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Ironmaster Reviews & Testimonials

★★★★★ ★★★★★ 5/5 Stars. (88 Reviews)

Our customers love us, and aren’t afraid to share just how much.

Over the years, we’ve received some of the most endearing compliments possible. If you don’t want to listen to us, listen to our customers. Read on to discover why you should purchase your home gym equipment from Ironmaster. Fill out the review form on this page to share your own experience with us.

★★★★★ ★★★★★
5/5 Stars out of 88 Reviews
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Verified Buyer
Great company! #1 customer service
O Dey (San Francisco) | November 30th, 2020
Love ironmaster customer service!! Best of any company if have dealt with.

Very nice, curious, and extremely knowledgeable.

Will be back to do more business with them and shift over all my product purchases.

Would give them 10 stars if I could !!
Verified Buyer
BIG fan of Ironmaster Products and Customer Service
Andy Woo (Los Altos, CA) | October 23rd, 2020
Short Version: Great sturdy reliable products and excellent customer service.
Longer Version: I had never heard about Ironmaster until a co-worker/friend recommended them. I was not disappointed. I started with their Super Bench Pro, then started adding from there.... Crunch Situp Attachment, Chin-Up bar, Dip Bar, Stand-up organizer, Roller covers (for the Crunch Setup attachment), .... that's just so far. The materials are very high quality and I can see why they have earned a reputation for robust, reliable products. These are well built products. Their customer service is absolutely 5 star. Any minor glitch I've had, they have always been extremely responsive and always have made things right !! I am really glad I listened to my co-worker/friend about the Ironmaster products !! Scott is awesome, can't say enough good things about him. And Jacob is great also.
Verified Buyer
Extremely happy with my purchase
Omas Vazquez (Miami, FL) | October 7th, 2020
Thank you Ironmaster for delivering great quality and durable products. I just received my order of 75lbs quick lock dumbbells and I couldn’t be happier. These adjustable dumbbells are excellent for my everyday workout sessions and exceed my expectations. Product was double packaged and arrived in great shape. I am extremely happy with my purchase. Thanks and keep up the great work and customer service.
Verified Buyer
Super Bench Pro, Dip Handle, Crunch Sit-up
Tareek R. (Anacortes, WA) | August 20th, 2020
I received my Super Bench Pro on Aug 5 - just 4 business days after ordering it! I was expecting to wait longer to receive it due to COVID and Ironmaster's current order volume - really pleasant surprise to receive it so quickly! This bench is incredibly well built and extremely solid! The Dip attachment allows for height adjustment and the locking screw prevents any wobble when performing dips. The foot peddle makes for quick angle adjustment. Currently, I am using the bench for dips, and several exercises with a sandbag (lawnmowers, flat bench chest presses, and incline bench chest presses). Will be trying declines in the next few days. I really love the equipment and am expecting the pull-up attachment in the next few days.

I'm hoping to order the Ironmaster dumbbells when new stock arrives in September - unfortunately, I didn't get drawn for the August stock orders. Understandable since due to high demand and limited stock. Keeping my fingers crossed for the next batch when I can try for an opportunity to order them.

Bottom line: Great equipment, solid build, fast shipping after ordering - worth every penny!
Verified Buyer
Hector Zayas | August 20th, 2020
I am so glad to have found out about Ironmaster. I have the IM2000, SB pro, and just recently received the QLDB 75lb set. The quality and craftsmanship is hands down the best gym equipment anyone can own. A BIG thank you to the whole Ironmaster team for making my dreams possible during these troubling times. You guys ROCK.
Verified Buyer
Thank you!
Ronald B. (MO) | July 28th, 2020
I purchased a set of the Ironmaster Weights along with Kettlebell, Super Bench, and dip bar used. I used to have a set of Bowflex adjustable weights and while I did like those, I love the Ironmaster better! I am a Sheriff's Deputy and I was shot in the line of duty. I am going through therapy and using your weights to get back into shape. I have thus far exceeded all expectations of recovery! I know, it is a lot of my attitude throughout this whole process, but it is also because of how much I actually enjoy using your equipment! The Dumbbell Spotting Stand is fantastic to use with the bench and dumbbells. I will be adding the pullup attachment, the leg extension, and the barbell as soon as I can afford to. This equipment feels like it will still be around to pass down to my grandchildren! Great stuff! Thanks!
Verified Buyer
Love the quality and great service
Dr. Howie (Fort Myers, Florida) | July 28th, 2020
I have slowly added the plethora of accessories, and absolutely love my home gym!
Just waiting for the next production of IM2000 spotting arms for my new squat bar which is coming soon.
Verified Buyer
Great Bench!
David G. (Eureka, Ca) | July 15th, 2020
After doing a lot of research, I landed on the Ironmaster Super Bench and I am very happy I did. The bench is solidly built, functions flawlessly, and looks great. Delivery was fast and the packaging was excellent. Iron Master has won me over and I will be building my home gym with their quality products from this point forward. Thanks, Ironmaster!
Verified Buyer
Superior products with quality service
Vanessa Fry (VA) | July 10th, 2020
I now have several IM products including the adjustable dumbbells up to 120lbs and stand, the multi-grip landmine attachment, and now kettlebell handles. All the products I have are simply some of the best pieces in my home gym. I even got a IM banner because I am so proud to have their products. Every product is heavy duty with solid construction and I am thankful every day that I get to workout with them.

Ironmaster's customer service quality is also great. I have had nothing but good and pleasant interactions and they are usually quick to respond.

You will never regret making IM your choice for home gym equipment!
Verified Buyer
Amazing Customer Service and Business!
Karan Tohaan (Glen Oaks, New York, USA) | July 6th, 2020
I am truly amazed at the kind of service and business this company handles. When I got onto the site on Stock Day, everything was OOS which was a bit upsetting being that I was one of the first few people and there were still a few hundred units of the product I was looking for. Scott from Ironmaster called me with surprising news that the product I was looking for was in stock and I had the opportunity to buy it if I wish. I hopped onto the offer as I was overly excited because Stock Day did not go as planned. Scott stayed on the phone with me until I had a confirmation number. Shipping was really fast compared to other companies. I am really happy about my purchase. I even bought a 120lb expansion kit because the service was just amazing and I knew I would need some more weight. I am going to be making more purchases in the future, my next purchase being the Kettle Bell. Thank You Scott. Because of you, I finally have a complete Home Gym during this Pandemic.
Verified Buyer
Ironmaster commercial quality
Jim Potter (Clemmons, NC, USA) | July 6th, 2020
I’ve been an Ironmaster customer for close to 15 years. I own 2 sets of the 125lb quick-lock dumbbells, the original Super Bench, leg curl, pull up bar, ab crunch, dip bar attachments. I also own the IM2000. I have the dumbbell spotter stands. Everything is extremely heavy duty. I highly recommend Ironmaster products to anyone who wants a commercial gym at minimal cost. Matt and Scott have been very helpful over the years in the rare events I had any questions. If you are unfortunate enough to be shut out of your health club for months due to covid-19, you can easily go on the website or give the guys a call and pick up the expandable 75lb quick-lock dumbbells. They come with the stand. Add in a Super Bench and there is no exercise you cannot perform. Add in a chinup attachment and a dip bar and you have your own health club!! No membership fees, open 24/7. In 2 or 3 years you save the cost of the membership and the Ironmaster gym is now free!
Take my advice and buy the best gym equipment out there!
Verified Buyer
Lauren Rubens (ANDERSONVILLE , TN) | June 23rd, 2020


Verified Buyer
Great Product/Customer Service
Darrell (Virginia) | June 23rd, 2020
Best adjustable dumbbells on the market! They excelled in every aspect. Their product speaks for itself but their customer service is what sold me on their business.

Ironmaster stated it would take 2 weeks to ship the product and I received it in 5 days (from West coast to East coast). There was no issue with the product (i.e. damaged, missing parts, etc.). They offered free shipping and discounts towards military/first responders.

They did an excellent job on their website during the COVID-19 pandemic by updating customers on future availability of their merchandise. There was an inventory issue during COVID-19 and I spoke with Scott and he was great! He remedied the issue quickly and had my best interest in mind.

I will continue to shop from Ironmaster for other products and recommend them highly for other people.
Verified Buyer
Well Made
Scott D. (Los Angeles, CA) | May 28th, 2020
Great Bench and Leg Lift. Well made and very sturdy. Nice job on the incline / recline movement and the seat brings it all together. I would definitely recommend this to a friend.
Verified Buyer
Outstanding company!
Phil S. (Perrysburg, OH, USA) | May 11th, 2020
I recently purchased Landmine attachment. I got it out of the box, and had it installed in under 5 minutes. It was extremely easy to add it to my 1500 rack, and fit together beautifully! This has been true of every extra attachment I have purchased in the past!

This company has a great design/engineering department. There is never a need for me to go to a "gym" to workout. I can do everything at home. It's footprint is very efficient, and fits well in my basement. Every piece is professional quality!

Ironmaster, thank you for your equipment. I am 60- years old, and am able to stay very fit. It definitely has improved my quality of life!
Verified Buyer
Iron master system review (dumbbells, bench, cable tower and accessories)
James B. (Eastern United States) | May 11th, 2020
To begin with the conclusion: This is an amazing weightlifting system incorporating a design and materials as innovative as they are rugged. If you want a complete, lifetime system that fits in an amazingly small space, you will not regret buying this.
The dumbbells and accompanying weights feel great in your hand. If you like the hard core feeling of pumping iron, these deliver. Weight change is reasonably quick and becomes quicker with experience. You can easily incorporate the changes into your workout. The bench is rock steady and adjusts in seconds to anywhere from flat to upright. The seat always remains 90 degrees to the bench regardless of angle. The bench add-ons allow one to do sit-ups, dips, pull-ups, incline work, leg extensions etc. etc. etc. in a small footprint. The design and construction are first rate. Everything, and I mean everything, gives the sense of being over designed. This is a one time purchase and should last a lifetime. Yes, I suppose the pad on the bench could become worn with time (like any pad) but could easily be replaced of needed. Mine, after 6 months hard use, looks new. I added the cable tower and enough weights to put 120 lbs. on each dumbbell. This allows you to do all types of pull downs and seated cable rows along with many other cable exercises and dumbbell deadlifts, squats etc. up to 220 lb. The only limitation on the cable tower is that you can only pull from the top of the tower or from the bottom. Ideally, you could set the pulley for any given height, but this is a small thing. I’m guessing incorporating this would have increased the price considerably. One note on the cable tower, I highly suggest you purchase the dedicated seat to go along with it. This allows it to be a stand alone unit and is much more convenient that switching in and out the bench.
I purchased over the course of a couple of months, the pro bench, incline leg attachment, leg extension attachment, dip bar attachment, ez curl bar, the cable tower, enough weight for 120 lb. on each dumbbell, the dumbbell stand and the dumbbell spotting stands. If you want to press as heavily as possible, the dumbbell spotting stands are (to me) a must. This set-up allows for an almost unlimited exercise choice allowing a full body workout (again in a relatively small space). Having a rack, olympic bar and weights would be great (and are available from Ironmaster) but would take up considerably more room than I had.
To wrap this up, the Ironmaster system exceeded all expectations in terms of design, materials used, flexibility and customer service. I spoke at length with various people there and they were all more than happy to guide me in my purchases and share their knowledge.
Happy lifting!
Verified Buyer
Real lifting equipment
Angela P. (New Hampshire) | April 15th, 2020
They sell real weight lifting equipment! Not the knockoffs from retailers. Stuff I used to use back in the 90's that is heavy duty and built to last. Also, shipped much faster than expected. I highly recommend using this company if you want great quality in your weight lifting gear. Worth every penny, and free shipping. You can't beat that!
Verified Buyer
Fast shipping while under constraint
Mike M. (Moses Lake, WA) | April 9th, 2020
Ordered 100 lb and 45 lb dumbbell set, received a lot faster than expected. Thank you for saving my insanity from the quarantine. Will buy again!
Verified Buyer
One of the original machines
BC (San Antonio, TX) | March 3rd, 2020
I was googling the machine and didn’t realize the IM2000 was still in existence. That is amazing and wonderful to see. Ironmaster is a great, sturdy, easy to use system and most of all, WELL built. As old as it is it still looks new. Still glides easy. Thank you for engineering a strong, simple, and super quality product!!!
Verified Buyer
The Hybrid Bench Pad
Jeff Jordan (Fleming Island, FL) | February 3rd, 2020
I just received/installed the new hybrid bench pad on my SuperBench (not the Pro). I think it’s awesome. Not only does it have the benefit described about using either end, but it’s better in every way. It takes off about 1/2” which doesn’t seem like much, but it feels a lot more stable with my feet firmly planted on the floor. The wider bench also makes my hips feel a lot more stable which helps when lifting heavy dumbbells. The new firm commercial quality feel is great too. I’m very impressed and I think it’s worth every penny. I know it’s cliche, but this is literally the 2nd review I’ve written for a purchase in probably 5 years. I’m that impressed with the new design they came out with. Good stuff Ironmaster. Keep it up.
Verified Buyer
A Machine for Life
Bill O. (Columbus, OH) | January 21st, 2020
Almost 50 years ago I began training with weights. I use the word 'training' because I am not a body builder or power lifter, but simply an engineer (now retired) who wanted to stay in shape and who had to squeeze in the time to exercise around career and family. Joining a gym just could not work with my schedule, so I set up a gym in my basement for early morning workouts. I generally preferred free weights, but began looking for some equipment to make it safer - and I ran across an ad for Ironmaster. It looked to be just what I was looking for, so I purchased the Ironmaster IM400 in 1994 and have used it ever since. After a quarter century of regular use, it still works like the day that I first assembled it. In addition to the quality of the Ironmaster, having that fine piece of equipment in the convenience of my own home has helped to keep me motivated to keep exercising all of these years - and I plan to keep on using it for many more. Thanks for making such a fine product (in the USA!).
Verified Buyer
Awesome Adjustable DB/KB set
Theodore Boosalis (Owatonna, MN) | December 21st, 2019
These are amazing. Totally surpassed my expectations for adjustable DBs and getting the KB adjustables gives me more flexibility in my floor program. I am ditching my gym membership because of this set. Now I can do spin cardio and weight training in the comfort of my own home and the convenience factor is huge. I will be purchasing add-ons and additional adjustable DBs so I can setup even more variety in my workout.

Instructions are clear for usage and assembly of the dumbbell rack was a snap! Took about 1 hour total to unbox, assemble, store, and test the equipment.

Wish Peloton would up its game on its bike (I own one and use it quite regularly - Hollywood_Porky is my username) - maybe Ironmaster can teach them a thing or two about product quality.
Verified Buyer
Scott is the man! 75, 120 and 165 with pro bench
John (Sun Valley CA USA) | November 11th, 2019
I recently purchased the pro bench with the 165 lb dumbbells and other attachments. Mr. Scott took my order and Exceeded my expectations with exceptional customer service, other company should learn from Ironmasters excellent customer service. Good job Ironmaster for also giving us service members excellent military discounts on your products you guys are amongst the few to do that and for that I respect. Again, I'm very happy to purchase with Ironmaster and will do business with them in the near future.
Verified Buyer
120 pound dumbbells, 102 pound kettlebells
Rob (Michigan) | September 30th, 2019
This is the set-up that should be the first purchase for anyone starting their home gym. The time it takes to change weight is just enough for my break between sets. Unlike other adjustables, this set, either dumbbell or kettlebell is virtually unbreakable and when locked in no movement.
Thanks guys for making what has been needed.
Verified Buyer
Fixed Weight Rubber Dumbbell Review
Ellis | August 14th, 2019
I have purchase a lot of Ironmaster Adjustable Dumbbells over the years. I own an X-Iser Stepper (Best HIIT Stepper on the market and impeccable built--highly recommended). One of the applications of this Stepper is to use in conjunction with lighter weight dumbbells. I decided to try the Fixed Weight Rubber Dumbbells so that I could conveniently keep them in a separate room then my main gym equipment that has the Ironmaster Adjustable Dumbbells. These dumbbells are perfect for this application and extraordinarily well built. They are compact and with the square shape of the rubber ends stay put on the floor. I currently have 5 lb, 10 lb, and 15 lb pairs. Because of the intensity of the X-Iser Stepper, even the 5 lb pairs are useful. I give this product a 5*+ review, and I would recommend it to anyone that wants a top of the line dumbbell.
Verified Buyer
Great customer service!
Charles Young (San Diego) | August 11th, 2019
I recently had a problem with one of the pins for the dumbbell and contacted Scott. Great customer service he had knowledge of problem and equipment. Scott had my issue resolve in only two day's. Great customer service will buy more equipment from iron-master quality and great customer service five star's. Charles R Young (San Diego ca) Thank You
Verified Buyer
Consistent Over Time
Virgil (Michigan) | July 26th, 2019
There are a lot of businesses that can get a thing right once in a while; there are others who never quite get it right. The kicker, as we all know, is getting both the product and the service behind it right...consistently. It doesn't matter if it's that favorite meal you want cooked the same way every time you crave it or the teller at the bank's smile and good attitude. WELCOME TO IRONMASTER: I've ordered several times over many months and use the equipment 4-5 times a week and I have also needed to interact with "support" on minor issues. WOW. Like so many others, I hardily recommend this company because they hit it "right" in both critical areas over and over again with that all-too illusive combination of excellence in both product and service.

Buy this stuff...you will never regret it...not day one...and not day 1,138 either.
Verified Buyer
Great product and customer service
Mal N (Champaign, IL) | July 26th, 2019
I bought the dumbbells years ago and decided to expand my equipment. so I ordered from you guys because it was a sure bet to get quality. I also appreciate how helpful you guys were in helping me adjust my online order. Gotta say, that was a great experience. Wish most companies were that pleasant. Looking forward to using the superbench pro and cable tower. Thanks!
Verified Buyer
Just wanted to say thank you
Brian D (Highland, CA) | June 10th, 2019
Everything was very well packaged and arrived as planned. The equipment is super nice and I love it. I was deciding between a few brands out there and am glad I went with you guys in the end. Everything is so well made but what really stood out was the bench. Seems most negative reviews for other makers is that the bench sucks and shakes but this pro bench is solid. The bench, stand, and weights is just the perfect trio and of high quality which makes the experience that much better.

Thanks again guys!
Verified Buyer
Bad Ass Gear
Vince D (Chantilly, VA) | March 11th, 2019
So I got my order of SBPro, SpotStands, Crunch, and 75lb DB/stand last night. All I can say is... in my usual non-PC way...Holy Sh*t! This is just some kind of bad ass gear. Such quality! And ... I used to sell and pack industrial valves for shipping years ago and man-oh-man what a great packing job! Can’t wait to get leg extension Then gotta gets some plates. I’ll get the IM2000 eventually.
Take care and thanks again
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