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Quick-Lock Adjustable Kettlebell

Quick-Lock Adjustable Kettlebell

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Ironmaster Quick-Lock Adjustable Kettlebell
Kettlebells are a great tool for sports training, fitness and strength and give you some capabilities not possible with barbells or dumbbells or machines. Just like with our adjustable dumbbells, this adjustable kettlebell saves you lots of space and money to have only one KB rather than a bunch of different sizes.

The QLKB handle weighs 22.5 lbs empty and will accept the Quick-Lock Dumbbell weight plates and uses the same locking screws. This makes it a great accessory to expand the capabilities of our adjustable dumbbells. The standard locking screws will allow building up to 57.5 lb KB weight and with the Add on Kit locking screws you can go up to 80 lbs KB weight. As you can see this is a serious training tool at these kind of weight capacities. It locks up absolutely tight and is safe to swing around agressively. The handle is big enough for two handed use but shaped well for single hand. The handle is made of formed steel specially casted into the base for extra strength. The locking threads are machined steel - the same as on the QLDB handles so everything is heavy duty. The shape and ergonomics designed into this KB are the result of extensive R&D. The locking screw will not interfere with your grip. The QLKB is sold as a single handle.
We also offer extra weight plates and locking screw kits for those who do not already have the Ironmaster dumbbells or who just need more weight.
QLKB empty handle weight:  22.5 lbs
Weight range using QLDB standard locking screws:  22.5 - 57.5 lbs.
Weight range using the QLDB Add on Kit locking screws:  57.5-80 lbs.
Adjustable in 2.5 lb increments.
Grip diameter:  1.375"

Dimensions: 8.75" wide x 7.75" tall for the empty handle. 11.5" tall at 57.5 lbs, 13.75" tall at 80 lbs.

Limited lifetime warranty.

Quick-Lock Kettlebell Instruction Manual

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5 of 5 stars So Easy To Use

This is really a great product. We bought these for our gym and having the adjustable capabilities allows us to save space and money in the end (we use to have a bunch of different kettlebells). Shipping was quick too. I would definitely recommend.

By: Mike Greenwell August 21,2015