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Meet your New Year’s Resolution Goals with a Home Gym

Every January, many people make the noble commitment to themselves to start a healthier lifestyle and workout for the new year. While this New Year’s resolution is a great step towards a healthy lifestyle, it can get difficult to keep up with after a few weeks or months. Making it to the crowded gym on a consistent basis can be difficult, especially when life gets busy.Making it to the gym is a crucial step in keeping your New Year’s resolution is one of the biggest reasons people fall off their workout wagon.

So, how can you get past this barrier and make the upcoming year a success in building a better you? One way is to bring the gym to you by setting up a home gym in the comfort of your own home. There is no crowd, no drive time, no wait time and all of the equipment can be chosen to suit your workout needs and preferences.

Choose a Space for your Home Gym:

In planning a home gym, picking the right space for a workout environment is important. An entire room is ideal, but a corner of your basement or garage works as well. The most important aspect of the space you chose is size - as it will need to accommodate your equipment in all dimensions and yourself and your movements.

After you chose your space, you can prepare the area by putting down a rubberized floor, putting up mirrors to check your form and having some sort of audio system to play music during your workouts. It can also be helpful to paint the walls a solid color and add posters with workouts and anything that might help motivate you.

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Chose your Workout Equipment for your Home Gym:

Choosing the right equipment for your home gym comes down to your fitness goals. If building muscle is your goal, a good, adjustable weight bench paired with a quality weight set and weight bar is a great place to start. If slimming down is your New Year’s resolution, adding a kettlebell workout to your routine can give you the benefits of both strength training and the fat-burning cardio you are looking for. For a home gym setup beneficial to your whole-body, consider adding a half-cage to your setup and adding attachments to build a setup great for a variety of workouts. If space is a major issue, a set of adjustable dumbbells can be incredibly effective in achieving results while being extremely space efficient.

In choosing which setup to purchase for your home gym, consider the scalability of the pieces you buy. Can you add other pieces or components in the future as your fitness goals change? Also consider the versatility of what you buy. Unlike a gym, you are limited on space, so the more variety you can get out of your equipment, the better. Lastly, consider the quality of materials and design. Your home gym should be durable, dependable and safe for years to come.

Finding a Workout Routine and Sticking To It:

Over and over again you hear the biggest mistake made by someone getting into a workout routine for their first time is biting off more than they can chew. Be sure when looking for the right routine for yourself you recognize a few things such as your own personal goals, your current fitness level, and what it will take you to achieve your ideal self. For a beginner who is looking to build muscle be sure to stick to the basics and keeping a fairly light but consistent workout routine. Beginners also need to give their muscle plenty of time to rest and should consider lifting no more than 3 times per week.

If you need a help in choosing some workouts fit for a home gym, consider our collection of workouts to help you get started.

Creating your own home gym can not only help you achieve your New Year’s resolution goal, it can help you achieve a whole new and healthier lifestyle.To make your home gym safe and space efficient, Ironmaster offers durable and adjustable weight equipment perfect for any home gym setup. Our weight lifting packages make it easy to get started with the right weight training equipment at a great price that will actually save you money in the long run when compared to the long-term price of a gym membership.


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