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IM2000 Self Spotting Machine

$1,229.00 $1,350.00
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The Ironmaster IM2000 self spotting weight lifting system 

Ironmaster has built these patented machines for over 30 years and they are widely known as the best home gym system in the world. This new version incorporates the Super Bench and a few new cool features. You can do any weight lifting exercise known, with total safety and using less room. Better than any Smith Machine, the Ironmaster system is smoother and has many more lockout points so you will never get stuck . This machine design has been refined over many years to be the ultimate free weight home gym system.


Base model includes the following standard equipment: Main frame, lifting bar with Olympic adapters, standard plate holders, lat pull bar, upper and lower pulley/cable system.

Super Bench and attachments sold separately or in packages.

Dimensions are 48" wide x 48" deep, x 84.5" high. We recommend about 7 feet wide x 5-6 feet deep for use and minimum of 87" ceiling height. This unit is very space efficient!

The lifting bar is 73" Wide and weighs 36 lbs with the included Olympic Sleeve Adapters and 32 lbs without them.

Weight Capacity for the lifting bar is 1000 lbs and the cable system is rated for 350 lbs. Shipping takes about 2 weeks and is normally sent via truck freight for the lower 48 US states. Please inquire about other destinations.

Note: This is the base model only. Weights and attachments sold separately.

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5 of 5 stars Awesome, full-range machine in a small package.

I had mine customized to fit my shorter basement ceilings (had a couple inches taken off at the factory) and it has met my needs well. I have been working out for years and wanted to add a leg press and smith machine element to my home gym. My space is limited and the Ironmaster 2000 met my specs, particularly that it is multifunctional and can handle serious weight. It and the bench are solid, quality products that have met my needs at 500+ for leg presses and 400+ for squats...

By: Heath Carlton November 04,2015