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QUICK-LOCK DUMBBELL LOTTERY IS LIVE. Sign-up is open through Sunday 1/23.
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Lottery Information

Quick-Lock Dumbbells

The January Winter Lottery is now open!

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Lottery Process

Due to a continued very high demand and limited supply of our Quick-Lock Dumbbells products combined with shopping bots that will crash our site when we restock and make things unfair, we will use a lottery drawing process. (We are not taking pre-orders.) Our other products will continue to be sold on our site as they become available. The drawing process for QLDB’s will be used going forward with each new batch at our discretion until our supply can better match demand. Only one sign up is allowed per customer/household per product on each lottery. Multiple sign up attempts will be filtered and may affect eligibility so please only sign up once per lottery. It is recommended that you sign up for each new lottery if you have not yet been selected. Your odds improve with each new lottery you enter so we encourage you to not give up. We are doing our best to make the product available to those who have patiently signed up over multiple rounds with the selection process.

Only one dumbbell set per customer/household will be allowed. Ironmaster will carefully review all orders to be sure they are only from customers who were invited and to attempt to prevent purchases for resale. Orders that do no not match the sign up information will be cancelled. Ironmaster reserves the right to exclude entries or cancel any orders. No offers may be shared, sold or traded. While it is not possible for us to stop all resellers or attempts to get past the drawing rules in all cases, significant efforts will be made to prevent it.

The global demand, ever increasing costs and continued raw material shortages are challenges we are still taking on every day so we appreciate your patience and understanding. Our lottery process has worked for thousands to get the Quick-Lock Dumbbells in an organized and controlled manner. Thanks for your interest in the Ironmaster Quick-Lock Dumbbells!