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As Many Reps As Possible 60 Second Pushup Max Competition The Ironmaster 60 Second Pushup Max Competition is on Friday, July 21st.

Check out our Pushup Conditioning article that includes a 4 Week training program, so you can show up at your peak.

Here are the RULES:
    One submission per person.
    Follow IronmasterUSA on Instagram; in your submission REEL tag #beanironmaster and #pushupcomp, @ mention 1 friend and @ironmasterusa. Record a vertical video with your phone, your entire body visible + a visible timer, including audio. We recommend the SmartWODTimer app which has a countdown timer and an AMRAP setting. On July 21st, record and share your best effort for maximum pushups in 60 seconds as a REEL here on IG. The reps don't need to be consecutive, but you need full extension at the top and should be able to touch a tennis ball with your sternum at the bottom (a few inches). Prize is a $250 store credit for the champ. All who enter have a chance at the Giveaway: A Limited Edition Ironmaster Track Jacket. Winners announced on July 24th. We encourage you to post a Before video, now. Don't forget to @ IronmasterUSA May the most pushups win💪 #ironmaster #strengthforlife #homegyms TINY TYPE: Only submissions from North America are eligible for prizes, but strength and the spirit of competition are global, so please compete from wherever you are!