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Instructions & Downloads


View or download an electronic copy of our equipment instructions here.


Quick Lock Dumbbell Instructions

Quick-Lock Dumbbell 120 lb Add on Kit Instructions

Quick-Lock Kettlebell Instructions

Quick-Lock Dumbbell Stand Instructions

Super Bench Instructions

Crunch Situp Attachment for SB Instructions

Dip Handle Attachment for SB Instructions

Chin Up Attachment for SB Instructions

Preacher Curl Attachment for SB Instructions

Leg Attachment for SB Instructions

Hypercore Attachment for SB Instructions

Cable Tower V2 (current version) for SB Instructions

Dumbbell Spotting Stand Instructions

Barbell Attachment for Spotting Stand Instructions

IM1500 Half Cage Instructions

IM2000 Self Spotting Machine Instructions

Pec Dec for IM2000 Instructions

Legpress Plate for IM2000 Instructions

Organizer (tree) Assembly Instructions

Fat Grip Adapter for QLDB Instructions

Ultimate Chin Up Attachment for IM2000 Instructions

Wheel Kit for SB Instructions

Discontinued/Old Style Instructions

IM950 and IM1000 Assembly and Use Instructions

IM500 Assembly and Use Instructions

IM700Assembly and Use Instructions

IM500/950/1000 Low Pulley System Assembly and Use Instructions

Pec Dec Assembly and Use Instructions for IM950 and IM1000

Cable Tower V1 Assembly Instructions

Low Pulley System Retrofit Kit Instructions

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Dumbbell Exercise Poster

Dumbbell Exercise Poster - High Res 11x17

IM2000 Exercise Poster

Muscle & Fitness Super Bench Article. Photo credit Michael Darter.

Muscle & Fitness Quick-Lock Dumbbell Article

MMA Fitness Magazine Home Training Article