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Enhance the functionality of your Ironmaster equipment with our attachments and accessories. Do even more in a limited space. Choose from our attachments that work well with your Super Bench, IM1500 or IM2000, or accessories that promote a safer and more comfortable weight training experience at home.

Whether you're looking for extra storage or ways to get the most performance from your workouts, Quick-Lock Dumbbells and IM1500/IM2000 weight lifting systems, we have got you covered.

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IM2000 Attachments and Accessories

Our flagship machine has many compatible accessories that allow you to perform a range of exercises to complement your workout.

From top to bottom, the IM2000 is fully customizable with these easy-to-install attachments:

  • Dip Handles for IM2000
  • Bar Hooks for IM2000
  • Spotting arms for IM2000
  • Band Pegs Attachment for IM2000
  • Landmine Attachment for IM2000/IM1500
  • Ultimate Chin Up Attachment IM2000
  • Olympic Sleeve Adapter Set
  • Dockable Curl Support
  • Cable Curl Bar
  • Single Pulley Handle
  • Low Row Bar
  • Low Row Foot Plate

Our Ultimate Chin-up Attachment easily connects to the top of the IM2000 giving you even more capability. Recommended for spaces with at least eight-foot-high ceilings for ample headroom, this attachment comes with two multi-grip handles which are fully adjustable in width. Each grip has four different styles so you can do your chin-ups or pull-ups comfortably. Choose from wide grip angled, wide grip straight bar, close grip, neutral grip, close easy grip, and so on. You can also use it to perform hip flexor and abdominal exercises.

Mid-cage, our Bar Hooks and Spotting Arms both interlock onto the slide rails so you can confirm your strength gains with a free bar. You can put them anywhere up or down the slide rails and use a barbell on the cage to do your presses. Our revised design allows for quick installation and has two rack points that make attaching and removing a breeze.

The Low Row Foot Plate and Band Peg Attachment connect to the base of the IM2000 to enhance your rowing and barbell workouts. Our foot plate gives your feet a larger area for greater support and comfort, and allows for a deeper range of motion. The band pegs are for securing bands to give your bar a different kind of resistance when you lift.

We also have a heavy duty Triceps Rope that will help you isolate and blast your triceps during your workout.

Note: Some of these attachments are also compatible with the IM2000’s predecessors, such as the IM950, IM1000 and IM1500, as well as other machines. Please contact us to confirm compatibility on older units.

Super Bench Attachments and Accessories

Renowned for their superior versatility, our Ironmaster Super Bench and Super Bench PRO feature 11 lockout angles and a modular design. Complimenting our benches are many attachments and accessories designed to boost your bench workouts:

  • Dumbbell/Barbell Spotting Stand Combo
  • Dockable Curl Support (with cable tower attachment)
  • Cable Curl Bar (with cable tower attachment)
  • Single Pulley Handle (with cable tower attachment)
  • Wheel Kit for Super Beach

Perfect for training alone, our Dumbbell/Barbell Spotting Stand Combo will enhance your safety during your bench presses. Whether you’re using dumbbells or a barbell, you can count on our Spotting Stand to assist you when you are pushing hard and heavy.

Our Dockable Curl Support, Cable Curl Bar and Single Pulley Handle are all compatible with the Cable Tower Attachment. Made from heavy duty materials, all these attachments will last through years of curls and other arm-and-shoulder exercises.

Moving your Super Bench with ease is guaranteed by our Wheel Kit. Essentially a replacement foot tube for one of the bench ends, our Wheel Kit has two durable wheels that facilitate a fast and smooth transport of your bench.

Note: Not all of these attachments may be compatible with the Super Bench PRO. Only the accessories with PRO on their name are suited for the Super Bench PRO. Feel free to contact us to confirm compatibility.

Quick-Lock Accessories

Our collection of accessories also include the home gym crowd favorite - the Quick-Lock line:

  • EZ Curl Bar for Quick-Lock Dumbbell Plates
  • Straight Bar for Quick-Lock Dumbbell Plates
  • Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbell Handle Set
  • Quick-Lock Locking Screw - Standard Length
  • Quick-Lock Dumbbell Locking Screw - Add
  • Fat Grip Adapter Set

Our Straight Bar and EZ Curl Bar allow you to maximise your Quick-Lock Dumbbell Plates while adding variety to your biceps and triceps workout. Their solid chrome plated steel construction guarantee your long-term use and the knurled handles enhance your grip. Both bars come with quick spinning collars that hold the plates in place. You never have to deal with rattling or loosening weights with these!

Meanwhile, our Locking Screws boost the efficiency of your workouts by letting you customize your load in a matter of seconds. Our Standard Length Screw holds one 2.5lb and six 5lb weight plates. The longer Add-on Length Screw--the same one included in the 120lb Add on Kit--will help you get to the maximum weight of 80lbs for the Kettlebell. Both the Add-on and Standard Length Locking Screws can be used on our Quick-Lock Dumbbell and Kettlebells.

Our Fat Grip Adapter Set is perfect for trainers looking for an extra challenge in their dumbbell workouts. These larger diameter grips will work your forearms like never before and improve your grip.

Organizers and Storage

An organized home gym complete with storage apparatus is essential to safe workouts. We make it easy for you to organize and store your workout gear and accessories with our:

  • Tree Organizer
  • Wall Organizer
  • 4 Tier Dumbbell Rack for Ironmaster Fixed Weight Rubber Dumbbells
  • 3 Tier Dumbbell Rack for Ironmaster Fixed Weight Rubber Dumbbells
  • Stand for Quick-Lock Dumbbells (stand only)

Our Tree and Wall Organizers hold several Ironmaster attachments in many different ways, while our Dumbbell Racks and Stands take off your dumbbells from the floor, saving you gym space and preventing injuries. They also help you to arrange your set of fixed weights properly, saving you time in your next workout and adding to the orderly and tidy look of your gym. All our organizers and storage products are made from heavy-duty materials with massive load ratings.

Equipment Padding for Extra Durability and Safety

Prolong the life of your equipment while enhancing your comfort and safety with our:

  • Roller Cover Set – Crunch Situp (set of 4)
  • Roller Cover Set – Leg Attachment (set of 6)
  • Roller Cover Set for the Hypercore or Cable Tower (set of 2)
  • Bar pad
  • Calf Block
  • Silicone Spray Lubricant

Our Roller Cover Sets feature heavy duty vinyl covers that will not only keep you comfortable during your workouts but will also stretch the life of the pads on your IM attachments. Using our Bar Pad will boost your comfort and safety during workouts that require you to place the barbell on your neck. For those with shorter legs, our Calf Block will also serve as a raised platform that provides additional stability during flat bench presses. Lastly, our Silicone Spray Lubricant will help maintain the smooth operation of your machines for many years to come.

Show Your Ironmaster Pride

Owning and using some of the world’s best gym equipment is nothing to be ashamed of. Stick our Ironmaster Logo Emblem on any equipment and hang our Banner anywhere on your gym to show the world your commitment to pumping iron and staying strong. These accessories can also help you stay pumped up during your workout, especially when you’re hustling all by yourself at home.