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Ironmaster Reviews & Testimonials

★★★★★ ★★★★★ 5/5 Stars. (99 Reviews)

Our customers love us, and aren’t afraid to share just how much.

Over the years, we’ve received some of the most endearing compliments possible. If you don’t want to listen to us, listen to our customers. Read on to discover why you should purchase your home gym equipment from Ironmaster. Fill out the review form on this page to share your own experience with us.

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★★★★★ ★★★★★
5/5 Stars out of 99 Reviews
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Exceptional people and quality products!
Santas Helpers Reviews (Washington) | April 18th, 2024
Ironmaster has some of the best customer service I've seen. They take the time to call, instead of emailing, to respond to questions. Thanks [cs rep] for the care!
Great stuff!
Dennis Angers (Quebec, Canada) | April 16th, 2024
I bought an Ironmaster bench + tower + 5 of the attachments about 10 years ago. At the time, I thought it all was a bit expensive, but today, I see it was a great investment. Superb workmanship, #1 quality materials and everything looks as new and works as well as when it was purchased. It's great to get what you pay for and then some, when you buy something. Thanks for these great products. You guys rock!
Don't change!
Excellent customer service
Daniel (FL) | April 2nd, 2024
I purchased my super bench back in 2017 or 2018. I don't remember which actually, but I recently moved and had to disassemble my super bench so it would fit in my moving truck. Of course once I get to where I'm going of misplaced some of the hardware. Having used the bench for so many years it was a huge bummer thinking I wouldn't be able to use it anymore because of a few bits of hardware (and I wasn't going to just substitute random bolts since the thing basically keeps me alive doing heavier lifts) so I use the "contact us" email form and asked if there was any way I could get replacement hardware. Not expecting even a response since it was a long shot, it was to my surprise that a very quick email reply was sent to me asking for more details which eventually resulted in them providing me the bits I needed for free! I had to pay for the shipping but I was more than happy to do that, bench is back together and life is good. I thought since I had bought my bench so long ago I was going to get blown off but they treated me like a day one customer, I I honestly don't even think they needed to do that, but they did. I'm impressed, you guys rock!
First impressions: Rock on!!! 🤩
B Leigh Orr (NC) | January 7th, 2024
First purchased the V2 bench + some attachments around Black Friday. Love it! So versatile and solid!

Afterwards, I stumbled on some IM 2000 reviews in some forums and on YouTube, so went back to their site, sold my existing rack, and purchased the IM2000.

Just received and finished assembling the IM2000 yesterday. I'm an older (50+) female, put it together all by myself, took around four hours. Would have been easier with another person for sure, but I got creative and used a few bar stools to help leverage myself to install the top assembly of the rack. During assembly, I accidentally dropped a bolt down the frame and had to fish it out by propping up one end of the rack with my Bosu ball so I could pop the end cap and get it out 😂. My only assembly suggestion would be to add pictures (or drawings) of the parts to the parts list to the instruction manual. Also, if you purchase rack attachments and they arrive together, review the actual attachment instructions to see how they integrate onto the main frame. Ex. I purchased several attachments, including the pull up bar and band plates, and had I reviewed those instructions, I would have just installed them during rack assembly vs. going back and adding them afterwards, which would have saved a few extra minutes.

One of my initial concerns about self-spotting squat racks is the weight not feeling 'true to weight.' My other concern was that I wanted to make sure that the rack that I purchased also had the ability to be used as a standard 'free weight' option, not just as a self-spotting rack. I have several sons in the military, and an Academy soccer player, they all love to work out, so versatility was key for me. Both of these concerns were addressed pre-purchase. Before my purchase, I called IM and spoke with [a rep], who answered every question I had (and then some). He also guided me to put together a package deal of attachments that best work for us, which saved me money. All of my concerns are totally alleviated now that I have gotten a few workouts in.

Impression after installing and using: This equipment is stealth, engineering genius at its finest, a quality build!! From the bar movement up and down the rack, to the cable mechanism, attachments, etc....all are on point. It is easy to transition to using this as a regular rack, too. The J-cups and spotter arms have zero wiggle (unlike my previous rack).

My IM V2 bench and attachments are all legit, too. The leg extension attachment for this bench is the best I've ever used. Most leg attachments to benches suck (wobbly, motion is not smooth, etc.), but not this one! All of it (rack + attachments, bench + attachments) -- every piece of it -- feels like solid, commercial-grade equipment.

I must say, I was nervous about going "all in" with a proprietary system...but definitely thinking I made the right choice with IronMaster. The workout possibilities are endless with this rack, bench, and attachments. The quality is premier, the engineering is phenomenal, the footprint is small (I have a one-car garage) and the customer service is A+. It's what every consumer hopes for! Bonus: Investment into a family-owned business!

For the price, this is IT. I already have a few other pieces of larger equipment I had bought before this purchase (French Fitness hack squat/leg press, and Titan squat machine), so I need nothing else for my home gym. This equipment right here just may end up being the favorite family heirloom! 😂 Thanks, IronMaster!
Note From Store Owner: Thank your for the glowing remarks. We're always excited to hear that a family will be able to utlize the setup too. Best wishes to you all -- enjoy!
super pro bench... cable tower
Andrew (virginia) | December 8th, 2023
i recently bought the cable tower to go with my super pro bench ... i believe i now have all the attachments and accesories available for the super bench It is very sturdy equipment .. i am able to have a quality home gym in a small space...iron master has some great products
Calf Block
Giuseppe (MI) | December 6th, 2023
This solid and sturdy calf block appears small, but it is mighty. I thought it might tip towards me once I started raising my heels. Well, it didn't even budge! It's sleek, simple design, and powerful frame use high-density steel tubing with excellent welds. I look forward to using this device for many years.
75lbs dumbbell and Pro stand
Carlos Escamilla (NC) | September 30th, 2023
I did so much research on the best adjustable dumbbells and every time Ironmasters Quicklock came up. I have to say I was skeptical about the plate-adding system instead of just turning a knob. After simply 2 days I knew what the math was to adjust the dumbbells. My 11 and 9-year-old kids even figured out the math system and told me how much weight I needed on each side. As for the quick-lock screw, it is so smooth that you don't even think about it as you unscrew them to make your weight adjustments. Please don't make the mistake that I made and try a cheaper option first before going with Ironmasters It's not worth it. Buy the Ironmaster Quicklock and don't ever worry about your adjustable dumbbells ever again.
Note From Store Owner: Thank you for the review, Carlos!
Ironmaster Equipment
Bruce Gatlin sr (Illinois) | August 3rd, 2023
The best home gym equipment i have ever owned. I made my first Ironmaster purchase more than 20 years ago. My most recent purchase was a few days ago. Customer service is great. The equipment is grade A it has stood the test of time for me. I will continue to be a customer. The instruction manuals are the best I've seen detailed and easy to follow. Please keep doing it right Ironmaster.
Durable and Adjustable but slippery
Sheldon (FL) | July 19th, 2023
I have used adjustable DB in my home workout center for years. i have damaged all of them due to plastic parts and the awkwardness of their design. Ironmasters have been dropped with heavy loads, bodybuilders, and other moves with ZERO damage. The only downside I have is they are slippery when sweaty, so the locking pins are very hard to remove. There is an improvement for these that I hope they figure out. Otherwise, these should be your dumbbells.
Super Bench Pro V2
Aaron (Jacksonville) | June 27th, 2023
This bench is solid! Assembly was easy with a total of four bolts. The angle adjustment with the foot lever makes it easy to change elevation without leaning down. Having the large angle numbers make angle adjustment easy to see while standing overhead. The bench rolls easily on my wooden floor and where I did not think I would ever store the bench vertically, its simple to do and I store it vertically all the time. I also purchased the dip bar and was worried it would wobble the bench when in use. The dip bar is solid and the bench does not move when in use. It is easy to insert and adjust the height and tighten. I ordered the second set of wheels thinking I would need them but rarely have a need for both sets of wheels. There were no instructions on how to install the second set of wheels but figured it out after not too much time. I also ordered the leg attachment and find it very easy to use and makes crunches very challenging. All in all I am very pleased with the bench as it has increased my available exercises. Wish I had purchased it sooner.
Steve kanakis (Michigan) | June 5th, 2023
I just want to say 1st of all what great service and a great product. We purchased an assortment Of equipment a few years back. from the bench to all the accessories and so on have been outstanding durable and great. Also the creativity and application of all the equipment that's Is offered, Is totally functional. No regret. Plus everything is built like a tank, A American tank! And high quality. We use it daily as we train physically hard to keep up with the demands as we work within the city of Detroit. We use it for a private gym that we've all pitched in, to put together and According to our special opts group. Not one issue has ever happened with any of the equipment that we've purchased and use. And I'm talking about heavy a** use, Multiple people. Ordering and service has been top notch. And it's been about 5 years so I think everything speaks for itself it is definitely no imitation counterfeit or weak stuff it's the real deal. And the accessories make everything flow perfectly and has a useful purpose. Thanks again Ironmaster for making equipment that keeps us on top of our duty and job!!
Best regards Fixx DPD
Note From Store Owner: Thanks to you and everyone there for your service, and for the compliments, we appreciate it!
Sxxxx the Man
Kenneth (Astoria NY) | April 3rd, 2023
I moved to NY in the fall of 2022 and only had two small 25lb dumbbells to work out with once there. After a bit of researching I decided to buy the Ironmaster adjustable dumbbells - up to 80lbs each. Because PayPal overrides what information I had used for my Ironmaster account, my weights ended up getting shipped to my old apartment 900 miles away in Auburn, Al.
I thought I was going to pay double what I had in initially anticipated in order to fix things. Luckily I was greeted by Sxxxx from Ironmaster's customer service and he helped me figure out my situation ultimately saving me hundreds of dollars in shipping costs or hours of driving. The product is exactly what you expect and is quality metal. Amazing help from their support team (Sxxxx in particular) and a straightforward American product that does its job well.
The best equipment!
Seb (London) | January 1st, 2023
I decided to invest in some home gym kit so I could get 'emergency' workouts in whilst on a busy schedule. I realised that in the time it takes to commute to the gym, put stuff in lockers, and wait for people to stop using the machines, I could have got a full 'home workout' in.

There is a lot of home gym equipment to research online - and the quality varies significantly. My main considerations were:
a) How can I make the most of the space I have to work with?
b) Can I get enough exercises out of home gym equipment to make visiting a commercial gym redundant?
c) Will the kit be of a high enough quality & low maintenance?

Eventually, I discovered Ironmaster - and all of these issues were resolved.

I regularly use the Super Bench Pro, Leg Extension and Situp Attachments and have been blown away by the quality and small footprint. Nothing beats pressing on a solid bench with 0 wobbles and gaps. The Leg Extension / Curl was a big selling point for me given how high you can load it - and you can even do nordics with the Situp attachment.

I also have the IM2000 & most of the accessories boxed & ready to assemble for when I move into my new apartment. My only gripe is waiting for the extra accessories that I want to restock!

If you want the most space-efficient equipment without compromising on quality, shop with Ironmaster.
I'm very satisfied!
Monica Peters (MT) | October 30th, 2022
I bought the Super Bench Pro V2, Leg Extension, Hyper Extension, Preacher Curl, and Situp Attachment mainly for declined work. I also purchased the extra roller covers where needed. I love the quality of it all. I'm so glad I went with Ironmaster rather than buying a leg extension/curl machine that only served one purpose. The surprise is how happy I am with the Hyperextension. It's great! The leg extension gets the job done, and I'm completely happy with it. I now have a bench without a gap! I quickly got used to the small seat. I love that I can set the bench at a 90-degree angle to use it for my chest to press against while I do different rowing type/rear delt exercises. I put the seat in the highest position, so my face isn't smashed into the bench. How awesome that I could do that! These items have added so much versatility to my home gym. I've just begun to learn what I can do with it. I don't see myself ever letting go of this equipment :) I don't think you will be disappointed!
Ironmaster Kettlebell
James | October 18th, 2022
I’ve been using the Ironmaster adjustable kettlebell quite often since I purchased it. Just Like their dumbells, the Ironmaster kettlebell is as close to a traditional kettlebell in look and feel. Fit, finish and build quality top notch. I will be ordering a second set soon! Thank you for supporting first responders and military!
Best purchase I’ve made
David Wilson (California) | August 6th, 2022
I have owned the Ironmaster IM2000 since 2017. I have used it consistently 4 days a week and it looks and operates as new. The bench fabric even looks new. My favorite accessories are the J hooks for free bench press, leg extension for leg curls and the pull up bar. I recommend buying the rope handle for the cable attachment. This IM 2000 is an investment in yourself and will help keep you around a lot longer for your family.
Very Satisfied with IM2000
Eric Werner (3869 Cardiff Court, Loveland, CO) | April 7th, 2022
Just finished the install of my IM2000. It’s a beast! So sturdy!. Big + to whomever wrote the instruction booklet - clear, well-illustrated, and well-organized. Best of all is the design and construction of this self-spotting machine. Steel gauge choice, measurements, cuttings, welds, drilling and more are all first rate. I cannot imagine any self-spotting/smith machine having a smoother slide.
Getting the IM2000 down the stairs to the basement and into a spare bedroom, unpacking, and assembly went problem free. Of course, it requires care, close attention to instructions and patience (there are one or two pretty good YouTube videos online that were useful to watch as I read the instructions for the first time). Got it done by myself without any mishaps though – as per the IM2000 instructions – two persons would make the job safer, faster, and easier. A 19mm socket and a few metric combination wrenches (open and closed ends) came in handy. It took me about 4 – 5 hours to do the job.
One last thing. The IronMaster website is well put together and contains so much important information that a thinking consumer will want. Reading the instructions on your site went a long way to convincing me that the people at IronMaster are committed to doing things right.
The BEST!!
TAT (NV) | December 9th, 2021
With a name like IRONMASTER - you expect the best.
That's what you get!
No one comes close to what IRONMASTER offers.
Note From Store Owner: 🙌 Thank you!
Verified Buyer
Awesome Company
Mike (Canada) | November 1st, 2021
I had been trying to purchase the 75 lb dumbbell set for 1 year. The store (Fitness Equipment of Ottawa) that I was purchasing my equipment through managed to provide me with the Super Bench, the 120 lb add on set, and all the attachments but I hit the wall when it came to getting the 75 lb set due to the pandemic and bad characters out there. I did some research and came across the lottery system that was designed to stop the bad actors in their tracks and allowed Ironmaster to focus on their customers. I was worried I would have all the supporting equipment and not be able to get the 75 lb set. I entered the lottery 3 or 4 times with no success. Ironmaster then announced that there were production/supply issues and didn't know when the products would be ready. They recommended submitting your email address so you would be notified when the next lottery would take place unlike previously having to check for yourself. I was waiting for notification and for some reason decided to check and came to find out I was one day late for the lottery. At that moment I proceeded to indicate my disappointment through the comments box on the website. Within 5 minutes I received a phone call addressing my concerns. He said he would see if there were any sets left after they fulfilled the lottery requirements and if there was any stock left they would give me the opportunity to purchase a set. One week later he emailed me to inform me that there were a few sets left and if I wanted one I had 3 days to respond, just like all the other lottery winners. Of course I jumped on the opportunity to complete my gym. I received the 75 lb set within 1 week at my door and I am in Ontario, Canada. Matt went way over and above the call of duty to make a customer happy. I am totally amazed at the level of service I have received from Ironmaster. In todays world is seems that most businesses are only concerned with their bottom lines. It is obvious to me that Ironmaster is not only concerned with the quality of their products but have the highest level of customer care that I have ever experienced. Ironmaster should go into consulting to teach other companies on how to run a business and treat customers. They are out of this world! And the equipment is extremely high quality. Obviously I am not at a loss for words about Ironmaster...lol. Keep up the excellent work.
Note From Store Owner: Mike, thank you for the kind words. We appreciate your time and patience. Enjoy your equipment!
Fantastic Quality and Function
Alan (Ohio) | October 19th, 2021
I absolutely love my IronMaster Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbell System 75 lb Set. It took a little while to figure out exactly how to swap weights quickly, but now that I've got it down I can very easily change how much weight I am working with. Grip is great and the included stand nicely houses everything. I recommend this to everyone who wants a proper weight set!
Verified Buyer
Love my Iron Master Gym!
Kent (MO) | October 2nd, 2021
Love, love, love my Iron Master gym! It didn't all come at once, it took a lot of patience and it was a substantial investment but it's been completely worth every penny! I know this will last me a lifetime and can't be happier with my decision to go with this company. If you are on the fence don't be this is the best home gym setup you will find anywhere, trust me I thoroughly looked. Truly a rare best bang for your buck!
Complete Gym Makeover, Kettlebell love
Daniel Shalach (Miami) | October 1st, 2021
I have a complete home gym. Thanks to Ironmaster COVID lockdowns had no affect on our gym life.
But the Kettlebells are a gamechanger.

The grip is ridiculous and build amazing grip strength and forearm strength ALONG with the normal benefits.

I LOVE these.

Get them, we got two.
Great addition to the 75lb set
Ryan (Illinois) | September 30th, 2021
Not much to say. Everything is built well. Allows me to go up to 120lbs per dumbbell. I like my ironmasters a lot. Great product.
Verified Buyer
Changed my Success Completely!
Keto the Kid (Seattle) | September 20th, 2021
This Super Bench Pro and Pull-Up bar has been the best addition to my home routine! I have very little space, and I mean little, and my home gym is in a studio apartment on a 3x9 square foot entrance way to my studio and I've been using an exercise ball and dumbbells up to this point.

The SuperBench Pro is solid, I love the narrower width of the bench as it doesn't cause the usual bruising and chaffing on my shoulders and back that other wider benches do. I've been able to access any angles for all of my Inclines, get solid breakdown of the muscle and focused isolation on a super stable bench and the Pull-Up bar is perfect!

I have a bench, in storage but it's too large, bulky and heavy to work with in this tight of an area. The best part of this setup is the super small footprint it has being able to be very effectual in a very small area and easy to move with no compromise on structural integrety. I also love how this is expandable with accessories when I gain the space to add the Lat Pull-Down attachment, my next purchase, well probably the Dip attachment first. Brilliant design and absolutely no complaints of any kind. Thank you IronMaster, I'm sore all the time, a sign of a thourough workout done on great equipment every day.
Verified Buyer
Impressive Piece of Equipment
B (Minnesota) | September 17th, 2021
I've been very impressed with the bench. Simple and sturdy operation. Rock solid! Love that there is an option for adding attachments. Seems like a very good value for the price.
Verified Buyer
Great Customer Service
Eric (Chicago, IL) | August 25th, 2021
I worked with [customer service] on returns and replacements and I could not have asked for better customer service. Ironmaster wants you to be happy with what you purchase, and that creates lifelong customers. Not only that, but their products are great and deals are posted periodically that can't be beat. For example, I purchased the IM1500 when they were marketing $100 off deal, and their racks always come with J hooks, safety spotter arms, and band pins. Other companies I researched, you would have to buy those attachments separately on top of an already extremely expensive half rack. Thanks for your help, [customer service]!
Verified Buyer
I can’t remember being happier with a purchase.
“Review Guy” (Customer from Amazon’s Ironmaster store) | August 12th, 2021
I went straight to IronMaster and got a better deal than is listed here. IronMaster is a small, family-run business, selling their own designs with minimal overhead. It’s hard to avoid the impression that they are gymrats themselves, and influenced by Arnold’s philosophy that gyms should be simple and functional. My dumbbells shipped in no-frills packaging with a simple QuickBooks invoice. No infomercials, no workout DVD’s, or false promises. I can tell my money went into the product itself and I can’t remember being happier with a purchase.
Verified Buyer
Grand Slam customer service!!!
Bobby Taylor (Indianapolis, Indiana) | July 23rd, 2021
Do to the gym closings of 2019-20, i was forced to gather equipment to start a home gym. My son was preparing to start his freshman year of football at Purdue and keeping him in shape was top priority. I went through four styles of Powerblock to try to find the perfect fit. Powerblocks are a good idea, but the cage style handles and the chance of damaging if dropped was not ideal for a ”real” gym. I accidentally viewed a video review of Ironmaster dumbells and thought I’d try them out. After trading my set of PB pro for the 75# IM, i was hooked. They are amazing, beyond words. There is one. Issue with screws not tightening at full capacity but [customer service] helped out with a shim set that fixed the problem. These two Ironmaster employees helped me get hooked up with heavy handles and 120# add on. I have since restored this set and they are good as new. I’m 100% convinced these are way above their competitor PB. I will now try and get bench, spotter rack and kettlebell once they become available.
Great job guys!
Bobby T
Verified Buyer
Michael Jackson (Beaumont, CA) | June 26th, 2021
Love every piece of equipment I bought from here.
Verified Buyer
Solid, well built and will last forever.
JWink | June 25th, 2021
This attachment like all Ironmaster products is solid, well built and will last forever.
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