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Heavy Handle Plate Kit

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    SKU: 1201
    Heavy Handle Plate Kit


    ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 4.93/5 Stars. (15 Reviews)
    Sold Out: Due to the global shipping crisis causing major delays and constant rescheduling of our incoming stock, we are not certain of the next stock arrival and dates keep changing. Best estimate end of September. They will not be in the lottery and just listed when we get the stock.
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    Heavy Handle Plate Kit for the Quick-Lock Dumbbell Handles – Limit of one unit per customer/order due to limited supply. We are reviewing orders of this item to help stop resellers and help as many customers get one that need one. If we determine multiples have been or are being purchased, orders will be cancelled.

    This kit has been developed to increase the weight range of our adjustable dumbbells. 2 piece plates fit on the inside of the handles against the backing plates. Still enough room for handgrip and is perfectly balanced. Most people rarely use less than 20 lb dumbbells so having a higher weight range that starts at 20 lbs is ideal. Now your 5-75 lb dumbbells can become 20-90 lbs!  Or a 5-45 lbs set can become 20-60 lbs. Or you can even use this to add even more weight to dumbbells and the add on kit. 5-120 lb set can become 20-135! See below for pics and more details.


    Heavy Handle Plate Kit features:
    • New innovative design to add more weight to the Quick-Lock Dumbbells.
    • Kit comes with four 7.5 lb add on plates and hardware.
    • This kit adds 15 lbs to each Quick-Lock Dumbbell handle. Works with all our dumbbell weight sizes.
    • Increases empty handle weight from 5 lbs to 20 lbs to give a new range of weight.
    • Does not add any extra size to the dumbbell, only more weight.
    • Solid cast iron powder coated construction with precision machining.
    • Note: Fat grip adapters will not fit with this kit in use. Inside grip space with the HH plates installed is about 5.18"

    Expands Load Capacity, Not the Size

    Designed to expand the capacity of your QLDB, these four additional handle plates bolt on the inside of the dumbbells against the backing plates, adding 15lbs to each dumbbell.

    1. Two pieces of 7.5lb-plates fit around the handles on the inside of each dumbbell, resulting in a total of 20lbs starting weight.
    2. Adds 15lbs to each Quick-Lock adjustable dumbbell making your 5-45 lb dumbbell set weigh 20-60 lbs. The 5-75 lb set becomes 20-90 lbs and your 5-120 lbs is amplified to 20-135 lbs.
    3. The new weight range this creates can be perfectly suited for many Ironmaster trainers who rarely go below 20 lbs anyway.
    4. Since these plates are placed on the inside of the dumbbell handles, your dumbbell will not increase in size, only the weight.

    Spacious and Improves Weight Balance

    Despite adding these heavy plates between the two backing plates on your dumbbell handle, there's still enough space on the handle for you to grip comfortably. You can also expect a better weight balance because these plates are placed closer to the dumbbell's center of gravity.

    1. Leaves a 5-inch grip space for holding the dumbbell.
    2. Better weight balance is established as the center becomes heavier.

    Safe, Secure and Well-Crafted

    The heavy handle plates stay in place by means of strong large screws that hold them together around the handles. Manufactured from powder-coated and precision-machined cast iron, you can be sure these plates will last a lifetime.

    1. The plates will not move or get dislodged once they are securely attached to the handles.
    2. The two halves of the plates are securely clamped and tightened around the handles using the two heavy-duty machine bolts and will never move.
    3. The plates are precision-machined from solid cast iron with black powder coating finish.


    The 2 piece plates fit on the insides of the dumbbell handles like this. 20 lbs as pictured.

    *The two halves clamp down on the round handle very securely and will not twist or move

    once the two large machine bolts are tightened.*

    5-45 lb dumbbell becomes 20-60 lbs as pictured.

    5-75 lb dumbbell becomes 20-90 lbs as pictured.

    5-120 lb dumbbell becomes 20-135 lbs as pictured.

    Still plenty of grip room with more than 5" space. In fact, the dumbbells become better balanced with the weight closer to the center!

    Note: Fat Grip Adapters won't fit around the handle once the Heavy Handle Plates are attached.


    ★★★★★ ★★★★★
    4.93/5 Stars out of 15 Reviews
    Verified Buyer
    Love the weight closer
    Jason M. (Palestine TX) | July 8th, 2021
    I bought these when they were first released because I loved the idea of the weight being closer to my hand. Two or three years later I see someone comment about combining both sets on one handle. I may hve to try this out on one dumbbell to see if it works for my hand. If so I may order again. Just the one set feels a lot more comfortable on the wrist.
    Heavy Handle Plate Kit Review
    Mark | June 14th, 2021
    I received these last week but today was the first time using it and used the hell out of it. I've been an owner of the ironmaster DBs for almost 8 years now. With this heavy handle kit they feel like brand new DBs. Like every review says they make the weight far more centered and balanced. This might now be the most compact DB on the market. Also my fatgripz and iron bull strength grips fit perfectly on it. Another great product by IM and surely does not disappoint. Well worth it!
    Heavy Handle Plate Kit Review
    David | June 6th, 2021
    These are the best add-ons to the quick lock dumbbell system. I purchased these back in February even before getting the QLDB since I was waiting to be selected for the lottery. After reading reviews and watching YouTube I decided I needed to buy these as soon as it was available. The craftsmanship, packaging, and setup is fantastic. IronMaster’s attention to detail is superb. This helps balance the dumbbell to be more centered in gravity. This turns the dumbbell into a starting point of 20lbs without locking screws. This also brings in the handle width down to 5” which is equivalent to standard dumbbells. If you have the QLDB system or considering getting one, please be sure to add these to cart as well. Quite possibly the best dumbbells I’ve used and would highly recommend to all my friends and family. 10/10 Simply Perfect. ?? ??
    Heavy Handle Plate Kit Review
    Matt | May 19th, 2021
    WOW! Thank you and Ironmaster for making the best adjustable and most versatile dumbbells on the market today. The heavy handle kit (HHK) makes your dumbbells more centered and stable than all the gym quality dumbbells I have ever used. I can’t believe they are adjustable. They feel so good in my hands. I can now make a dumbbell go up in 2.5 lb increments from 20 to 180 lbs. That is exactly 13,000 lbs in fixed dumbbells not counting the 5 to 17.5 lb weight changes available if need be by removing the HHK. A pair of 180 lb dumbbells cost more than $2300. All you kits combined are less than $1700 and that includes the stand! WOW! An average wage earner can afford your dumbbells. Thank you, Ironmaster, for making this possible. Ref, thank you also for selling me only the extra extra long screws when I had extra plates. No company beats Ironmaster for such a fantastic product and outstanding customer service. WOW! Very Truly Recommend Ironmaster:?? -David Johnson
    Heavy Handle Plate KitReview
    Reviewer | April 2nd, 2021
    Just got these and I have to say they are awesome. They make the dumbbells feel much more balanced and compact. Do not hesitate on these. Special thanks to Scott!
    Heavy Handle Plate KitReview
    Patrick | February 27th, 2021
    Great addition to my QLDs, easy to install and bombproof so far. Most of the other reviews state that dumbbells are now much better balanced with the heavy handle kit, more compact for the same amount of weight... I totally agree, DBs much more functional now. I purchased my QLDB set in 2010 and have used them few times/week for the last 10 yrs without any issues... exceptional product, I wish i purchased my heavy handle kit sooner, worth the expense
    Heavy Handle Plate KitReview
    Reviewer | February 25th, 2021
    Adds a greater ranger for my current setup. Really do enjoy the shortened handle. Well balanced. After checking off and on for the past few months was definitely excited to see they restocked. Couldn’t be happier.
    Verified Buyer
    Heavy Handle Plate KitReview
    Brett (South Burlington, VT) | February 5th, 2021
    The ironmaster adjustable dumbbells are simply the best available, but the grip space is a bit too wide which can make the handles tougher to balance and bulkier than other cast-iron or rubber hex dumbbells.

    The heavy handle kit completely fixed this issue and is an absolute must in my mind.

    Some people look at the price vs the weight and say it is too expensive, but that completely misses the functionality improvement.

    The dumbbells are much better balanced with the heavy handle kit, particularly noticeable for pressing, and it makes the dumbbell more compact for the same amount of weight. You can also now get to 90lbs with the standard 75lbs kit, which is pretty heavy especially for the compactness.

    Still have ample grip space for your hands.
    Verified Buyer
    Heavy Handle Plate KitReview
    Robert (Asheville, NC) | October 30th, 2020
    Quite simply, the best addition that you can buy for the QLDB system. The tension system works perfectly to keep them in place and the handle seems (to me) far more comfortable and balanced with it on. I don't anticipate taking them off again. I'd rather get a second set of handles and add the fat grips to them.
    Heavy Handle Plate KitReview
    Mike (London, ON) | October 16th, 2020
    Very easy to install. Does exactly what it says(adds more balance). I honestly feel like its a must have for any personal trainers or any ironmaster dumb bell owner, as the regular ironmaster dumb bell handles are a bit more suited for the experienced lifters.
    Heavy Handle Plate KitReview
    Derek (Thunder Bay, ON) | September 22nd, 2020
    Super easy to install, and lots of hand room left over at 5'11" tall. My dumbbells now range from a rock solid 20 LBS to 180 LBS. I have an extra pair of tiny 10 LB dumbbells to complete the bottom range that I may use from time to time. A++
    Verified Buyer
    Heavy Handle Plate KitReview
    Joseph | May 2nd, 2020
    I just bought these and they are already my favorite purchase from this site. Like mentioned elsewhere, they do bring the center of gravity inward, resulting in a more secure feel, but what I also love is how much simpler they make operating the whole system. 35lbs on the stock QLDB is a 6-plate system, but with these handles its only 1 plate per side. By the time you add more than 2 plates/side, you're already taking your QLDBs into the 45-60lb "bonus range" this add on kit provides. Great value.
    Verified Buyer
    Heavy Handle Plate KitReview
    Matt (Monroe, WA) | December 27th, 2019
    Got my heavy handle kit, love the feel. Weight feels so much more secure closer to my hand when going heavy. Bought a set of the 2.25 fat gripz to use as well, fit just right.
    Verified Buyer
    Heavy Handle Plate KitReview
    Matt (Monroe, WA) | December 13th, 2019
    This new weight add on is just what I needed to get my dumbbells heavier but not the full add on kit. Won’t have to switch pins to go up to 80 or 90 and that is enough for now. I actually like the feel of the handles better with these plates. Seems to lock on nice and tight. Thanks Ironmaster!
    Verified Buyer
    Heavy Handle Plate KitReview
    Peter (Coon Rapids, MN) | December 12th, 2019
    Very nice, does what it's suppose to. You can actually put both pairs on one dumbbell and it literally becomes the worlds most compact adjustable dumbbell which no other dumbbell can brag about. My 50lb dumbbells don't look like 50lb dumbbells anymore and now there's more range in motion for me.

    Packaging could be better. No styrofoam besides the the cardboard box, mind you it's still securely taped. Just one knick/dent on one of the plates I suppose I could color it in with a Sharpie.

    Looks a bit bare with the plates on. The 7.5lb markings probably should have been on the otherside so that it actually shows? Or at the very least, include a nice IRONMASTER decal/sticker to put on the plate so there's an up-to-date kind of look.

    Functionality, it seems very tight. Doesn't look like it's going to loosen any time soon but only time will tell. Other than that, I can see this product lasting a helluva long time.
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    Heavy Handle Plate Kit
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