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IM2000 FAQs

Q: How is the Ironmaster machine different from a typical Smith machine?
A: Smith machines lock out backwards - Ironmaster locks out forwards in a much quicker and natural movement. The sliding system is super smooth with virtually no noise. The lockout points are only 1.7" apart so you can never get stuck. The size of the machine is more compact and the number of exercises you can do are much greater.

Q: How smooth is the Ironmaster lifting bar?
A: The Ironmaster has virtually no drag! The Ironmaster eliminates impure resistance forces, such pinch rollers, cables and linear bearings. The patented sliding system uses special bushings that slide very quietly and smoothly and will not bind up.

Q: How much room do I need for the IM2000?
A: The IM2000 is very space efficient for being a full size machine. It has a footprint of only 48" x 48". It is 84.5" high. The lifting bar is 73" wide so we recommend a floor space of about 7' wide x 5' deep.

Q: Does the Ironmaster come with weights?
A: No. Weights are sold separately so you can buy just what you need. Most customers buy weights locally to use on their Ironmaster machines. This saves shipping costs and any brand of weights will fit, Olympic or Standard style.

Q: Why does the Ironmaster cost more than other home machines advertised in various magazines and store?
A: The Ironmaster is made out of heavier material, has a higher quality finish, has a better self-spotting system and uses more expensive and advanced technology. To build a guided barbell system that works well, close tolerances must be held and the right materials used for the sliding system. Those other machines just don’t meet the criteria. They have excessive drag and have a tendency to bind. Our machines work as advertised and the others don’t. Another very important feature is that all Ironmaster units include the integrated multi-function bench. Not only is this a huge value but our bench will go into any position and is specifically designed to work with the machine.

Q: How long has Ironmaster been in business?
A: We have been building the very best weight lifting equipment for over 25 years. We have continued to advance our designs over the years with innovative engineering to offer the best equipment money can buy. Our customer service is first rate and you will be personally supported. This is one reason why over 1/3 of our sales come from customer referrals!

Q: Are Ironmaster products sold in stores? Do you offer a guarantee?
A: We have a few qualified dealers in certain parts of the country; however, Ironmaster primarily sells direct to the consumer. Because many customers can’t try our equipment before they buy, we offer a risk-free, 30-day, trial period to prove our confidence in your satisfaction. In the unlikely event you chose to return your equipment, we will refund 100% of the purchase including all shipping costs. No other fitness equipment company offers this guarantee.

Q: What do Ironmaster customers have to say about the self spotting machines over the years?
A: "I'm glad I chose Ironmaster to outfit my home gym! The combination of the IM2000, Super Bench and Quick-Lock Dumbell Set doesn’t even take up HALF of my spare bedroom, yet this equipment enables me to perform practically unlimited exercises. The attachments and the add-on sets are ingenious, with the same durability, quality, and ease-of-use of the base equipment, without taking up anymore space. Thanks to its durablilty and design, this is equipment that I will never outgrow!" - M. Kohout, Washington

“As for the operation of the Ironmaster, well, what can I say? It’s excellent! The ultimate free weight machine. I look forward to many years of satisfied use. Thanks much.” - E. Stewart, New Jersey

“I’ve only had my Ironmaster IM700P for a short time and already I’m hooked. This machine is perfect for those people who train alone. I’ve had other machines in the past, most notably SOLOFLEX, but not can compare performance-wise. A truly unique high quality machine.” - J. Gerle, New York

“I want to thank you and praise your product and service. Everything is excellent. The directions for assembly were also very clear. I’ll tell my friends.” - L. Puleo, New York

“Smart design, safe, effective, nice feel. Easy to assemble. Talk to you guys on the phone and you’re great to deal with. Can’t get anything like it up here in Canada. Thanks.” - T. Boechler, Canada

“Very good machine and excellent service. Highly recommended!” - T. Pasternak, Ohio

“It truly is a work of art. It’s everything you say and more. I would recommend this machine to anyone. I was thinking about professional bodybuilding, now I have a chance.” - D. Hillyer, New York

“Excellent piece of equipment. I’m already making gains in poundages that I wasn’t close to because of no spotting. I work out at home by myself. Your machine is the ultimate! Thanks.” - T. Mawer, New Jersey

“Very pleased with the quality of the equipment, packaging, assembly instructions and materials. Now comes the test of time and usage, appears you have a very good product, you should consider advertising more. Superior equipment to what’s on the market.” - J. Devore, California

“If your serious about bodybuilding, think iron. And if you want to complete home-training unit that will give you a lifetime or iron clad workouts, get Ironmaster. It’s a sound investment in your home training future.” - S. Holman, Ironman Magazine

“I’m really enjoying my Ironmaster IM400. I can honestly say that you guys make the best home gyms available on this earth. I’m starting to make outstanding gains since I got your machine because I can lift enormous poundages with total safety, and go to complete failure without the need of a training partner. The design of your machine is first class, it looks like something from the future. Once again I would like to thank you for the Ironmaster. It was worth every penny.” - J. Allin, Washington

“Great piece of equipment, I think it’s the best on the market.” - S. King, Colorado

“I received my Ironmaster in fine shape. Your instructions are easy to follow and my wife and I had the work of art put together in no time. Looking forward to many years of hard workouts. Thank for a great workout machine!” - R. Case, Alabama

“The machine is absolutely incredible. I can work my muscles till they feel like they are going to explode! I have never been so fired up about any weight machine in my life until now. Thank you very much.” - K. Thomas, Ohio

“We love it! We couldn’t have purchased a better machine!” - J. Egbert, Illinois

“Excellent piece of equipment! Very smooth. Assembly was easier than can be imagined, great design. Each exercise works each muscle perfectly. Couldn’t be happier.” - M. Mason, California

“I was really pleased to see how Heavy Duty the Ironmaster IM1000 was. I’m sure I will enjoy it for many years.” - D. Means, Kentucky

“An excellent piece of equipment. Much better than any other equipment I looked at.” - M. Sestak, Massachusetts

“The Ironmaster is the best investment I have ever made. Thank you.” - G. Alvarino, California

“The machine is great, I love it! I wish I had one years ago. The overall quality and finish of the machine is top rate.” - B. Johnson, Canada

“Perfect machine for a woman. I am 5’3” and weigh 130 lbs. and I assembled it myself.” - C. Hayes, Michigan

It’s great—It is sturdy, dependable and safe!” - H. Hojnicki, Idaho

“You have developed an excellent machine, even better than I had hoped for.” - D. Mayhugh, Colorado

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