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Heavy Handle Plate Kit

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    Heavy Handle Plate Kit


    ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 4.96/5 Stars. (51 Reviews)

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    This kit has been developed to increase the weight range of our adjustable dumbbells. 2 piece plates fit on the inside of the handles against the backing plates. Still enough room for handgrip and is perfectly balanced. Most people rarely use less than 20 lb dumbbells so having a higher weight range that starts at 20 lbs is ideal. Now your 5-75 lb dumbbells can become 20-90 lbs!  Or a 5-45 lbs set can become 20-60 lbs. Or you can even use this to add even more weight to dumbbells and the add on kit. 5-120 lb set can become 20-135! See below for pics and more details.


    Heavy Handle Plate Kit features:
    • New innovative design to add more weight to the Quick-Lock Dumbbells.
    • Kit comes with four 7.5 lb add on plates and hardware.
    • This kit adds 15 lbs to each Quick-Lock Dumbbell handle. Works with all our dumbbell weight sizes.
    • Increases empty handle weight from 5 lbs to 20 lbs to give a new range of weight.
    • Does not add any extra size to the dumbbell, only more weight.
    • Solid cast iron powder coated construction with precision machining.
    • Note: The old Ironmaster Fat grip adapters will not fit with this kit in use but most rubber fat grips are shorter in length and will fit well. Inside grip space with the HH plates installed is about 5.18"

    Expands Load Capacity, Not the Size

    Designed to expand the capacity of your QLDB, these four additional handle plates bolt on the inside of the dumbbells against the backing plates, adding 15lbs to each dumbbell.

    1. Two pieces of 7.5lb-plates fit around the handles on the inside of each dumbbell, resulting in a total of 20lbs starting weight.
    2. Adds 15lbs to each Quick-Lock adjustable dumbbell making your 5-45 lb dumbbell set weigh 20-60 lbs. The 5-75 lb set becomes 20-90 lbs and your 5-120 lbs is amplified to 20-135 lbs.
    3. The new weight range this creates can be perfectly suited for many Ironmaster trainers who rarely go below 20 lbs anyway.
    4. Since these plates are placed on the inside of the dumbbell handles, your dumbbell will not increase in size, only the weight.

    Spacious and Improves Weight Balance

    Despite adding these heavy plates between the two backing plates on your dumbbell handle, there's still enough space on the handle for you to grip comfortably. You can also expect a better weight balance because these plates are placed closer to the dumbbell's center of gravity.

    1. Leaves a 5-inch grip space for holding the dumbbell.
    2. Better weight balance is established as the center becomes heavier.

    Safe, Secure and Well-Crafted

    The heavy handle plates stay in place by means of strong large screws that hold them together around the handles. Manufactured from powder-coated and precision-machined cast iron, you can be sure these plates will last a lifetime.

    1. The plates will not move or get dislodged once they are securely attached to the handles.
    2. The two halves of the plates are securely clamped and tightened around the handles using the two heavy-duty machine bolts and will never move.
    3. The plates are precision-machined from solid cast iron with black powder coating finish.


    The 2 piece plates fit on the insides of the dumbbell handles like this. 20 lbs as pictured.

    *The two halves clamp down on the round handle very securely and will not twist or move

    once the two large machine bolts are tightened.*

    5-45 lb dumbbell becomes 20-60 lbs as pictured.

    5-75 lb dumbbell becomes 20-90 lbs as pictured.

    5-120 lb dumbbell becomes 20-135 lbs as pictured.

    Still plenty of grip room with more than 5" space. In fact, the dumbbells become better balanced with the weight closer to the center!

    Note: Fat Grip Adapters won't fit around the handle once the Heavy Handle Plates are attached.


    ★★★★★ ★★★★★
    4.96/5 Stars out of 51 Reviews
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    Verified Buyer
    Incredible Add-On
    Grant (OH) | May 7th, 2024
    Another truly great product from Ironmaster. This is a must-have: the way this kit reduces the overall size of the dumbbells is excellent for keeping the weight (and your grip) more centered at any poundage. More centered = less need to stabilize during movements = more strength, which is essential for getting the most out of your training. Install is fairly easy.
    Verified Buyer
    Nice Addition
    Tom (Maryland) | May 6th, 2024
    I echo the sentiments of most reviewers. The heavy handle kit is a nice upgrade, since it increases the weight while leaving the footprint the same. Narrowing the grip helps to center the dumbbell in the hands. I have pretty big hands which still fit comfortably in the narrowed grip. The added weight has the unanticipated benefit of challenging my grip more during DB rows.

    My only critique is $159 pretty expensive for 30 lbs of iron. I'll get $159 worth of utility out of the purchase, so I'll keep the 5 star review.
    Verified Buyer
    Smaller Grip length is good
    Reagan (KY) | March 27th, 2024
    The largest benefit to the heavy handle kit is decreasing the overall handle length. Solid construction. Extra weight was not really the reason I bought this as I already had bought the expansion kit. This add on is not for everyone, but the better grip and balance is noticeable.
    Verified Buyer
    Must have add-on
    Pat Lynch (Mass) | March 19th, 2024
    This kit eliminates the width of the grip but adds on 15# from the get go. A must have in my opinion. Typical ironmaster quality throughout.
    Verified Buyer
    Must have
    Mark (Indy) | March 5th, 2024
    The heavy handle set is a must have. Not only does it give you 90lbs to work with but they also make the grip width perfect. Buy them, you’ll be glad you did.
    Verified Buyer
    Exactly what I needed
    Dan Mcdonald (Minnesota) | February 26th, 2024
    I bought the iron master dumbbells awhile ago and the 70# max had run its limit. I bought the heavy handle kit and was exactly what I needed. Dumbbells handle great and the extra weight is balanced perfect. Would recommend. Easy install fast shipping.
    Verified Buyer
    Heavy handle kit
    Jay Rock (Florida) | February 21st, 2024
    Great addition to DBs. Makes the handle a bit shorter more compact easier to center hands. No regrets in this purchase
    Verified Buyer
    A must
    John (Texas) | January 15th, 2024
    Really improves the balance of the dumbbells, if you think the longer handles of the IM dumbbells is awkward I highly recommend.
    Verified Buyer
    Excellent Product
    Shane (Victoria, BC) | December 6th, 2023
    I purchased directly from IM as it was cheaper than anywhere else in Canada. Shipping was fast! Product is excellent. Brings balance to the DB's that is much appreciated. Looking at the cost to weight ratio it is hard to justify, but when you consider the other benefits it is a no-brainer.
    Verified Buyer
    Brilliant equipment
    Ben F | July 27th, 2023
    Ironmaster adjustable dumbells are the most solid, durable, highest quality adjustable DB ever created. The fact that these dbs can go up to 185lbs with the heavy handles in a home gym is insane. After adding the heavy handles, the total feel of the db do feel heavier. 100lbs without the heavy handles and 100lbs with the heavy handles feels different. The db feels more balanced, centered and denser. Overall it certainly feels heavier but whatever. weight is just a number. The heavier feel feels better.

    In terms of the amount of space lost from the handle, I think it's significant but guys with much wider hands may not like the lost space. This is a must buy for anyone that owns these adjustable dbs. Price is very reasonable too
    Verified Buyer
    Heavy Handle Kit
    Dalton | May 30th, 2023
    I've had my IM dumbbells for a long time, so I am very accustomed to the feel and function of this product. But as we all know, the handle is long and fully loaded the dumbbell length is also long. The folks over at IM keep innovating and bringing great products to market, and the heavy handle kit really delivers, imo. It shortens the handle length and makes the dumbbell more compact. If you're a long time IM dumbbell user, this kit takes some getting used to. At lower weights, it feels amazing. But as you progress towards heavier weights, it takes time to accustom yourself to the decreased handle length, because it does substantially affect the dynamics of how the dumbbell balances during the concentric/eccentric phases of the lifting cycle. Give yourself time to adjust, and in my experience with the kit added the IM dumbbells become an overall better, more enjoyable experience.
    Verified Buyer
    Great addition to an already great product
    Robert Kvinnesland (PA, USA) | May 11th, 2023
    Like all good tools, a bit pricey but worth it.

    Ironmaster dumbbells are the bomb, and these extra weights give them extra firepower.

    Nicely machined and great fit.
    Verified Buyer
    Worth It
    Mike K (TX) | April 20th, 2023
    The addition of the heavy handles have been well worth it. Not only do they allow you to add extra weight. They balance out the dumbbell very well. Highly recommend. Leave plenty of room for hands as well. No issue there.
    Verified Buyer
    Heavy Handle Kit Review
    Jonathon Lucas | March 22nd, 2023
    I've had the Ironmaster adjustable dumbbells for quite a while, and the one thing that always bothered me was doing bench with them. Just due to how far out the weight was when going heavy, it made stabilizing them quite difficult (for me).

    After adding on the heavy handle kit, the weight is significantly more closer to center, the dumbbells feel a lot more balanced and easy to control, and feels just miles better.

    10/10, best upgrade
    Verified Buyer
    Nice increase
    Nathan Corbett (South Carolina) | March 16th, 2023
    This is an affordable first step to increasing your weight set and is a must with the 75lb set.
    Verified Buyer
    Heavy Handle Plate KitReview
    Dalton | March 1st, 2023
    Received the heavy handle kit the other day. Thank you for shipping it out to me so quickly. The kit gives the dumbbells a completely different feel, and I love the aesthetics. It's a huge win for both Ironmaster and those of us who have the dumbbells. The kit solidifies IM dumbbells as a permanent part of my workout routine. Have a great week!
    Verified Buyer
    Quality Product
    Dan Tocci (NJ) | February 13th, 2023
    Iv'e read all the reviews and can't say it any better, these plates are the perfect addition to my 75lb DB set. Thank you for making them available!
    Verified Buyer
    Better balance
    Ryan (Hercules, CA) | January 16th, 2023
    These are a must if you have the DBs because they greatly improve the balance and feel in addition to upping the total weight.

    There is still plenty of space for your hands, but I would rather have the plates be 5 lbs each so the minimum DB weight is 15 lbs rather then 20 lbs. Gaining that flexibility is more valuable to me because I also have the 120 lb add-on kit.
    Verified Buyer
    Heavy Handle Plate
    Gilberto Rios (Florida) | January 3rd, 2023
    Super easy to install they give the handles a closer grip. Ironmaster products are the best. Thank you ironmaster for your good customer service and products.
    Verified Buyer
    Significant Improvement
    Eric (Los Angeles) | December 27th, 2022
    This plate kit really improves the dumbells overall. As long as you're ok losing the 5-15 lb range, it's a great upgrade. It improves the balance of the dumbells, reduces the number of plates needed, and increases the maximum weight.
    Verified Buyer
    Must have
    Matt (Auburn, AL) | December 26th, 2022
    Must have for your Ironmaster dumbbells. Better balance and feels like standard dumbbells.
    Verified Buyer
    Almost perfect
    jason | December 19th, 2022
    almost perfect. If they want a better product they can round the inside edges a bit. It may not be an issue for smaller hands and smaller people but my wrists touch the edges if I bend them just a little when using these (hands are centered inside the open space). It's not going to stop me from using them, they are a pretty awesome addition for some extra weight. My set currently goes to 135 and that is enough for now. I don't use gloves when lifting but that will fix any potential issue with my wrists touching the edges of these when lifting. I would recommend these to anyone that can lift over 30 lbs. Silver lining is I can just train myself to keep my hands aligned better so still a win.
    Verified Buyer
    Dennis (Massachusetts) | September 9th, 2022
    Excellent kit. I prefer the width of the handle with this addition. I put the bolt heads to line up with the arrow making it even easier to see the release side. That extra 15lb max/90lb dumbbells is great. You also don't have to add as many 5lb plates since you're starting at 20lb. You do lose the lower weights is the one downside.
    Verified Buyer
    Really perfects the dumbbells
    Aleksandar (Algonquin, IL) | August 22nd, 2022
    I bought these at the same time I ordered the dumbbell kit. Based on the reviews, it shortens the handle length and gives for a more natural grip. I couldn't agree more! The dumbbells feel exactly the same as any regular dumbbell with these. It also adds 15lbs to your setup so instead of 75lbs, I get 90lbs per dumbbell. Zero plate weight is 25lbs with the heavy handle kit. If you need lighter dumbbells, Costco has Inspire Fitness rubber dumbbells from 5-30 lbs for $299 in some stores. That, along with the Ironmaster's and this heavy handle kit completes my dumbbell set and should be good to go for you as well. This kit really perfects the grip of the dumbbells.
    Verified Buyer
    A needed upgrade
    John | August 21st, 2022
    If you do not lift weights less than 20 pounds, then this is a must have. It is extremely sturdy, looks good, and feels good while using them. Installation was simple. I'm very glad I bought these.
    Verified Buyer
    really makes a difference
    Romeo (Las Vegas, NV) | June 29th, 2022
    Easy to install and makes the dumbbell feel more compact and balanced. Love that I can go up to 90lbs now.
    Verified Buyer
    Heavy handle plate kit
    Kyle Butson (Columbus OH) | May 7th, 2022
    This is a brilliant design. Prior to buying these, I had their 75 lb adjustable DB's. The best benefit in my opinion is the balance this addition offers to the overall feel of the dumbbells. Their DB's feel great either way but these make them feel a bit more like a traditional DB by centering the weight distribution. They do not move around at all. I've used them 3-4x/week in my training for the past 1-2 months since adding the heavy handle kit and have not had to make any adjustments or tighten them. Perfect design. Highly recommend.
    Verified Buyer
    Perfect to more perfect!
    Matthew Downey (IL) | May 3rd, 2022
    These weights add the weight and comfort that take these dumbbells to the top of the list. They are balanced, cozier, and smoother. I’m big, 6’3” 275lbs. And have thick hands. I still have plenty of space and play when using these. Installing them the same way all 4 times with the bolts facing up also gives a nice additional visual to have the correct orientation with the notches, helping to make weight changing easier. Having 90lbs dumbbells now instead of 75lbs also makes these a stronger contender. It also helped to tighten each to the same amount of turns. Keeping them even with the handles. Shipped fast. Good stuff.
    Verified Buyer
    heavy handle plate kit
    scott (new york) | March 29th, 2022
    makes the handle the perfect size
    Verified Buyer
    Heavy Handel Plate Kit
    Bryan Frazee (Glendora, California) | March 27th, 2022
    I have had the heavy handles for about two weeks. I wanted more than the 75 pound max of my dumbbells but did not need to go all the way up the 120 pound add on kit. My experience has been similar to other reviewers. The heavy handles improved the feel of the dumbbells and have remained secure so far. I would highly recommend if you need a little extra weight or just to improve the feel of the dumbbells.
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    Heavy Handle Plate Kit
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