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Why You Should Take Your Workouts Outside This Summer

Summer is a refreshing time and presents itself as a great opportunity for you to branch out from your time lifting weights indoors to other exciting pursuits. Taking your workouts outside not only helps you regain interest and motivation but also opens up a plethora of new possibilities for exercises that were not possible in your gym or home gym. Take some time to explore these possibilities this summer and look forward to reaping the benefits that they may come with.

The Benefits of Outdoor Workouts

Working out in a different setting, particularly in the outdoors, can be a literal breath of fresh air in your otherwise monotonous workout schedule. This will lead to improved mood, motivation, and workout experience. Additionally, taking your routine outside allows for more flexibility in what you do, as new environments lend themselves better to certain movements. For example, you can be far more aggressive with exercises that involve throws on a field than in your home gym. This also opens the possibility of incorporating different types of movement in your routine, considering the expanded space available to you.


Not all outdoor training requires equipment, like running and bodyweight movements. There are still some training tools that are easy enough to move outdoors and make things a lot more interesting. Some things are simply too big. Maybe not a large cage, but some things are perfect like dumbbells, benches, barbells, kettlebells, sleds, etc. An adjustable kettlebell or adjustable dumbbells are ideal if you are planning to take them on the road to a new location.

Take your Normal Routine Outside

If you aren’t looking to venture too far from your comfort zone, it’s possible to take much of what you do in the weight room outside. Dumbbells and Kettlebells are great options as mobile workout tools. One huge benefit of Ironmaster Adjustable Dumbbells and Kettlebells is that the weight plates are transferable, meaning you would only need to bring the handles and a selection of weight plates outside with you. Additionally, anything involving medicine balls, isolated plates, resistance bands, and body weight are more than possible to be performed outdoors.

Location, Location, Location

Where you go in the outdoors to work out matters, different environments have unique aspects that can add new spins to your time spent there. Here are a few examples of areas that may be worth checking out:


A field can be a great location for workouts that require lots of space while still being a relatively simple terrain. If you want to emulate what you would normally do in the gym with whatever equipment you may have brought, that remains a viable option. If you want to completely ditch your normal lifting routine and use the space for movement-intensive work, that is also more than possible. Turf fields, in particular, tend to be great for workouts that involve sleds or plate pushing because of the consistent terrain.


Parks, unlike fields, tend to contain structures that open numerous possibilities for creative workouts that wouldn’t necessarily be possible elsewhere. Here, versatile and unique equipment can lead to varied exercises like pull-ups on monkey bars or dips on the playset. Have fun imagining up new exercises and finding spaces to perform old standbys.


If you’ve been looking for an excuse to hit the beach this summer, try a workout in the sand at your favorite spot. Sand creates an unstable environment that works the lower body in a unique fashion, something that is largely inaccessible outside of a beach environment. This phenomenon lessens the need for you to utilize high weight or excessive reps as it naturally makes exercises more difficult.


Choosing to exercise on a trail ushers in significant change in what becomes possible in your workouts. Although this location doesn’t lend itself well to weight training (except for the potential to use a weighted vest), elevation gains and declines along with varied terrain allow for a unique movement experience. Additionally, if you are someone who appreciates peace and quiet, a trail might be exactly what you’re looking for to hit your cardio goals in a relaxing manner.


Streets are large spaces that are perfect for workouts that consider distance. With the weather as nice as it is this summer, there’s no excuse to not go for a run or bike ride.

Your Front or Backyard

Arguably the best option of all these locations, right outside your home is an excellent space to be able to utilize all of your home gym equipment while still enjoying the summer weather. Show off your fitness dedication to the neighborhood and do some training right out front or use your backyard as a great place where you can set up some gear and leave it out for the season.


One huge perk of working out outside is the elimination of machines from your cardio or warmup repertoire. Instead of using a treadmill or stationary bike, enjoy being able to run, cycle, jump rope, sand run, hill run, HIIT run, or anything else you can imagine with the space afforded to you. The warmer environment will literally help you warm up quicker as well.

Wear Proper Attire, Use Proper Equipment

In the heat of the summer, make sure to wear lightweight and breathable fabric to keep your body as cool as possible. When running on trails, the street, or even on sand, make sure to wear supportive footwear to prevent injury.

Avoid Heat Exhaustion

With summer being as hot as it is, it is important to not overwork yourself in the heat of the outdoors. You should know the signs of heat exhaustion and how to treat it and understand that exercise in a hot environment is a double-edged sword that burns more calories and fat but also cuts down how long you can work out. Having a workout plan helps prevent spending excessive time in the heat. Hydrate throughout the day more than you think you need to and don’t hesitate to scale that hydration up with increased heat. On a similar note, don’t forget to bring a water bottle on runs, bike rides, and all other workouts where you might not have easy access to hydration at all times.

If you follow the proper precautions, an outdoor workout can be an invigorating experience that is best tried in the summer when the weather is in peak quality. Whether you try sprints on the beach or even just your daily workout in your backyard, you are sure to find value and interest in taking your exercises outside.


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