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Add on Kit to 120 lbs for Quick-Lock Dumbbells

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    Purchase Add on Kit to 120 lbs for Quick-Lock Dumbbells
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    Add on Kit to 120 lbs for Quick-Lock Dumbbells


    ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 4.91/5 Stars. (44 Reviews)

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    The Quick-Lock Dumbbell Add on Kit is made to bring your workouts up to several notches higher by adding 45 lbs to each dumbbell to bring them up to 120 lbs each. Includes four longer locking screws and four 22.5 lb weight plates. This is not the full set of dumbbells – only an add on kit. The image on the stand with a full set is for illustration purposes only.
    Available on backorder. Product will be ready to ship approximately early June. MORE INFO


    Quick-Lock Dumbbell - 120 lb Add on Kit includes the following:

    • 4 each 22.5 lb plates
    • 4 each long locking screws

    Promotes Progression

    Hardcore weightlifters, be prepared to meet your match! If you want to push your arm strength to its limit, take that leap of weight from 75lbs all the way to 120lbs on each dumbbell by adding 22.5 lb compact plates on each side of the handle.

    1. 60% increase. This add-on kit increases your load by a whopping 60 percent.
    2. Adjustability. You don't have to go up to 120lbs right away; you can mix and match your add-on plates with the original weights according to your capacity for gradual progress and so as not to shock your system.
    3. Compact design. Our dumbbells and add-on plates pack weight, not bulk. They do not limit your range of motion so you can get the most out of your workout.

    Safe, Speedy and User-Friendly

    Adjusting the weights on our dumbbells is easy and completely fool-proof. All our weight plates-including the ones in this add-on kit- won't fall off once you have locked them in place with the locking screws. Experience safety, comfort and convenience even as you challenge your body's breaking point.

    1. Strong and secure screws. The locking screws will not loosen while you are doing your workout with our patented Quick-Lock design.
    2. Quick screw-in and screw-out. Remove the screws with just a quarter to 3/4 turn so you can add or subtract plates and tightly screw them on in under 30 seconds.
    3. Interlocking plates. All our weight plates are hand-machined and designed to interlock so they don't automatically disengage when you take off the screws.
    4. Flat screw heads. The wide and flat surface of the screw heads hold the plates securely in place and won't hurt when you rest the dumbbells on your legs.
    5. Square weight plates. Likewise, our signature square-shaped plates allow you to rest them on your thighs comfortably in preparation for hoisting them up to lift position.

    Contents and Product Inclusions

    This Add-on Kit augments our already-powerful Quick-Lock adjustable dumbbell system with longer locking screws and heavy-duty weight plates that might even outlast your generation. They install quickly and conveniently so you can begin lifting in no time. It comes with:

    1. Four (4) each 22.5 lb weight plates that are precision cast and hand machined
    2. Four (4) each longer locking screws to accommodate load expansion
    3. Lifetime warranty for the original owner, for private use


    You can put the "big" plates on the handles first (recommended) then you add or subtract the smaller plates to make smaller weight changes up and down. Very simple to use and works just like the standard plates and locking screws. The longer locking screws allow dumbbell sizes of 70-120lbs. The standard Quick-Lock dumbbell stand (sold separately or with the 75 lb set) will hold the full 120 lb dumbbells. Even with this serious amount of weight, the dumbbells are still compact. The dumbbells are just 19" long overall at the full 120 lbs.

    The QLDB Stand will hold the pair of 120's and has storage on the lower shelf to hold the kit when not in use.

    There is an option to build this kit with all 5 lb plates (18) instead of the four 22.5 lb plates. If you are interested in ordering this way, please contact our sales office.

    Note: This is only an Add-on Kit. This requires the Ironmaster Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbell Handle Set or Dumbbell Handles from the Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbell 75 lb or 45 lb Sets to attach to. The image of the full set on the stand is for illustration purposes only.

    Quick-Lock Dumbbell Add on Kit Instruction Manual


    ★★★★★ ★★★★★
    4.91/5 Stars out of 44 Reviews
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    Verified Buyer
    Great, Expensive
    Ben (Arizona) | April 18th, 2024
    I think this is an absolutely fantastic product with an fairly ludicrous cost. It's made for life, which is phenomenal given todays corporate obsession with forced obsolescence. The price is exceptionally steep. York Legacy iron plates come in at $55 for a 25lbs plate. Quite the markup here. Luckily my company payed for it, had they not I doubt seriously that I would have made this purchase. Great product though!
    Verified Buyer
    When you need more, this is right
    Sheldon (FL) | April 18th, 2024
    Needed more for the DB bench and inclines. I cannot safely lower 115 lb DBs when my set is done so I drop the weights. No other adjustable DB set can do this with this much weight. Wish they sent free stickers with each order....i like putting stickers all over my rack and stands.
    Verified Buyer
    More weight than I need, which is a good thing!
    Reagan (KY) | March 27th, 2024
    I do use over 100 pounds on a couple lifts, so an expansion was needed to the base set. I also have the heavy handles so 135 lbs for each dumbbell is more than enough if you put everything on at once. Great addition. Very sturdy with the longer quick lock screws.
    More weight
    John (Texas) | January 15th, 2024
    Great upgrade, the single heavy weight makes loading heavier dumbbells easier. Does what it's supposed to, not much else to say.
    Verified Buyer
    Great Upgrade
    Kevin (NH) | September 20th, 2023
    Seamless upgrade to a great product.
    Verified Buyer
    Versatile add on
    Ian (San Francisco, CA) | March 7th, 2023
    Adds a ton of versatility to the already amazing base adjustable dumbell set. Now I can do heavy rows and quickly adjust the weight for presses.
    Verified Buyer
    The best
    Zac (PA) | March 6th, 2023
    No need for an entire collection of dumbells after purchasing the add on kit. High quality solid thread engagement. Compact design does not limit range of motion especially at the top of the rep. These will not come apart mid rep and feel solid. I have hit failure and dropped them to the floor with no worries. My only regret was not purchasing the add on years ago as 75lbs dumbells was really limiting my workouts.
    Verified Buyer
    Must have
    James (Wisconsin) | March 2nd, 2023
    These 120 add ons are a must have for a 75lb set. The quality of these dumbbells are the best hands down from all the adjustable out there. The iron master team definitely hit this product out of the park. GAME CHANGER.
    Verified Buyer
    Great addition to the 75lbs dumbbells
    Anthony Giudicelli (Maine) | January 20th, 2023
    If you have the 75lbs dumbbells and are strong enough, getting this add on kit is a no brainer. Having to change out the locking screws depending on how much weight you have on is slightly inconvenient but that is such a small inconvenience to pay for having adjustable dumbbells that look and feel right.
    Verified Buyer
    Great for more weight
    Ryan (Hercules, CA) | January 16th, 2023
    These are great if you want more weight although I'd consider getting the heavy handle kit (15 lbs per DB) instead if you don't need to go higher than 90 lbs per DB because the kit improves the DB balance. Just know that the HH kit makes it so the minimum weight per DB is 20 lbs.

    The main downside is the cost. In addition, the 22.5 lb plates are a little cumbersome to handle. I wish there was an option to receive each plate as two 10-lb plates and one 2.5-lb plates. It'd also make it easier to ramp up the weights from warmup to work sets because if you have less than 22.5 lbs on each side and you need to put the 22.5 lb plates on, you have to remove the smaller plates and then put the 22.5's on (assuming you don't want to add the 22.5's on the outside of the smaller plates).
    Verified Buyer
    great addition for more weight
    jason (california) | December 20th, 2022
    This is a great addition for those wanting more than 75lbs. From incline bench to shoulder shrugs to hanging squats (note holding the dumbbells to the side takes lots of hand strength at heavier weights) Easy to add weights and works with several other bars and the kettle bell. If the 75's aren't enough for what you want to do then get this set or the heavy handle add on weight set or both. You likely wont need anything else dumbbell related ever again.
    Verified Buyer
    A great add on
    John | November 20th, 2022
    It's nice to have the option to lift up to 120 pounds. Also, the 22.5 pound weight plates make it very convenient and save time when I want to do heavier lifts. The pins are longer versions of the standard pins. This is a must have for heavy lifters, or also in preparation for the future if you plan to work yourself up to lifting heavy. I'm very happy I bought this!
    Verified Buyer
    super kit d'ajout
    FRANCOIS (canada) | November 4th, 2022
    Translated: this kit is great for those who are limited in space and not too much of a concern for those who sometimes work in bi-sets or tri-sets because it is still quite quick to change the load without wasting too much time for chain training. Original: il est génial ce kit pour ceux qui sont restreint en espace et pas trop d'inquiétude pour ceux qui travail parfois en bi-sets ou en tri-sets car c'est quand même assez rapide de changer la charge sans trop perdre de temps pour enchainer les entrainements
    Verified Buyer
    Great Addition to My Gym!
    Don K (WA) | October 31st, 2022
    Great addition to my workout! I've just started to go heavier than 75 lbs on a few exercises - actually went up to 95 pounds today doing hanging squats. The add on plates make the dumbells seem even more sturdy. Great having a pair of dumbells that go up to 120 pounds and only take up the space of two dumbells.
    Verified Buyer
    A good expansion to work up to one day
    Andrew (New York) | October 28th, 2022
    120lbs is a bit ambitious of a weight for me, but I plan to slowly work my way up to it! At the very least, I'll be able to enjoy loading up the weights a little bit more easily with the 22.5 lb plates, as opposed to stacking the little 5 lb ones. I was a bit concerned prior to purchase, as my set of dumbbells is a bit older, but I'm pleased to report that the expansion kit ended up working perfectly.
    Exactly as advertised
    Marc Brunton (California) | October 12th, 2022
    Excellent product, functions exactly as advertised, enjoyable to use. Only negative is the cost, it's expensive
    Exactly What it is
    John (IL) | September 22nd, 2022
    You get exactly what the description says. Four (4) 22.5lbs plates and four (4) extended loading pins. My items showed up in no time and it was all packaged well. I got exactly what I paid for.
    Verified Buyer
    More Dumbbell Weight Than Gyms Near Me
    Alex (Illinois) | July 24th, 2022
    The original 75 pounds per dumbbell got the job done, but I always knew I would get the expansion kit when it was more available. It makes loading weight for 55 pounds and above so much easier. Putting on the big 22.5 pound weights saves time and it's quicker to go up from there. Going between 75-120 pounds for presses, RDLs, etc., opens more progression and feels sturdy when using the heavier weights. Most gyms near me only have dumbbells up to 100 pounds so being able to go above that is so convention. Will definitely have to get the 165 expansion kit one day.
    Verified Buyer
    Add on lot to 120#
    Ron (Colorado) | July 22nd, 2022
    This kit is Great! Easy to use and I have more weight to play with,
    Verified Buyer
    Makes life easier
    Romeo (Las Vegas, NV) | July 15th, 2022
    The 22.5lb plates make loading up the kettlebells so much easier. Also love doing farmer carries with the dumbbells and heavy handle kit with these. Quality product as always. Thanks.
    Verified Buyer
    Quality materials
    Kevin | July 11th, 2022
    These weights match up to each other very well and are well made. I can definitely foresee these screws and weights lasting a long time
    Verified Buyer
    Excellent quality as expected
    Anthony (Ventura County CA) | July 11th, 2022
    Like all Ironmaster products, these deliver on high quality.
    My dumbells now are heavy enough for everything I can handle, no complaints!
    Verified Buyer
    Moar Powah
    Daniel (CO) | July 11th, 2022
    Yup, these do the thing. Pretty awesome being able to have 120lb DBs to grow into while so many other adjustable DB companies cap you around 90lbs. They're also super secure and have 0 rattle while you move them.
    Verified Buyer
    Not just for Dumbbells
    Kurt (WI) | June 14th, 2022
    The Quick-lock family of products is really well thought out and a great space and money saver. These are high quality products and I never worry about dropping them too hard. The add on kit increased the dumbbell weight to as much as I will ever need. But it also increased the kettlebell weight (due to the longer locking screws). Great overall system.
    Verified Buyer
    120lbs add on kit
    Martin S. (CA) | June 10th, 2022
    Excellent quality and fast shipping. Thank you.
    Add on Kit to 120 LBS For Quick- Lock Dummbells
    Jairo (MA) | March 10th, 2022
    I Absolutely love the Add on kit for my Ironmaster Dummbell set. I now have the ability to go from a set of 5 lbs-120 lbs set of dummbells. So simple and so much space saving for my basement gym. Highly recommend for those that need extra weight to add to their training regime.
    Quality product
    Brad Lindstrom (WYOMING) | March 2nd, 2022
    Quality product, although prices have gotten out of control. These are without a doubt the best adjustable dumbbells on the market today. I wish they were made here, but you can’t have everything I guess. The powder coat holds up well. The guys at Ironmaster were even able to accommodate my request to have 5# plates shipped instead of the 22.5# bricks. Good company, quality product. I did have to enter 4 or 5 lotteries, but it finally happened! So be patient.
    Hit the Lottery...
    Rick (York County, PA) | March 2nd, 2022
    After entering several Ironmaster Lotteries, I finally hit the jackpot. The 120 pound add-on kit completes my home gym. This is a great product, and now it's now super easy to get between 75 and 120 pounds for some heavier benching or some Kroc Rows. They feel great, and they are durable. I've dropped mine a few times after a set (onto a rubber mat), and they are rock solid. The best part is being able to have what amounts to a full set of dumbbells in a compact space. Changing weight is still very easy. But I have two sets of handles for even quicker drop sets... which is really nice. This is a must have.
    Verified Buyer
    Check your ego
    Kent (MO) | October 2nd, 2021
    This is probably the max most men will ever need! Like the 75 sets, these have a high build quality and are very durable and accurate. Perfectly made to allow you to add more weight with less hassle or stripping down to just the handles. If you plan to get strong these are a nice addition.
    Verified Buyer
    Perfect addition
    William (Ca) | July 8th, 2021
    Perfect addition to the 75 pound dumbbell pair. If you’re going to be doing benchpress this is an awesome option to have. I don’t believe that I’ll need to go higher in weight but if you do they have 165 pound ad on kit to which is pretty amazing. I love my extension kit and use it on my leg developer which hooks on to my super bench perfect for fast change outs while doing leg extensions and leg curls. Love the products and absolutely recommend them to anyone wanting to build a gym.
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    Add on Kit to 120 lbs for Quick-Lock Dumbbells
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