciated attention to detail. It feels solid as a boulder but moves around the room easily. The mechansisms all work very smoothly. Great job, Team Ironmaster.
    Verified Buyer
    Super Bench PROReview
    Matt (Monroe, WA) | October 1st, 2020
    After trying several times to get the Super Bench Pro I final was able to purchase the bench. And I was not disappoint when I received the package. When I opened the packaged the bench was well wrapped and protected. After setting the bench up I put it through several tests. I was impressed with the quality, durability and comfort of the bench. This is one of my favorite pieces of equipment. I can not wait to get the rest of Iron Masters equipment.
    Super Bench PROReview
    Anthony (Everett, WA) | August 5th, 2020
    We were recently lucky enough to get this bench during the current battle for all gym equipment this summer. I gotta say it doesn't disappoint. The build quality is phenomenal and the pad provides the perfect level of comfort. We can't wait to get more attachments for it once more accessories come back in stock. I would easily recommend this bench to any previous gym goer or fitness fanatic such as ourselves. We look forward to using and buying more Ironmaster products.
    Super Bench PROReview
    Mike (London, ON) | July 30th, 2020
    When I first assembled the bench I thought it was a bit small, I'm 5'8. The moment I went to imitate a single handed row and flat bench I instantly thought "Yes". The bench is pure quality, is very unique- being flat. I didn't like doing incline with the seat, but I removed it for incline exercises and actually like it better than doing incline exercises at a commercial gym. It allows me to drive with legs without sacrificing any technique. I wanted a small gym that I could fit away in a closet but still have the quality of commercial equipment, I definitely achieved that with this bench. Within seconds after finishing my workout I just wheel it upright against my squat rack stands and it takes up 0 time and space. I love doing Hip thrust on the bench. My only suggestion would have been to keep the 3rd level for the seat adjustment that the regular super bench has(or add a new attachment that just raises the seat height, I would purchase it if you guys created it lol), just because it could be a bit low for taller people.

    I give this 5/5 stars because there is NO other bench that adds such a variety of attachments, is as solid and sturdy , super light, and again so easy to store away, It is perfect for people with limited space, just perfect.
    Verified Buyer
    Super Bench PROReview
    Ryan (Wilsonville, OR) | July 28th, 2020
    So I already had a nice bench from another larger reputable company that I really liked and was more comfortable (I assume I cant name other brands here so I wont). What I decided is that I wanted a lighter, smaller bench that had a leg developer attachment option. I will say that the bench is nice for flat work and the leg and dip attachments are very nice. Also the construction is high quality and the bench seems pretty stable. Also customer service for the company is great.

    What knocks down 2 stars is one big flaw... When in the full incline/upright position, the seat sits way too low, even in the highest setting. Plus the seat is pretty small. Im only 510 and I definitely feel a bit unstable for shoulder work.

    It does work for my needs and for that reason Im keeping the bench for now...but Im pretty bummed, especially considering that this is not a budget bench.

    Now one option could possibly be that Ironmaster redesigns the seat itself...maybe offers a seat that is significantly thicker and adds height? Ive also thought about contacting them, getting another seat and cutting out a piece of wood to sit between the bracket at the seat to add height. With all that said, I shouldnt have to do that. Its a good bench for a lot of people but since I sold a nice bench and got this, it feels like I gave up a lot just for the leg attachment.
    - We appreciate the feedback - Ironmaster Team
    Super Bench PROReview
    Reviewer (Orlando, FL) | July 19th, 2020
    If I could give this a 3.5, I would. However, I will settle for a 3 for two reasons. I owned the original Ironmaster Super Bench when I first started exercising 9 years ago. It was a great starter bench, and I had no complaints about it. Well after joining the gym after 3 years of training at home, I realized it's a good starter bench, but it was too tall. Here came the super bench pro; meant to correct the issues with the original. I am back to having a home gym and purchased this beauty. Sure enough after 6 years of being in the gym, you realize how uncomfortable this bench is. Don't get me wrong it's a great flat bench, and having the ability to grab attachments is phenomenal, but the seat is a real deal breaker if you like to do inclined exercises. The constant 90 angled seat is hard to work with when you are trying to incline bench on a 30 or 40 degree angle. You are better off purchasing a true flat bench for $50 on Amazon. This isn't to say it's a bad bench, but this is a enormous flaw. I understand the cost saving aspect of not making the seat fully adjustable, so I recommend making the seat inserts at different angles, a simple fix. I am currently looking for a welder to do this for me, but unfortunately it will void the warranty.

    Excuse any errors or omissions as I did not proof read this review.
    Verified Buyer
    Super Bench PROReview
    WESLEY (Fort Mill, SC) | July 16th, 2020
    Love this bench. I lucked out and was able to purchase this a couple of weeks ago. They sold out fast. I really like the design of this bench. ..Less is more. Its pretty clever design if you ask me, with no gap on seat. Way better than my old bench and a very solid feel. I got a leg attachment for decline situps and decline presses...its very comfortable. I've been building out my home gym and this makes it easier to say good bye to public gyms. Very happy with the Pro, as the deck height is excellent. ...Now if I can only get a set of those adjustable dumbbells! :).
    Verified Buyer
    Super Bench PROReview
    James (Burbank, CA) | July 10th, 2020
    I did more research than I should've probably before deciding on this bench and waiting several weeks before it was available during Covid. Good news is once I purchased, it was shipped quickly given the circumstances. It feels sturdy. I am 6'1/2" but still went with the Pro version because of the locking mechanism, firmer pad, and longer feet. The downsides of this bench: for someone who's tall, they took away the 3 slots from the original bench so the seat sits one lower. This is really only an issue when you're sitting straight up. It does wobble a little bit when using attachments (I got the pull up and dip bar so far) but that might have to do a little bit with me having it on carpet too. My biggest gripe actually was that it didn't come with the tools needed to assemble it. I assume most people will have the tools necessary to build it (two wrenches or a ratchet) but I had to drive to a store to get another wrench. I just assume for an expensive bench that they'll include everything. Also, the instructions weren't in the actual main box, but another one, so that was a little confusing. These aren't big enough annoyances to dock a point for me. You really get a lot of 'Iron' so they live up to their name. Support an American company and buy it already!
    Verified Buyer
    Super Bench PROReview
    Chloe (Iowa City, IA) | June 27th, 2020
    This bench is quite sturdy and accommodates both myself (very short) and my husband (very tall). The packaging was fabulous, and the instructions were easy to understand. I love that it comes with an adjustment knob so that you can use other attachments without worry of wiggle (I got the Cable Tower as well and I'm happy to know it'll stay firmly in place). Really amazing quality for the price! Pleased once again with your products, Ironmaster!
    Super Bench PROReview
    Paul (Lakeside, AZ) | June 23rd, 2020
    This is a solid bench, just like the ones at the gym. I also bought the ab attachment, the preacher curl and the leg ext. /curl attachments. They all work great with the bench. What I really like about it, it has an extra knob that will tighten the attachments so there is no wobble what so ever.
    Verified Buyer
    Super Bench PROReview
    William (Crestview, FL) | April 28th, 2020
    Customer service is exceptional here at Iron Master. Shipping was very fast even in the midst of covid, and the packaging was perfect. I was concerned that the bench pad wouldnt be wide enough compared to my old bench which was 12 wide, but over the past three weeks of use have found that I actually prefer the 10 wide pad on this bench. Its perfect for both getting in a tight arched position for powerlifting to decrease the distance of the bar path, or laying flat to increase range of motion. Im 6 1 and 220 and the width allows me to get tight and give my shoulders the room to move. I only wish the standard pad was made of the same stickier material as the optional pad, but its still very good. Ill also add that the pad firmness is perfect! Nice and dense for heavier lifts, and you can tell it will hold up to years of use. Great job Iron Master! This is an excellent product I highly recommend and wouldnt hesitate to purchase again!
    Verified Buyer
    Super Bench PROReview
    Michael (Spring, TX) | April 13th, 2020
    Fantastic bench. Love the unique design that allows you to decline/incline...while not having a 'gap' in the middle of the bench. The gap on previous benches, when flat, caused me back issues at times. The height of the bench, when flat, is now perfect. I saw previous complaints on the 'old' bench, that it was too tall. That has been fixed. I use the crunch attachment as well, fits in easy. Easy assemble as well.
    Super Bench PROReview
    Reviewer | October 1st, 2019
    Did a LOT of looking around for a nice bench and ultimately went with the Ironmaster Pro. I am a fabricator and VERY particular about build quality. This bench exceeds all expectations. Well built, very sturdy and stable while being light in weight. Correct height. Simple to use and adjust, smooth action, and pretty to look at. The pad is the right firmness and the right length. I am 5'8", 180 lbs, 31" inseam and I do not find the seat too low or narrow nor do I find the bench pad too narrow. I flat bench 315 for 5 to my chest on it and it feels perfect to me. If you were over 6 feet tall and 250lbs with extremely wide shoulders and flat benching 400 or more, then MAYBE it would be a bit narrow. For the vast majority I think it would be just fine. I bought the situp and dip attachments for it as well and both are very well made also. The situp attachment is a must have, so don't forget it with your order. "BUY IT" is all I can say...you won't regret your purchase.
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